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4 May 11th, 2014 TONIGHT: The Mother Of All Season Finales On REVENGE!


It’s been previewed as one of the most shocking and exciting season finales on a primetime soaps this year! Will ABC’s Revenge live up to the hype?  After last week’s best episode of season three, and season four on the way after the series got its pick-up by the network, things are looking up for this twisted, dark, and delicious drama in the Hamptons!

Now about tonight’s episode airing at 10PMET/PT, just in time for Mother’s Day, will the mother of hell Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) finally get her just desserts?  You will have to tune in to find out, but as previewed this week by Revenge showrunner, Sunil Nayar with TVGuide,Victoria is gaining on Emily’s secret, and someone will die!

Sunil on Victoria and Emily’s showdown:  “Victoria is getting close and Emily is really close to Victoria, so there’s an element of cat-and-mouse that makes the show so exciting. So exactly what you asked is the point we’re racing towards at the end of the season. A lot of the stories we told, especially in the second half, have been getting to this point where we reenergize Emily’s focus on clearing Emily’s father’s name and taking the Graysons down. We really refocus on the fact that the Graysons are just bad people, wonderfully bad people, and we wanted to get back to the core of the show so that when we culminate at the end of the story, we not only pay off the second half of the season, but three seasons of the show for the audience.”

Sunil on Emily VanCamp’s (Emily) recent quote where she admitted to sobbing  on set after the death of a major character in the finale: “I was standing next to her when she was sobbing over that passing and I promise it will be surprising and impactful and alter the journey of all the characters on the show. All of our characters end at points that are wonderful cliff-hangers, but the last two scenes specifically are scenes that will —and I know people say this every year, but I’ve never felt more comfortable in saying — absolutely blow our audience’s minds both with the fact that these scenes are happening and what the implication of these scenes are.”

The episode entitled, “Execution” has already been teased with photos (see another here) of what looks to be a showdown between Emily and Victoria at a gravesite.  Will one of these ladies get buried alive?   Watch a promo for tonight’s episode below then weigh-in!  Who will die?  And, will one of the ladies end up digging her own grave?


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  1. andrew hass says:

    I can’t wait for tonight’s episode because i have a feeling a lot of things is going to happen and set the stage for next season too.Plus having Emily finally been revealed as Amanda could reshape the show.As for who dies i’m leaning towards either Aiden or Charlotte.


  2. su0000 says:

    We will be left with a WHOOPER of a cliffhanger!!

    can’t wait for next season!!
    I think; they will be looking for Emily’s dad. I think he is alive..


  3. Rob says:

    Best finale of any show in years!


    Rob replied

    I think next season we will find out Victoria has known all along that David Clarke was alive.


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