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10 September 15th, 2014 TONIGHT on TNT’s DALLAS: Bobby and Harris Have To Team Up To Save Ann and Emma!


The spine-tingling third season of TNT’s Dallas continues tonight at 9PMET/PT with an all-new episode entitled “Boxed In”.

What to look for in story: In the wake of a devastating family kidnapping, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) puts everything on the line to save the lives of Ann (Brenda Strong) and Emma (Emma).   John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) form a truce of sorts. Elena (Jordana Brewster), who’s been in hiding with Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), finally learns the truth about his connections to the cartel, which sends her spiraling. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) desperately searches for Elena, fearing for her safety.  And Bobby is forced to make a choice he never anticipated.

And also look for the one and only Judith Light (Judith Ryland) to also be central to the action, as well at Mitch Pileggi (Harris)!

Watch a preview for tonight’s Dallas after the jump,  and then let us know what you think will ultimately go down … and if you are enjoying the rollercoaster ride of season 3?

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  1. William Hall says:

    Fantastic season! Judith Light is EVERYTHING! !


  2. su0000 says:

    Dallas is awesome!I haven’t watched, not yet..
    I’m going the binge watch during a cold weekend..
    I prefer to watch without waiting a whole week for next episode; it kills the momentum lol
    But– it sounds like I will not be disappointed!! :)


  3. diane says:

    It’s already season 3?????? Love love, love Dallas!!! This is what drama is suppose to look like.


  4. Charday says:

    Loving season three. Can’t wait to see tonight’s episode. Renewal for season four??!?!


  5. sonniorsolita says:

    The fact no one has even commented yet speaks volumes. I’m trying to stick with it but the writers are failing to give the show any heart. A lot of stuff happens, but there’s no emotional resonance to any of it. I don’t really find myself caring about any of the characters — except Judith Light’s evil grandma, who is a hoot and a half. And the best actress on the show is Marlene Forte, who plays Elena’s mother. She can make you feel something. The writers seem to be making shortsighted decisions too — killing off Elena’s troubled brother and making her foster brother/lover party to the killing just eliminated the only two men who make that character remotely interesting. With the way things are going, though, unfortunately I doubt they need to be worried about the long-term.


  6. MBmomof3 says:

    Love this show! Awesome cast, writing and production. My only complaint is that the season is too short.


  7. Llanviewer717 says:

    Wow. A very exciting show. Judith Light is amazing as always. (After all these years, I still remember Karen Wolek.) I can’t believe next week is the season finale. I want more!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. jaybird369 says:

    Hmmmm…Mitch Pileggi’s DALLAS character of Harris Ryland can kidnap me A-N-Y-T-I-M-E…LOL!!!!! Harris=WHAT A BAD BOY H-U-N-K!!!!! I’ll VERY GLADLY take Harris over that overly-moral, emotionally stiff and B-O-R-I-N-G Bobby Ewing (sorry, Patrick Duffy) ANY DAY!!!!!! Yep.


  9. wolfsmistress says:

    OMG, this show just keeps getting better and better, and with only one more before the finale, I don’t know if I can wait for the next season!

    I have to admit, I am truly kicking myself for not being able to watch the original program, because if it was ANYTHING like this remake, I missed a DANGED good show, darlin’!!

    (Love you, JR!)


  10. GH50 says:

    The writing, producing and acting on this show is superb. They are absolutely knocking it out of the park.


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