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9 August 1st, 2013 TONIGHT: TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman With Guest One Life to Live EP Jennifer Pepperman!


Want to know how Llanview was remounted and staged a historic comeback?  What went on behind the scenes and in front of the cameras of bringing One Life to Live back to life?  Then you don’t want to miss tonight’s very special edition of the Blog Talk Radio series, TOLN  Soaps Live with Michael Fairman, when we welcome One Life to Live’s current executive producer, Jennifer Pepperman as our special guest for an informative and can’t miss interview!

In addition, Jennifer will be taking your calls and comments on the current storylines, casting, production, the writing regimes and much more!  Make sure to listen in live tonight, Thursday August 1st at 7pMPST/10PMEST!

If you have a question or a comment the call-in line is (718) 664-9351, and to listen to the live broadcast and to join our live chat room click here!

Later in the broadcast, Michael will also offer up his “Power Moments of the Week” for this week’s latest Hulu episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live.  Can you figure what scenes will get the nod this week?

If you have a question for Jennifer Pepperman, or a comment and you would like us to potentially ask it on air tonight, you can also post it in out comment section below!   We look forward to you joining us tonight!

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  1. brian says:

    Oh boy oh boy ! won’t be missing this !


  2. BTripp says:

    Tell her to bring Roxie back if anyone calls in! Oh and more Vimal please.


    vik replied

    The actress who plays Roxie is already on another on line soap that is starting up, called TAINTED DREAMS..ive been following them on twitter. A lot of old soap ppl from AMC ATWT GL and OLTL are joining that cast. Its supposed to be out next year sometime. Sucks, Id rather have her in Llanview!


  3. Dennis says:

    What’s the deal with the early end to the season?

    When are Todd and Victor coming back?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Either one might be the returning fan favorite rumored coming back…


  4. Chris says:

    Will there be any actual storylines for Cutter and Natalie in the second season of OLTL other than their romance together? Will Cutter and the drug ring at Shelter be explored more on the show’s upcoming season, and will that possibly tie-in to how Cutter was released from prison in Kentucky nearly two years ago? And when will the second season of OLTL start streaming on Hulu, and how long of a gap between the first and second seasons of both AMC and OLTL?


    Bryon B replied

    Great questions, I was thinking the same thing. I hope we don’t have to wait too long for the premiere of season two of the shows. I am so curious to see who the fan favorite will be. I’ll have to wait til August 19th.


  5. peg says:

    I love oltl
    I am happy you put on huhu
    when is dr larry coming back oltl


  6. Lisa Z. says:

    Why is Matthew the star of the show? Is it guaranteed that there will be a second season of OLTL? Are there any plans to bring back any other of Viki and Clint’s children? I hope Viki and Clint reunite, can you give us any spoilers on this? When do you think the second season will start? How is OLTL doing with viewers/is it a financial success yet?


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