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2 December 10th, 2014 TONIGHT On The Midseason Finale of NASHVILLE: What Will Happen To Deacon As Rayna and Luke’s Nuptials Draw Near?


On tonight’s midseason finale of ABC’s Nashville (10PMET/PT) look for a harrowing scene within the episode! What we do know is that episode picks up after last week’s where Deacon (Charles Esten) professes his love in the most honest way to Rayna (Connie Britton), who is hell-bent on marrying Luke Wheeler (Will Chase)!

Charles Esten told TV Line that that monologue at the end of last week was different, “Deacon is processing pain and loss and trouble a lot better than he used to!”  But in the spirit of moving on while Rayna is getting hitched, Deacon decides to spend this week’s episode in Memphis after Luke’s tour wraps there.  It seems for Mr. Claybourne that it is the only way he can avoid the hub-bub of Ruke’s nuptials in Music City.  Scarlett (Claire Bowen) tags along with Deacon as well!

As for that moment in the promo for this week’s episode which finds Deacon on the floor unconscious surrounded by bottles of booze, which is not good given Deacon is a recovering alcoholic, Esten says his wife read the script for the fall finale before he did and let out from another room, “Oh my God!’ So that always means there’s something about to happen. This was one where she made a little noise from the other room, like a gasp.”

So would the gasp mean?  Could it be that one theory that is floating around out there has that Luke somehow got Deacon drunk, or made it look like Deacon had been drinking and framed him to keep him away from Ruke’s wedding? Or, did Deacon really hit the bottle?  And, will Rayna and Luke say their “I do’s” tonight?  So many questions!

ABC previews for tonight: When Luke finally returns home after wrapping up his Moon or Shine Tour just days before he and Rayna tie the knot, Rayna starts to feel conflicted about leaving their kids to go out on the road again, especially after she discovers that Luke has been making parenting decisions without her. Meanwhile, Will (Chris Carmack) invites Layla (Aubrey Peeples) on tour in an effort to keep her close but when he sees her flirting with his boss at a party, he begins to feel like he’s losing control of their situation. Then, Teddy (Eric Close) uses his Mayoral powers to track down a recent flame and Sadie (Laura Benanti) crosses paths with an unexpected ex. Later, after getting some advice from his mom, Avery (Jonathan Jackson) makes an unexpected decision.

Watch last week’s big moment where Luke professes his love to Rayna and preview for tonight’s episode below, and then weigh-in!  What do you think will happen to Deacon? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Not gonna happen..
    Rayna and Luke won’t get married.. (soap wedding drama lol
    Deacon and Rayna are end game..


  2. Kathleen Anderson says:

    I think Luke will set Deacon up to keep him away from Rahyna and the girls for good! But it will backfire , as we’ll see next season. The truth always comes out.


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