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3 February 25th, 2015 Tonight On EMPIRE: Has Jamal Met The New Man In His Life?


Empire continues its soaptastic tales on an all-new episode tonight beginning at 9PMET/8PMCT on Fox.  And in this new preview, looks like Jamal (Jussie Smollett) may have found a new man after Michael (Rafael de La Fuente) came to the realization that Jamal’s love of music and career was more important than their budding relationship, and so he moved on.

Now Jamal, who is filming an interview for the documentary piece on his father Lucious (Terrence Howard) gets a proposition from the videographer named Ryan (Eka Darville), when he asks Jamal out for a drink on Saturday night.

Jamal accepts, but tells Ryan to not let Lucious know that he is gay, to which Ryan responds: “Thanks, but you’re dad is lucky to have me doing this little vanity doc.  So, if he has a problem with me, he can kiss my ass!”  That statement was music to Jamal’s ear and he is more excited now about his date!

Watch the clip after the jump! Then, let us know if you think Ryan is a cutie?  Do you think love is in the air for Ryan and Jamal, or will they just use each other for their own career gains, or to scheme against Lucious, or something else?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Must see TV for any soap fan.


  2. sonniorsolita says:

    In true soap fashion, this could prove to be a set-up. A blackmail opportunity. Jamal is awfully careless for someone who’s willing to ruin a relationship by lying on the radio! Comparing the different pace of the Wednesday night soaps (and how cool to have Wednesday night soaps), Jamal will be outed before “Nashville’s” Will is!


  3. Mo says:

    Another great ep.

    The guy who plays Hakeem is not a good actor.

    Glad to see Rhonda has some limits. Looks like Andre won’t be the king of Empire.


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