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10 October 19th, 2015 TONIGHT: Y&R’s Hunter King Guest Stars On CBS Comedy Series LIFE IN PIECES!


Y&R’s two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Hunter King (Summer) pays a visit to the freshman CBS sitcom Life in Pieces on Monday night beginning at 8:30PMET!

In it, King guest stars as teenaged Tyler’s (Niall Cunningham) new girlfriend.  The hilarity ensues when he brings the young girl home to meet and have dinner with his family. However, when Tyler arrives with bombshell Clementine (Hunter King), clearly the family members are stunned, especially the men who begin fumbling and bumbling for what to say, when they were expecting a mousy-type, and not a voluptuous stunner!

The episode entitled: “Babe Secret Phone Germs” features cast members:  Dan Bakkedahl, James Brolin, and Oscar-winner Diane Wiest, as well.  Watch the promo for tonight’s episode featuring King after the jump!  Then let us know if you will be checking out Life in Pieces!

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  1. su0000 says:

    ahaaa! ”voluptuous stunner!” stuffed in tank top ..
    hey! it’s very noticeable meant to be noticed .. so I noticed.


    clh replied

    If you can’t act, you have to give them something to look at while you’re not listening to them I guess.


  2. Erick says:

    It’s unfortunate that a talented two-time Daytime Emmy winner has succumbed to accepting a role on prime-time based on her, er, other talents. Reminds me of how B&B’s Hope’s first movie after leaving daytime didn’t get any notice (even on this great site) except for her sex scene. Goes to show that daytime is still Hollywood’s “weak stepsister,” when one of their better or at least more popular younger actresses can’t get a role based on actual acting talent.
    I guess it’s nothing new – Tony Geary couldn’t get any other roles after he left in the ’80s either other than “small character roles” in movies like Weird Al’s “UHF” (a classic, I’ll grant you).


    Timmm replied

    Tony chose GH. He was the king and ruled GH. Why would he want to leave and do movies where MOST do not have longevity? He had a steady paycheck for 37 years, was lauded by his co-workers and had a tremendous vacation package. Now, you may see him appear in other things but I think he really wanted to do theater more than anything.


    Harry replied

    I think you’re right, Timm.
    Tony Geary also was afforded these very long annual sabbaticals. He knew he had a good thing going.

    Erick replied

    Timmm if you’ll notice I was talking about when Geary left in the 80s after the big Luke & Laura craziness. He has said that “no one cared about seeing Luke Spencer on the big screen.” If they did and he was a success do you really think he would’ve come back as Bill Eckert (especially) and then Luke?
    You’re right though, after coming back in the ’90s he did do as you say. Once upon a time, however, he did, like most others would in his position, seek “fame and fortune” on the big screen….

    Timmm replied

    I see your point Erick, he probably did have “Screen Envy” when Luke blew up in the 80′s and he saw people like Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise having a ball, making a ton of money and getting a lot of attention!


  3. 4ever DAYS says:

    I’ll have to remember to turn the boob tube on!


  4. Nanci says:

    So the men “fumble and mumble” because a pretty woman is in the room?
    What is this? Junior high?

    Don’t care for the character of Summer on the soap, but wish Hunter
    luck with her new projects.


  5. Harry says:

    I understand why no one likes Summer–she comes across as a self entitled, whiny little brat. But I think Hunter King seems like a sweet girl and I think she is what you call a sleeper as far as talent is concerned. She has a lot of untapped potential.


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