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0 October 14th, 2009 Top Ten Reasons to move to Salem from TV Guide Canada!

DAYS.jpgWhat are the top ten reasons to move to Salem, USA on a permanent basis?  TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco has his top ten rationale in the new Soapgeist column out yesterday. At numero uno, is none other than Crystal Chappell’s return as Carly Manning… but what are the other reasons? Make sure to read then all here. Below are the top four to tease ya!

1. We’re not in Springfield anymore: Watching the most beautiful, popular, and talented actor in the business, Crystal Chappell, work her magic as Carly Manning on DAYS is a little surreal but it’s also a welcomed treat.

2. Thanks Thorsten Kaye: James Scott is not only drop-dead gorgeous but he’s also as equally as talented as some of the best older actors in the business.

3. Richard Culliton is proving (like his wife Carolyn, who is editing at One Life) to be one of the finest scriptwriters in the business.

4. Hands down, the underrated Suzanne Rogers has become the quintessential supporting actress in the business.

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