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27 April 23rd, 2012 TONIGHT: Thorsten Kaye on SMASH! So what’s it like playing Angelica Huston’s Beau?


All My Children and Thorsten Kaye fans, don’t miss tonight’s episode of the hit NBC series, SMASH when Thorsten  makes another appearance as Nick, the sexy bartender who has become the boyfriend to Angelica Huston’s, Eileen!

In the current issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Kaye discusses his joy at landing the role and getting to play opposite Oscar winner Huston, in his own self-effacing and charming way.   Here are a few excerpts!

Thorsten on how he landed the role on SMASH: “They asked me if I wanted to read for this thing, three episodes playing Angelica Huston’s boyfriend.  I said, “I’ll do it for one episode if I can get to make out with Angelica Huston!.  So I get the part.  I don’t know why, maybe no else knew about it. We hit it off, because she is such a cool lady, and I have been on the show ever since 9 or 10 episodes. ”

Thorsten on meeting his new on-screen lady love for the first time: “How do I say this without sounding like a jerk?  I don’t really get intimated by actors.  I get intimated more with athletes. But I walked in and she came over and she gave me a hug and that was it. If you’re an Oscar winner and a big star and this show is depending on your talent and you ability and your name,  you can be a real jerk, but she is so the opposite of it. She is so kind and gracious – And I would tell you otherwise, and you know it. And don’t forget, she’s playing my girlfriend.  I make out with Angelica every time I’m there.  Whether they write it in or not! (Laughs)

On tonight’s episode of SMASH airing at 10PM EST/PST : Karen (Katharine McPhee) finds herself seduced by the glamorous life of new BFF Rebecca Duvall (special guest star Uma Thurman) — but can Rebecca be trusted? What will Karen’s ascent mean to her relationship with Dev (Raza Jaffrey)? And will Rebecca drive Derek (Jack Davenport) insane? Eileen (Anjelica Huston) introduces new beau Nick (guest star Thorsten Kaye) to ex-husband Jerry (guest star Michael Cristofer), while Julia (Debra Messing) panics when her son Leo (Emory Cohen) goes missing. Megan Hilty and Christian Borle also star.

So what do you think of the Thorsten and Angelica pairing?  Are you digging Thorsten on SMASH? Let us know!

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  1. Sheryl says:

    i love Thorsten as Zach on AMC and I would love him in any role he would play. He is a great actor and a great person, I was very lucky to meet him at Super Soap Weekend. I wish him good luck in whatever he does and I hope they give him a big story and he is on a longer time.


  2. Elhu says:

    I am very happy to hear that Thorsten has gotten another role, and I am even happier to hear that his stay has been extended. He is very talented, and I am sure they saw that the minute he auditioned. Much good luck Thorsten!!!!


  3. MJ says:

    I will take Thorsten in any show. Just give hime a larger part!


  4. Mary Lou says:

    I agree! He is wonderful, and I’m loving SMASH even more since he joined the cast.


  5. Alfie says:

    Thorsten is a great addition to Smash. I’d watch it anyway but it’s nice to see him on the show. He’s been doing a great job and I like Nick with Eileen. I’d love to see him on Smash next year too.


  6. Emma says:

    I totally enjoy Thorsten and miss him terribly on AMC as Zach. I think Nick is an intersting character and Thorsten is doing a good job for what he is given in a poorly written show. However, I just don’t like the Eileen and Nick relationship. There isn’t any chemistry there and it seems like Nick has to do all the heavy lifting to try to pull off this relationship.


  7. zachfan01 says:

    Thorsten Kaye is the only reason I am watching SMASH . . . granted, I am liking the entire show, but HE is the only reason I started watching. Being the die hard Zach and Kendall fan that I am I was worried about seeing him paired with another woman, but I gotta say, TK has done it once again . . . he sucked me right in to his new character and I am loving him. The fact that Nick is the only character on the show that has any hint of mystery to him is a good thing . . . although I am DYING to know more about him. LOL!!

    I’m very impressed that he was signed on for 3 episodes and wound up staying throughout the season. I knew once people outsisde daytime got a look at him they would wonder “where has HE been hiding??” And his being paired with Oscar winning Angelica Houston is an added bonus.

    I just hope and pray that Nick will be around for season 2!!


  8. Kristen J says:

    I’ve been a fan of Thorsten’s for a long time. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him and thank him for all the life he put into his fictional soap roles – my favorite being Zach Slater on AMC. Although I was initially excited about Smash (when I first read about the series), when I watched, I was incredibly disappointed in the overall writing of the show. I feel as though the show is less about putting on a broadway musical and more about the lives of the characters (I thought it was supposed to be a blend). I did tune in for Thorsten’s first appearance as Nick and where I am happy for him, I do not care for Nick nor do I think there is any chemistry between Nick and Eileen. Quite simply, I’m just not interested.

    Now, if Nick were the bartender and interacted with all the characters of the show – perhaps playing that role of confident, being the connection to all, without the other characters knowing it? Perhaps I’d find it more interesting.

    But for me, Smash is not a Smash.


  9. SallyV says:

    I’m really enjoying Smash and REALLY loving Thorsten on the show. He and Angelica are great together. Hope this leads to many other prime-time roles and maybe even a staring role in another show.


  10. zachfan01 says:

    Thorsten Kaye is the only reason I started watching SMASH and let me tell you . . . he is absolutely SMASHING!! I knew once people outside the daytime world got a look at him they would be wondering “where has HE been hiding??”

    He truly is wonderful on this show and I am so happy for him that he has found success after AMC, but admittedly, I miss Zach Slater more than I can tell you.


  11. tkfanalways says:

    Thorsten is an OUTSTANDING Actor, I’m in Ore of his work.
    I’m watching Smash purely because of him; his character Nick needs to be more involved, have more story depth. I’m hoping to see more of him in season 2.
    At present Thorsten’s talent as an Actor is too limited in this role.
    Thorsten Kaye is worthy of bigger & better roles.


  12. Esther says:

    I am LOVING Thorsten on Smash but then I would love him reading the phone book. I think daytime fans know and love this man and appreciate his talent and I think the prime time audience will feel the same and we will be seeing a LOT MORE of Nick on SMASH. As far as his pairing with Angelica, I love that they paired him with an Oscar winning actress and I think SHE’S lucky to have this talented man be her boyfriend.


  13. Brian Greene says:

    Oh, Boy–I Really Love SMASH! Give Us More & More Thorsten & Angelica–Yay!! :D :D


  14. Kathy says:

    I’m loving Nick and Eileen together, but mostly because I love TK and want to see him regularly on my screen. For these two opposites, I think they’re writing the relationship well and showing why she would want to be with “the pool boy” (as he was called on last night’s show!) – - – he’s treating her well and they seem to be open and honest with each other.


  15. Pah says:

    I’d watch Thorsten on anything! and Yes, I DO like him with Angelica . I think they are making that relationship very interesting, sexy, and satisfying. I wish more screen time would be given to them. Thank you, Smash, for giving me a new place to watch the fabulous Thorsten Kaye!


  16. Nick fan says:

    I have been fascinated with Nick the bartender since the beginning. I want to see him more and more, I hope they will make him a regular cast member with lot more to do, because Thorsten Kaye seems to be such a fantastic actor. He is so manly and elegant and at ease with his role. I think Anjelica looks a little old for him, but if they write the show well and give him a lot more screen time, I would be fine with the pairing.


  17. Cynthia says:

    Angelica H. is a strong woman..with vulnerabilities, she always has been. The only man I can picture her with and not get over shadowed is Thorsten Kaye. He comes across with an understated strength charm and elegance. He has the acting ability to match Ms Angelica as well. I love the fact that she is older and he is accepting of her age. There are many older woman who are single and rarely get to see a real younger man who is genuinely interested in her for who she is. Good work NBC…you have a gold mine in THORSTEN KAYE…ABC was dumb to let him go.


  18. Pav says:

    I’ve had a wonderful time watching TK on SMASH. It was my true hope that he would land in primetime, and that’s what he’s done. As usual, TK finds nuance in every move, and surrounds himself with mystery. He and AH are tremendously fun together, and I’m having a helluva good time watching the show, a lot of which has to do with him. Thing is, wherever TK goes, he brings something to the table-in this case, it’s the people who’ve been waiting for his next appearance, and I’m pleased to be part of it.


  19. Jen says:

    I’m loving Thorsten Kaye on Smash. He and AH work really well together. I look forward to much more Nick and hope his role is expanded and that he gets to work with all the other actors in the Smash cast in season 2 if they are lucky enough to snag him for that.


  20. Katbert says:

    The only reason I tuned into Smash and continue to watch is for TK. I loved him as Zach Slater; and as another poster said, I’d watch him read the phone book. I’m not dazzled by Smash, but am hoping it will prove to be a vehicle for him to go onto bigger and better things, and that this primetime exposure will gain him a whole other audience of people who adore him, as his daytime fans do.


  21. Nosgoth1979 says:

    Thorsten is a great addition to the cast, so is Uma Thurman. In fact, I hope she does more than guest-star once in a while. I was really bummed that I missed this episode last night. I always talk about the episodes with a coworker of mine at Dish, but this time I had to hush her before she said anything because I didn’t want any spoilers. She reminded me about dishonline(dot)com, which is a free streaming site that has an absolute ton of TV shows and a great selection of movies too. The best part is, if anyone else misses (or just wants to re-watch) Smash, they can check it out on dishonline too; you don’t even need to be a Dish customer.


  22. Lydia says:

    I’m very disappointed in the writing for Smash. I adore Thorsten Kaye and always will, but this part isn’t worthy of his talent and I don’t enjoy seeing him as a love interest for Anjelica Huston. Although she’s a fine actress whom I admire, these two are just not credible together. I only hope Nick is using her for his own financial advantage. That is the only way this relationship would make any sense whatsoever. Besides, playing the villain would be a much more meaty role for Thorsten. I look forward to any future projects he may take on. I will be watching for sure.


  23. KathyNYC says:

    I would watch TK playing opposite a tree. The fact that Anjelica Huston is an Academy Award winning actress is certainly a plus. I think they have good acting chemistry and I am enjoying the storyline as far as it goes. Much of SMASH is ridiculously predictable..this storyline is not so much. Better writing would help the show in total. Do I think they can ever become true romantic partners that I would be “swooning” over? They are never going to be “Zen”. But that’s ok. It’s still interesting to me. I like that he’s not paired with the latest non-actress model that is often hired for TV.


  24. Donna says:

    I love TK and I am a die hard Zen fan. I am so happy TK got this part- but I just cannot see him paired up with AH. She’s a wonderful actress but in my opinion he is way too beautiful and sexy to be with her- not after watching him with the beautiful Alicia Minshew on All My Children all these years. Now if she joined the show and they became a couple- that would be a SMASH to me!


  25. Marty says:

    So thrilled Thorsten Kaye has been on more episodes of “Smash” and hoping it gets renewed for a second season when the time comes … and that they make him a series regular. LOVE that he gets to play opposite Angelica Huston, who is and has always been a class act and wonderful talent. It’s so nice to read the interview where TK says she’s just as great a person as she is an actress. I wish them both continued success. As for the person who said “Nick” & “Eileen” have no chemistry … I think that’s totally wrong. TK is so hot, he has chemistry with everyone he plays opposite.


  26. Brenda says:

    Heck, yeh! Wish I was Angelica Huston and on the receiving end of those “charms”.


  27. Diana says:

    Great chemistry together!! They need more scenes. He is ultra sexy.


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