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9 August 15th, 2013 TONIGHT: TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman with Guests OLTL’s Florencia Lozano & Kelley Missal!

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As we head toward the season finale of One Life to Live, make sure to listen to tonight’s (Aug 15) broadcast of  TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman when we welcome very special guests, Llanview’s mother/daughter duo of Florencia Lozano (Tea) and Kelley Missal (Dani).  It all starts at 7PMPST/10PMEST!

So what does the future hold for Tea and Dani?  How will the presence of Arturo Bandini (Paolo Seganti) affect their relationship? Will Tea ever be able to move on with her life without Victor Jr. (Trevor St. John)?  Will Dani and Matthew (Rob Gorrie) ever get together? For the answers to these and other questions, make sure to join us for a night of lively and candid chat.  In addition, Florencia and Kelley will be taking your calls!  To call-in and ask a question dial (718) 664-9351

During the broadcast, we will also name this week’s “Power Moments of the Week” from One Life to Live and All My Children.  And a lucky caller will have a chance to win in our weekly trivia contest.  The answers to the trivia contest will be found in this week’s episodes of One life to Live episodes #51 and #52 on Hulu!  To listen to the live broadcast tonight, click here!

If you have a question for Florencia and Kelley and cannot call-in tonight, please post it in the comment section below and we will try to ask it on the air for you!

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  1. Glen says:

    Please ask some questions production-related questions such as “when do they start filming again?” and “how many episodes will season 2 consist of?” (hopefully more than season 1). Also, when will hulu start running them? Thanks.


  2. silence1534 says:

    This question is for Florencia: a lot of Roger’s lines/ actions seem to be improvised, is it hard to keep up?


  3. Dennis says:

    Everyone wants to know:
    When do you return to work?
    When does Season 2 start?


  4. brian says:

    Hi Michael

    Please ask Kelley how she feels about never mentioning her “sister” Starr. I get the impression from reading your column that I am not alone in my disappointment of “Starr” never being discussed on the show.


  5. Glenn says:

    What would Tea do to save Victor?


  6. Chris says:

    Michael, can you ask Flo and Kelley if they know when OLTL starts taping again to tape its second season, and if OLTL will tape after AMC tapes their second season next month?


  7. Lisa Z. says:

    Has the cast been given a definite date to report back to the set in order to start filming the next season?


    su0000 replied

    PP has always kept all silent..
    I believe , soon, PP will be giving an announcement as to when and also send out e-mails as to when..
    Until PP has every end tied, we not hear from them..
    PP will tell us when they tell us ..


  8. Jojo D. says:

    Can Florencia and/or Kelley relate to their characters in any way, and if so, how?


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