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30 January 5th, 2017 Tonja Walker Shares The Moment She Pulled Up To GH For The First Time In 26 Years!


Those that are over the moon that Tonja Walker is returning to General Hospital got to witness the first leg of her journey home to the daytime drama series this afternoon. Walker shared via a facebook video the moment she pulled into the ABC Prospect Lot where GH is filmed.  She told those who were watching her video how excited she was to be there again and related it was the first time in 26 years!

GH fans have been abuzz as to exactly what role Walker will be playing when she debuts, although their is high speculation she may be returning as the “dead” Olivia Jerome.

She told her fans in the video that she wanted to thank them for all of the years, and years, of writing and calling to get her back on GH. Walker related that whatever God wants to have happen, will happen.  Whether she is supposed to stay at GH,  or even if she is not suppose to stay at GH, that is OK, too.  As Walker says, she views her return as “A great opportunity”.

Tonja was at GH for a wardrobe fitting, which means taping new episodes is not far behind!  Watch Tonja’s video after the jump. Then let us know what you thought of it, and from On-Air On-Soaps, WELCOME BACK TO TONJA!


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  1. Omar says:

    Love her!!

    She was good over at GH and she was awesome over at OLTL..Surprise she did not get an Emmy while @ both shows..Welcome back!! Hope is for a a long run..I am salivating possible scenes with Ava, Anna, Carly and Sonny!!!!


    Dylan replied

    I think this actress is awesome. Her return has thst buzz factor that soaps lack right now. However…she was redeemed back in 1900. I HATE when soaps bring back “good” characters as dark or evil, and GH is the worst offender at bringing back beloved fan faves as mere shadows of themselves. I will give this one a pass because the man whose love changed Olivia…..Felicia’s cousin Colton…is long gone. And as a manipulative mob momma…she could have been faking her short period of goodness. Or…even if she redeemed at one point 26 years is enough to re harden everyone. Another mistake soaps make ia bringing a performer back as a look alike. Bring her back as Olivia…warts and all. If written right…this could be a very exciting time for GH. In my dreams…it would end with Julian, Ava, and Sonny dead….tbereby removing the “Mob As Good Guys” stain that has dragged this show down for 20 years! But I know that will never happen!


    Dylan replied

    I meant she was redeemed back in 1990! Not 1900!! Lol…sorry Tonja!

  2. Kevin C says:

    I remember Tonya being on Capital…I am impressed with her just from this post on Facebook. Tonya, you seem to be a kind person and I love your comments on your Facebook video…wishing you the best and GOD bless.


  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Julians return from the dead sister who is back to take down Julian and maybe she is responsible for the bomb in Julians car…


  4. James R. Poissant says:

    Balls of fire—could Olivia really be alive? I would be excited to find out she is but it would also make me wonder if duke is really still alive too since she was obsessed with him all those years ago. If Olivia is still around, she has to be beyond angry at Julian if he really killed the man sh loved. This could bring some good story!!!


    rebecca1 replied

    I mentioned this before…but maybe she’s been in hiding and has been living with her son…Griffin! (And then she “died” again…oar so she made Griffin think)…and he’ll soon find out his mother’s criminal ways…she could be out to avenge Duke. Okay…far fetched? On GH…maybe not. :)


    James R. Poissant replied

    Either way, I am happy Tonja Walker is back with us. Loved her the first time around on GH and thought she was great as Alex on OLTL. It would be so cool if tey were able to have her be Olivia and Alex doing a dual role. I’d tune in to see that!!

    rebecca1 replied

    I never saw her as Olivia Jerome but didn’t Julian supposedly kill her? Should be interesting…from what I’ve read she was obsessed with Duke…if they slept together who knows…maybe she’s Dr/Father Griffin Monroe’s son with Duke. I did love her as Alex on OLTL. Either way, I agree…should be interesting! Oh…Happy New Year James… ;)

  5. Tomas Torquemada says:

    Can’t wait. Let the games begin!


    nancy dillingham replied

    Yes–with some strong writing! She can be a bit over the top–but doesn’t that characterize GH of late? LOL!


  6. Joe says:

    I’m so glad she’s back. I met Tonja years ago at a GH weekend event. Love her! Hope she’s playing Olivia Jerome again.


  7. David Isner says:

    Can’t wait to see who she plays but I have a hunch she will be Olivia Jerome


  8. aria says:

    i can’t wait to see her on air. its going to be fun!!


  9. Patrick says:

    (1988–90): General Hospital as Olivia St. John
    (1990 – 10′s): One Life to Live as Alex Olanov (Role: 1990–97; 2001–02; 2007; 2009; 2011)

    I; do not know… her, career

    what I do know… is how beloved… Tonja Walker is

    with fans… her peers

    dang ! she looks good

    whatever it takes… to detract from the Sonny and Carly show

    have at it

    whatever it takes… to flesh out the Jerome family…. as fans have , given rise

    scenes between Julian, Ava, and Olivia. let the reign begin


    the January 3rd ep – Valentin and Nina get married and consummate their vow

    their was so much sex… lovemaking… wallaw wallaw MORE PLEASE

    I bring you… the new core family GH need focus

    The Cassadine Empire rise

    even , Lulu said it right… as she told Dante…. at the mere mention of spending time together for New years or whatever… she told Dante… Charlotte looked at her like she may as well have had a face full of wart…. Mamma smurph SINK.

    I GIVE YOU… the new reign supreme of core value… the Cassadine

    @GH … DO NOT EVER… again… show SONNY and Carly ewh… making love
    what production value… YES YES YES

    Valentin and Nina
    or tired dismal failure… Sonny and Carly

    I protest: that if @GH is merely bringing on Olivia… or whomever Tonja Walker is: that this much lauded actress.. be given TIME … not just a walk on.. to prop

    give this lauded actress who cares.. and is a serial juggernaut… an act

    GIVE yourself a let… when you hire actors… who have solid presence

    HINT HINT: Nicholas / Morgan / Sabrina / Dr. Joe / Paul… who solidify this genre

    what was wrong with the Baker brother?

    you suck @ times

    this beloved actress … with all her presence… cared about his genre as a whole.. and fans do not forget


    Patrick replied

    OK… I digress : January 4, ep

    SAW va va voom Seth Baker swag @ General Hospital…. Kevin Spacey ; no ?


    followed by; Valentin and Nina… all afterglow

    then the show as a whole… spiraled

    Sonny and Carly and Michael and Nelle… buzz kill

    not to mention … Finn and Hayden…. LOL…. why ? GH; WHY ?


    Patrick replied

    ya know

    Anna getting all hypnotic and all…. IS fearful about some thing


    I suppose even back then… Valentin found Anna enchanting and such… but… he certainly isn’t acting out for fearing for his life…. nor is he scrambling to “hide” any thing.

    so who knows what this bright light is shielding…. a dropped watch

    OK Anna… you’ve been warned… no harm shall come to Valentin

    or GH loses what little they have on the canvas to appeal to

    Patrick replied

    I”ve had it with Ms. centerfold and entitled

    I was SO LIVID with Sam… as she just had to know if Alexis is OK.

    LOL… Alexis , not wanting to be bothered… is any one bleeding or dying ?

    Sam … what an abysmal waste… acts so entitled and barges her way through… with both her parents…. well – F – that… no parent puts up with that

    piss off Jason and Sam… you can move any time now

    with two pivotal characters that the audience does not root for or find value

    Jason and Sam definitely NEED TO MOVE out of Port Charles

    no personality… they lack so much charisma… seeing these two in matching leather jackets … LOL oy it’s dullard syndrome happening all over these mob characters

    GH needs to hire Curtis and Hayden as the new hot about town sleuths. these two have so much going for themselves and each other. only way Hayden can be salvaged… she’d be getting so much more in the sack.

    PS : what kinda name is Rudge…. no matter…he’s super sexy

  10. Grant Putnam says:

    So those were n TW’ hands we saw wearing Victor Jerome’s ring in yesterday’s final scene…..hmmmmm


  11. robbie says:

    Wasn’t able to view the video, but I am so excited for her return! What’s one more back-from-the-dead character. LOL I love the crazy gals of Port Chuck, namely Heather and Olivia J!


  12. mike says:

    Should be a fun run.


  13. JMER says:

    If this is a return to some of the best flavors of Classic GH and putting the Jeromes, Cassadines, and Corinthoses back in their proper place in history pre-Guza then I am all for it. It would be great for this story to be about Anna and Duke, which is who Olivia interacted with most. Seriously tired of FV and the execs at GH making the show all about the baddies and driving fans away. It’s OUR show. We are the audience. We love the characters. All they have to do is let them be written for. I’m expecting this all will happen someday. Will it be Jan/Feb? We shall see. The show still seems to be controlled by this outside force that foists these evil characters on it which is the exact opposite of how it was designed to be and why it’s much less popular than it could be.


  14. Timmm says:

    I’m glad she mainly credited God for returning to ABC over Frank Valentini. Some actors get the two confused!


    JMER replied

    Haha, no doubt and it took an act of God for them to hire her, as a Classic character, so she got it right.


  15. Angel says:

    She’s probably going to play Olivia but by another name this time. I can’t honestly see there being two Olivia’s (or any name) on one show. We do remember Olivia Falconeri who is still currently on contract with the show, no!?…it just ain’t right. I’m still excited about Tonjas return tho


    Ghlover replied

    The other Olivia has no purpose. If there is a choice to make, lets all hope it will be Olivia Jerome


  16. blake says:

    Great news, I hope she’s back at Gh for good. I’ve always liked her at OLTL and was glad when they brought her back towards the end.


  17. Robert L says:

    So excited for what’s coming up with her!


  18. Dan says:

    I starting watching GH in 1993, so she was a little bit before my time. But everyone I know that was watching when she was on as Olivia is very excited. A friend that has been watching a long time told me, just wait until she has scenes with Maura West, it will be like two forces of nature colliding, lol.

    She has an established history with the show, not just another pointless new character with no ties, which I like. Definitely very interested to see what happens next.

    A lot of intriguing reveals should be coming in the next few months, with this story, the story of who Valentin really is and his connection to Anna, the story with Nelle and who she really is. Everything that has been going on for the past few months seems to be building up to some really cool stuff. The writing on GH has been very strong from around September on, in my opinion.


  19. Jay Trotter says:

    I am so excited about the return of Tonja as Olivia.

    Can’t wait for the scenes with Julian, Ava, Anna, Lucy, Griffin.


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