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7 April 12th, 2013 TONIGHT: General Hospital 50th Paley Center Center For Media Event – Watch The Live Stream!


Tonight marks another milestone in the continuing celebration of General Hospital, who this month turned 50 years young!

Emanating from the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, many of your favorite stars and series executive producer, Frank Valentini and head writer, Ron Carlivati will participate in a panel discussion in front of live theatre audience discussing the history, favorite moments, crafting the show, and moving forward with the ABC series.

Joining Valentini and Carlivati are GH cast members: Tony Geary, Jane Elliot,  Jason Thompson, Finola Hughes, Jacklyn Zeman, Genie Francis, Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Kristina Wagner, Kirsten Storms, Kimberly McCullough, and Kelly Monaco. TV Guide’s William Keck will moderate the panel discussion.

And for those who want to check it out tonight live from their computers you can watch it on the Paley Center for Media Live Stream here starting at approximately 7:15pm PT/10:15 ET.   You can also follow the action on social media @paleycenter on Twitter and use hashtag #PaleyLiveLA to join the conversation.  Andm if you are on the go tonight you can watch the live stream on the Paley Center app.

Let us know if you will be checking out the event tonight?  What are some of the questions you hope are posed to the GH panel!

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  1. The_HugoBoss says:

    Michael, is the event open to the public or was it something you had to purchase tickets to in advance?


    Judith replied

    I tried to log on to see the live stream and it says you have to purchase tickets. $15 for non members and $10 for members. If you want to purchase, it says tickets sales for the event is closed and check with the box office :(


  2. jimh says:

    I would mostly like to thank them for a job well done, and keep up the good work to the cast and crew! Then will Kristen be Serena or Kristina, Roger be Steve or a Cassadine, and will Micheal be Jimmy Lee and ELQ heir, or maybe play Jason so they can continue to pair him with Sam?


  3. heidi says:

    Michael do you know if they will have this on the Paley site to view in the future? I went on their site and they don’t say? I will be watching for as much as I can tonight. Love the Paley sessions with the shows!


  4. Doe says:

    This was an extra act of GH, and so much fun. When the host talked about all the actors who are not around any more, it was really touching how affected every one was. Just remembering Edward and Lila and their love, was so touching. The Paley center should do more of these get togethers from time to time. Many fans would appreciate hearing the actor tell his or her story. Frank and Ron have energized GH with their creativity. Bravo to them!…


  5. tarlyfan says:

    Thanks, Michael, for sharing the link. I actually watched the live stream earlier. Very interesting indeed. RC mentioned about populating the Quartermaines and then at the end he said there is a new character in town that is related to one of these people here in the panel. Uhmm, makes me wonder whether he was referring to Roger Howarth being a Quartermaine. Crossing fingers.


  6. heidi says:

    I have watched many Paley events and yet of course… this was my favorite… because it was GH!!! Thank you for telling us about this one… Michael! It’s about time GH had one! OLTL, Y&R and Days have all had one or more in the past… along with other soaps no longer with us. The moderator, William Keck, did a great job and appeared to be a fan. What a treat… to see this and learn more about our show and cast and writers and crew!!!

    The questions were great and the answers/stories were such fun! Especially Jane and Tony’s stories! Loved hearing so much from Ron about the writing and a fun spoiler. The code names were fun… especially Bob for Faison! I hope that they capture this show and post it on their site and hopeully it will get to Hulu… would love to watch again! Too bad they couldn’t have had longer and more time with some of the cast that didn’t get to say as much and more time for the audience and socal media questions would have been great!!!

    The woman in the audience that has watched for 42 years every day through family illnesses and such was one of many of us who have shared years with these people and this show and yes… they do become something like an extended family… especially through the difficult times in our lives or when we are alone! Why ABCD and others don’t understand what it means to some of us to have and to continue to have these shows is beyond me. They have such an opportunity now especially to continue with 50 years and find ways to blend that with all the new social media and technologies, and platforms is beyond me. No other shows on TV share the consistent involvement with generations of fans… even if they had to miss out on chunks back when you couldn’t record or watch on demand or watch on-line.. we kept coming back and we kept being invested in these characters and their stories… through it all. I choose to hope that GH is with us for many many more years! GH is simply the best… better than all the rest and I am such a fan and will continue to be!!!

    I know for the cast, writers and crew that in the entertainment world that it has a less than respected image to be associated with this genre… but we are grateful and very apprecaitive of those that stay with it or come back to it… because we love it so much more than the prime time shows that come and go or the TV movies or the major movies… GH and the others are with us throughout so much and we are very thankful for them being with us and providing us with so much!!! Thank you to evryone at GH!!!
    Thank you especially to FV and RC for revitalizing GH… it really is must see and simply the best!!!

    Thanks to the Paley Center for fimally getting GH on for a show… please have them back! Thanks to Michael for keeping us aware and provide us with such great content… you truly are the best!!!


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