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5 October 23rd, 2011 TONIGHT! New Episode of DIRTY SOAP – Will Farah’s Dad “putt” JP into proposing to her?


On an all new episode of E Entertainment Television, Dirty Soap cleverly titled: “As The Ex Returns,” GH’s Kelly Monaco visits her family in the Poconos and has an explosive run-in with her ex.  OLTL’s Farah Fath’s dad grills John-Paul Lavoisier about when he will propose to her during their golf outing! And Nadia Bjorlin is faced with having to sing the song that has brought down many singers to their knees – the national anthem at a baseball game!

Dirty Soap is looking to get its second season pick-up! So soapers, if you are enjoying the show, make sure to tune-in and help support the efforts of the cast and the production to keep soaps in the mainstream public eye!

Now watch a preview clip after the jump from tonight of the golf outing with Farah’s father, Glen and John-Paul, that ends up becoming more than just a day on the “green”!

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  1. Jan says:

    I hope it doesnt, garbage


  2. Elhu says:

    A nice change, seeing what goes on behind the scenes and in their personal lives. I enjoy it, and will continue to watch. I certainly hope it gets picked up for another season. I also look at this show, as being another way of keeping the Soap genre alive!!! Good Luck to all involved in front of and behind the cameras!!!!


  3. Jeffrey Moree says:

    This is one reality show that i actually like. It is nice to kind of see the ins and outs of the actors lives.


  4. My2Cents says:

    I liked this past episode. Going home and meeting the families. Is it the BEST reality show?? NO! But its growing on me….anyone know if there will be another season?


  5. lipstickcat says:

    I hope JP doesn’t marry her! Farah’s one bossy b*tch!


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