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10 April 18th, 2013 TONIGHT: Hang 30 With TOLN Soaps and Michael Fairman & Special Guest OLTL’s Tuc Watkins!


Being that it’s #TucDay as One Life to Live’s continues its social media countdown with just eleven days and counting till the premiere episode on April 29th, tonight starting at 6PMPST/9PMEST, Tuc is the very special guest in our new online chat series, Hang 30 with TOLN Soaps and Michael Fairman!

As fans may have seen in our first installment, on Tuesday with OLTL’s Melissa Archer, we have invited six fans to join us in the conversation with Tuc, but if you have some questions for the talented One Life star  just tweet @michaelfairman or @onelifetolive and maybe your question will make it on to our broadcast!

You can also participate in the Google Hang Out Chat room during the live show and we may just pull one of your questions to pose to Tuc!

Wanna find out what might happen to David Vickers when he mixes it up again with the Buchanans, Dorian and Viki, and all the rest of the residents of Llanview?  Then hang out with us tonight on this special online broadcast!

To make sure to see the event live log on here:  starting at 6PMPST/9PMEST for a special half hour of chit chat!

Watch a little teaser for tonight with Michael Fairman after the jump!  Then let us know if you if you will be hanging out with us tonight, and what you would like to ask Tuc!


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  1. heidi says:

    Can’t wait! Michael you look like you are having so much fun with these 30 min Hangout’s!!! Love them! Always love more great content and especially video content!!! Hope you do more with these than just OLTL.


  2. Avidreader72 says:

    Can we expect to see David in his skimpy bathing suits again? I would love nothing more than to see David back in his fireworks bathing suit that he proudly wore last 4th of July, the one where he tried to outshine Brody.


  3. jimh says:

    I not able to do the live chat but if i did id ask if there is a story possibility of Jeffry King being Davids son? And did he like doing The Mummy movie with Brandon Fraser years ago! Which was more fun…OLTL or making that movie? And did he appear in any other movies or ever worked on stage?


  4. danicajolie says:

    I love Tuc Watkins. I would like you to ask him what it is like working with Roger Howarth and does he have any stories about that and would he please share them? Also, what are some things David has not done on the show that he would like to see David do?


  5. Edna Barefoot says:

    Hope I can watch. My question is where is Tad–Michael Knight–will he be returning? Is David on Dorian or Viki? Thanks for being a OLTL fan. Michael you have kept me up to date. I read your articles 1st. Thank you!!


  6. Margarita says:

    How to hangout with you cuz I got hangout


  7. Gh lover says:

    I still cant believe i will be watching Oltl and Amc on tv on Fx Canada!!!!! Vive le Quebec ;)


  8. shani says:

    I’m ready for my OLTL fix hurry up and get back on tv


  9. danicajolie says:

    Watched it! That was great! Thanks for doing the interviews. You do a wonderful job and Tuc Watkins had me laughing. Can’t wait to see OLTL.


  10. Brian Greene says:

    Tuc Is Amazing–Whew! <3 :D


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