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0 July 2nd, 2009 Tony Geary revealing new interview feature- Emmy Watch!

anthonyGeary.jpgTony Geary (Luke, “GH”) could walk away after this years Daytime Emmys on August 30th as the most decorated actor of the genre.  Currently, he holds pace with six trophies to his name alongside Erika Slezak (Viki) of One Life to Live and Justin Deas ( Buzz) of Guiding Light. In a new Emmy watch interview with TV Guide Magazine, the actors talks about fan reaction to his current storyline, and the statements he has made, and the 1980′s “GH” where fame was over-the-top.

Samples below from the article, regarding fame at the heyday of “GH”:

Geary says he and the other stars of that golden time—including Jackie Zeman (Bobbie), Kin Shriner (Scotty) and Leslie Charleson (Monica)—shared “an experience no one else can quite understand. I doubt any soap will ever get that kind of insane national attention again.”

Regarding the state of soaps:

Still, Geary hasn’t given up hope for today’s soaps. “There are so many new ways to view the shows now and—who knows?—maybe there’s some sort of reinvention right around the corner, something that will reignite the ratings,” he says. “I’m just not prepared to say it’s all over for the soaps. I may be coming to the end of my own tenure, but I suspect the medium will survive me.”

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