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5 May 3rd, 2012 TONIGHT: Susan Lucci Special Guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live!


Now this should be a dream for Bravo host and executive, Andy Cohen when he welcomes his favorite soap opera diva, Susan Lucci on to his talk show, Watch What Happens Live!

Cohen is a self-professed long time All My Children fans.  He once revealed, “I interviewed Susan when I was in college a a Boston University for a paper. She was the first celebrity I ever met.  When I see her, I’m totally star-struck”  So with that being said, how will Andy behave around Susan tonight?

Tune-in and find out what happens when he welcomes La Lucci and Avengers star, Mark Ruffalo.  And of course, we are hoping that Andy addresses the All My Children cancellation debacle and more with the soap icon!

Watch What Happens airs live at 11PM EST tonight only on Bravo!


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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Not an Andy Cohen fan usually, but I’ll watch. Ms. Lucci is a great interview. Always so fun and positive. Can’t wait to hear what she has to say about Brian Frons! By the way, what ever happened to him. Witless Protection Program I’m assuming.


    lew replied

    As long as he doesn’t become the head of daytime programming at another network, let’s hope he stays wherever he is. The Creature!! Wonder how he feels about his great baby being cancelled?


    barbara t replied

    Wouldn’t it have been nice to be a fly on a wall and get to see the look on brian frons face when the news came that the revolution was cancelled? He said, No one is watching the soaps anymore well, No one watched the garbage you cancelled one life to live for either, How many months was it on? Revenge is sweet, To bad we cant get our soap back. And your right Lew, Keep him away from any of the soaps that are left.

  2. Susan M. says:

    Missed that one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    barbara t replied

    You didnt miss anything Susan m, Erica kane was being erica kane.


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