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5 September 3rd, 2013 TONIGHT: TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman AMC Season Finale Show with Vincent Irizarry!

Photo Credit: Chapman Baehler

Tonight on a special broadcast date of the Blog Talk Radio series, TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman, we bring you our All My Children season finale show with special guest Vincent Irizarry (David Hayward).  It all happens starting at 7pMPST/10PMEST!

After AMC fans have had the chance to watch the exciting final episode of season one posted Monday, you can call-in and share your thoughts on it and the finale cliffhanger!  To call in with a question for Vincent, or to make a comment dial 718- 664-9351!

During the broadcast, we will name the “Power Moment of the Week” from the AMC  finale.  And, one lucky caller will win a signed script from cast members of All My Children, if they know the answers to our “Season Finale Trivia Contest” which are contained in episode #61. 

In addition, we have a few surprises planned for our listeners tonight, and so we hope you can be a part of it.  To listen to the show live click here!

If you have a question for Vincent and cannot listen to the live broadcast tonight, you can post it in our comment section below, and we will do our best to ask it on the air this evening.

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  1. Heather Roop says:

    Listening in Michael! Makes me miss the cast so much!! Xo Hope to see y’all sooner then later!


    Love my soaps replied

    There is nothing to be found on when or if AMC or OLTL will be back. I know there is trouble with the unions but no info. Is out there. PP HAD SAID would not be break because they had enough through Sept. and by that time all should be settled. Well guess that was not true. If I don’t hear something soon I will cancel my Hulu plus just go back to watching GH.
    Something should be put out there for the fans to let them know what is going on.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Vincent is one of the best daytime performers ever…he should be doing a lot of primetime shows too!!!


  3. Kate says:

    Love listening to Vincent. I am so looking forward to season 2. With Tad back, there should be plenty of action between Tad, Jessie, and David…..just like the good old days!


  4. Kelly Monaco Michael Easton says:

    He is a wonderful actor
    I wonder was he a candidate to be Sam Mcall father?


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