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16 July 18th, 2013 TONIGHT: TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman – Special Edition Llanviewpalooza!


In honor of the 45th anniversary of One Life to Live this week, TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman has a very special edition broadcast that airs live tonight on the Blog Talk Radio Network.

Starting at 7PMPST/10PMEST “Llanviewpalooza” will feature several beloved cast members of the series including:  Jerry verDorn (Clint), Melissa Archer (Nataie), Kassie DePaiva (Blair) and Andrew Trischitta (Jack) who will chat, and will field questions from callers!

In addition, we are asking fans to call-in and share with Michael their favorite moment/storyline in the history of One Life to Live, and we will have a prize giveaway to one lucky caller, an autographed One Life to Live cast poster, and a three month Hulu-Plus subscription.

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Plus, we name the Power Moments of the Week from this week’s  new episodes of All My Children and One Live to Live and more surprises!

To log on to hear the show live click here!  To call in and ask a question, or pose a comment during the broadcast dial (718) 664-9351!

If you cannot call-in tonight and have a question for any of our guests, or want to share your favorite OLTL moment in the history of the show, you can post it in the comment section below, and we can ask it, or tell it on the air! 

We hope you will join us for the One Life on-air party of the season tonight!

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  1. brian says:

    wow ! can’t wait!


  2. susan M. says:

    Is Blair & Todd going to get married again? Is Cutter and Natalie going to be a permanet thing? Will David kiss and make-up with Dorian? Is it quits for Viki & Clint?


  3. Chris says:

    When will the drug ring storyline with Cutter, Dean, and Bruce at Shelter be explored more on OLTL, and will Natalie be involved in that storyline? And how come Natalie didn’t question Cutter about Dean Trayger the drug dealer from Shelter after he arrived unannounced at her apartment (and after she saw Dean again at her exercise class after she saw him for the first time giving one of the club’s DJs a stash of drugs before the blackout occurred at Shelter, and after Cutter lied to her about not having any illegal activities in the club)? Does Natalie not know yet that Cutter knows about Dean dealing drugs at Shelter?


  4. Cindy says:

    Is trevor st. john coming back to oltl to stay with a new contract ?


  5. MEG says:



    TnT 2.0 Forever replied

    Great question! I want to know that answer as well!


  6. Lindsey Pablo says:

    Are they ever going to reveal what happened to Tea’s brother Tomas? Blair was supposed to marry him unless they had him killed off or something.


  7. Tina says:

    For Jerry: is the Viki & Clint stuff right now leading to the love story we haven’t gotten since you took over the role?


  8. Tali says:

    Natalie stay away from sleeze bag Cutter, Please!! Pushing dislike buttom over and over!! Writers this just wouldn’t happen, look at the history Cutter has with the crap he’s pulled on the Buchanan family. Is there any hope that PP will be able to work a deal with Michael Easton to come back occasionally? If not, any chance John McBain will be recast? Happy 45th OLTL!!


    susan M. replied

    Cutter is a sleeze bag ! I agree !


  9. Kim says:

    Can we get MORE Todd and Blair please?


  10. Shannon says:

    We need Natalie with John . Michael Easton and Melissa Archer know how to work it. Get him back and make it work PP. Natalie with Cutter the con? Please tell me we aren’t getting another whitewashing of Cutter like Gh is doing with Franco! Cutter and Natalie are so not good.


    susan M. replied

    Cutter is a lier and a deceiver!!!!! Shady! Natalie deserves much better!


    Tali replied



  11. C says:

    Question for Jerry ver Dorn – with Clint and Viki on the outs, would you like to see Amanda Setton back as Clint’s ex Kim?


  12. Chrissy says:

    Melissa Archer questions:
    What is one of Mellisa archers favorite scenes with Michael Easton and why?

    When you first started filming scenes with Michael Easton were u attracted to him? =]

    Wish ME was on the show. ME n MA had the best chemistry on the show!!they’re my favorite soap couple!!


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