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12 April 25th, 2016 TONIGHT: General Hospital’s Maurice Benard Appears On Castle!

Photo: Benard Instragram

Maurice Benard has been quite a busy actor of late not only taping his ongoing central role of Sonny Corinthos on ABC’s General Hospital, but also filming the motion picture Hold On, and taking time out a few months back to tape an episode of  ABC primetime’s Castle (starring former OLTL alum Nathan Fillion).

Tonight beginning at 10PMEST/PST, look for Benard in the role of Horatio Spate in a episode entitled “Dead Again” which features Jonathan Silverman at the epicenter of the story.

ABC teases:  “When a mild mannered safety inspector for the city (Jonathan Silverman) miraculously survives a poisoning, it might be luck; but when he survives another, it’s a mystery Castle and Beckett will have to solve.”

Seven weeks ago after the filming of his Castle scenes, Benard posted on Instagram: “It was a blast working with these two pros and the well oiled machine that is @abccastle @natefillion @jonnysilverman”

Will you be checking out Maurice on Castle?  Comment below!

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  1. shana kay says:

    I sure will, usually I’m half asleep when it comes no, but not tonight!!!!!


  2. Amy says:

    Maurice is a wonderful man, 2 years ago I met Maurice at a grocery store. I was doing my shopping and Maurice was in the deli section. He said hello to me, I said hi Sonny Corinthos. He laughed and gave him a hug, and yes Got his autograph. Maurice is a nice guy and terrific actor.


    Adam replied

    Amy you lucky girl, I am sure you had a terrific time and wonderful chat with Maurice. Thanks for sharing your time with Maurice. He has sexy dimples lol


    Timmm replied

    It doesnt surprise me, soap stars and country stars are the best!


  3. Kathleen L. Myers says:

    Of course I will be watching. Love Maurice.


  4. Beverly Gerald says:

    Definitely watching tonight !


  5. Dawnie Hodges says:

    Castle is one of my regular watched shows and since my “fantasy” Sonny will be a guest on the program I simply will be glued to the TV this evening. LOL


  6. Abruzzfan says:

    Can’t wait!


  7. Anthony says:

    Wow – what a stretch for Maurice!! Seemed more like Nathan Fillion and J Silverman were guesting on GH. Could have at least let him be a cross-dresser or anyone other than mobster Sonny Corinthos. Disappointing.


  8. Rose says:

    In case you hadn’t heard, Stana Katic/Beckett’s contract hasn’t been renewed for season 9 by ABC, apparently for “budget reasons.” Same for Laney, the medical examiner. There are other stories about the relationship between Stana and Nathan Fillion not being the best. But since I really like Nathan, I’m not going to go on speculation.

    But how can you have Castle without Becket?!?


  9. Kathy Myers says:

    Wanted to say I never watched Castle before. Now may be one of my favorites. Really cool show. Mr Bernard was pretty scary. More intense than Sonny. Mr. Silverman was really great too, funny. Loved it!


  10. Melissa says:

    Just saw it because I DVR’d it. Live Maurice but It was basically a Sonny-lite performance. Wish Castle would have allowed him to stretch a bit. He’s a great actor who can do more than Mob- ish material


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