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3 August 8th, 2012 TONIGHT: The Season Finale of DALLAS: Rebecca’s back-story, Bobby fights for his life & more revelations!


Tonight the highly successful DALLAS reboot ends its first season on TNT.  But y’all come back soon!  The second season has already been ordered and in the works!  However, before it goes off the air for awhile tonight (9PMEST/PST), there are plenty of revelations (as the episode is titled) to go around!

Here are a few teasers of what to look for!

As Bobby (Patrick Duffy) lies unconscious after brain surgery, J.R. (Larry Hagman) makes a surprising admission!  Meanwhile, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) prepares to withdraw from the gubernatorial race, and Ann (Brenda Strong) takes on her blackmailing ex-husband Harris (Mitch Pileggi) in a riveting encounter.  John Ross (Josh Henderson) makes an investment that will hark back to fans of the original Dallas!  And, we will get a huge stunner when we learn more of  Rebecca’s (Julie Gonzalo) back-story.   And remember, someone also got shot at the end of last’s week’s episode? Who was it?

One thing is for sure, TNT Dallas reboot under the more than capable hands of series creator and head writer, Cynthia Cidre, illustrates  she knew exactly what she was doing when she took the series into the next generation by weaving in the old and the new, and updating it to give each scene and story riveting and fast-moving beats along the way!  Hey, some of the peeps in charge of daytime soaps, take a look at how it’s done to make the old, new again!

After the jump, check out Boston Herald’s television critic Mark A. Perigard with his rundown for tonight’s episode and some clips to go with it!  Then, let us know what you think is going to happen on tonight’s finale!

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  1. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    OMG, Kait Courie is on Channel 7 news promoting her talk show RIGHT NOW!


  2. Dmitri says:

    I’m glad that Chrelena is together. John Ross belongs with “Rebecca”. And I hope Bobby and JR can continue to get along. I’m stoked for January!


    kay/kay replied

    is soap net staying on direct tv and dish net and will it stay on the air for direct tv and dish net we need our soap net and please tell me that they are not getting rid of it please and will we be able to watch our soaps on soapnet please respond to our email please michael fairman


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