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10 February 29th, 2012 TONIGHT: Scandal Rocks An All-New Episode Of Revenge!


The murder scandal at the Fire & Ice party continues to rock the Hamptons, and someone has to take the fall. The devastating turn of events call for desperate measures, as the Graysons form a united front.  Emily grows more anxious, Ashley steps up for the family, and Jack is left wondering where Amanda has gone on the all-new episode of Revenge titled, “Scandal”.

And if you caught the Academy Awards this past Sunday, you noticed a very enticing soapy and dramatic promo for the series, you can watch it after the jump along with the promo for tonight’s episode.   Madeline Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman, and Henry Czerny star.

What do you think thus far of the season of Revenge? Let us know! Revenge airs on ABC at 10PMEST Wednesday nights.


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  1. Cindy says:

    Best show on tv these days! Absolutely cannot WAIT for tonight’s episode!


  2. Iakovos says:

    REVENGE is awesome! A genuine delight this TV season. I wonder if daytime drama would take time to craft some of these twisting yet believable storylines (the use of THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO as a basis is inspired) and strong character focus and backstory, we’d have stronger support for our programs from corporate networks. The story is paramount.

    I hope REVENGE does not burn out quickly.


    david replied

    I am curious to know which daytime dramas did you watch with unsatisfying plot twists and character-focused storylines?


    barbara t replied

    hey david ,I agree with everything you said to our friend Iakovos,I told him or her pretty much the same thing.

    barbara t replied

    I would also like to know what is wrong with the daytime dramas,all my children,one life to live,general hospital ,ryans hope ,santa barbara,and there are more ,all those soaps had excellent plots,and interesting twists and turns for almost 49 years ,revenge hasnt been on a full season yet .when it has been on for that long ,come back here and let us know why you think the daytime dramas were more or less interesting,are you seriously kidding me?hey, Im glad you like revenge,Oh I get it, your stories are better then mine.


    Iakovos replied

    Friends, I am lamenting the loss of my daytime shows, too… ATWT, RH, AMC and OLTL in particular. I am no hater and desperately miss my programs, as you do. I have picked up on other soaps to view now, and have followed many in my time. We have favorites — I never could embrace PASSIONS or PORT CHARLES — but the genre delights overall.

    I speak generally in my post, but I honestly have been disappointed in the limp turns of Y&R’s “Who Killed Diane Jenkins?” storyline, the prevalent oand overreliance use of doppelgangers and resurrections, the character assassinations (B&B, are you listening?), story turns with no slow buildup to merit payoff, and slowness to embrace fans’ calls to action and to realities of current day (economy, racial diversity) that could inform plots.

    No malice intended or knocking of the programming we obviously enjoy and champion.

    REVENGE is primetime and I know its approach is different because of that and its budget (and network support!). I appreciate REVENGE’s tight storytelling even when working at a rapid pace. It really seems to have a strong bible to carry it into successive seasons and the plot really unravels like an onion. It is good storytelling.

    david replied

    I have never watched Y&R or B&B so I’ll take you word for it. Revenge is different being in primetime. It’s only on for an hour a week with no new episodes during the summer. It has to be written to accommodate that format. I think if Revenge was in daytime five days a week or if a daytime soap was moved to primetime for an hour a week, the differences might not be quite as great as you imagine. The writing and budgets for each would have to be adjusted accordingly. But we will never know because no daytime soap will ever be given that chance.


  3. ADaisyADay says:

    I love this show! Can’t wait for this episode!


  4. Sheryl says:

    Love the show best show of the year.


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