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12 August 28th, 2013 TONIGHT: Live Tweet This Week’s Episodes of AMC With Eric Nelsen and Denyse Tontz! – 5PMPST/8PMEST

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

With next Monday’s season finale just around the corner, one of the series most prominent young couples of  the revival of All My Children’s  will be up on Twitter tonight starting at 5PMPST/8PMEST live tweeting this week’s episodes  #58 #59 that can be found on or Hulu. 

Join Eric Nelsen (AJ) @EricNelsen and Denyse Tontz (Miranda) @SincerelyDenyse  as they tweet their commentary on the action of what went down in Pine Valley this week, along with the official @allmychildren twitter page.

When we last saw AJ and Miranda, she was getting jealous of his watching him kissing his new girlfriend, while Miranda made arrangements to move into Uncle Zach’s place. 

Will Miranda ever tell AJ the way she truly feels about him? Will these two get together before the season ends? What would you like to see happen?   Comment below and make sure to join Eric, Denyse, and All My Children for fun tonight on Twitter!


  1. Joshua says:

    I stopped watching after around episode 7 or 8. Too many teens.


    Derek replied

    You should give it another try. There is only three teens featured now, and they aren’t on more than anyone else. I agree the first three weeks or so it was teen heavy but after that no longer.


    Tony Polar replied

    I’m sure when people say too “many teens” they mean the very young set. You have to keep in mind that many of us long time fans of ALL MY CHILDREN are older fans and most of us are not that interested in the Miranda and AJ storyline. They are cute kids and decent young actors but I mean how fascinating is the storyline?

    su0000 replied

    There are 3 only three young adults and they are not teens..
    Marinda, AJ, and his girlfriend are not teens they are young adults of collage age..
    There are no teens in AMC ..


    SZima replied

    I totally agree with you. I just FF through their scenes though ;)
    Can’t stand AJ, his “girlfriend”, Miranda, Celia or most of the other younger people on the show i.e. Colby, Pete, Cassandra…
    I basically watch only scenes with The Originals in them!


  2. su0000 says:

    lol ..
    I think Michael should give Twitter lessons to fans.. I’d say 80% or higher do not know how to tweet to be able to tweet with the soap actors.. :)


  3. Josiah Cooney says:

    Those kids are as fun to read in twitter as they are to watch on TV. I’m excited for Monday’s season 1 finale of All My Children. I sure hope Prospect Park doesn’t make us fans wait too long to find out the season 2 premier date of both AMC and OLTL. I can’t wait to see what both shows have planned.


  4. SZima says:

    I’m not too sure I’ll continue watching either PP shows. I have to FF so much shit, that it’s hardly worth the bother. I’ll give them a couple episodes to hook me, but if they continue featuring the “younger set” as much as in the first season, I’m outta there!


  5. Tony Polar says:

    I HATE the hulu plus Commercials, they are so annoying – if AMC doesn’t return, which I hope it does but wouldn’t be shocked if it didn’t since it totally stinks on-line, I will happily cancel Hulu Plus. Even if you watch an old episode of I Love Lucy or something ancient like that on Hulu Plus they sandwich it in between commercials – and the SAME commercials over and over – and you have to PAY for it to boot –
    I blame ABC-TV for this whole mess – Pine Valley Online is a far cry from the golden days of All My Children – I am sorry but that’s how I feel.
    The Miranda and AJ storyline is inane and has been done to death and is not


    Ron replied

    I complete disagree with you. AMC is better than it’s been in years. I enjoy AJ and Miranda and also Pete and Celia. Also you can watch it for free on regular Hulu. If you don’t like watching it cancel your subscription and go away.


    Johnny replied

    Don’t worry, I’m just expressing an honest opinion. I was thrilled beyond words to hear that it was returning but it’s more like a Spin-off series and not a very good one. I Wish that I could say it’s great but the storyline between Celia and Petey is so trite – plus, there isn’t any chemistry at all between them. Even the stronger more seasoned actors can’t breathe life into these lackluster scripts. If it is to continue, and believe me, I am hoping that it does continue, the writing truly must improve and they have to come up with some intricate storylines, not Colby planting a skunk on Celia’s date with Petey, that was just inane.

    Tony Polar replied

    It used to be interesting when It was on ABC-TV but so far, the on-line inception is lacking in heart. They need the pivotol characters such as ERICA KANE, Tad Martin, Krystal Carey, Jake Martin, Kendall Hart, etc. Just throwing new faces at us with no real substance does not cut it. They may as well call the show “Pine Valley – the next Generation” because really, except for the name of the show, it just isn’t ALL MY CHILDREN.

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