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12 April 29th, 2015 Transgender Actor Scott Turner Schofield Lands Role Of Nick On The Bold and the Beautiful!


Remember the casting call that went out through CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful looking for a transgender performer to be part of Maya’s storyline?  Well, B&B has found their actor!  Scott Turner Schofield has been cast in the role of Nick, who is described as a sort of “transgender mentor” to Maya Avant (Karla Mosley).

Schofield revealed to the New York Daily News on his B&B role: “I’m Maya’s best friend and I come from her world when she first landed in Los Angeles before she became the huge success that she is.  We met in the trans community together. I’m her friend that comes in and kind of help remind her that she is beautiful and whole and authentic exactly as she is. And as things start to happen and discrimination mounts, she can stand strong in who she is and how she made the right choices for herself. So in that sense, it feels like playing myself in a certain way.”

Scott is set to debut on episodes of B&B beginning on the May 8th episode and has already taped six episodes.  Schofield is a diversity speaker, author and performer, who was approached by the CBS soap from a short list of transgender actors to help beef up the transgender storyline, from a list that also included noted transgender actress Candis Cayne.

The actor says he is very happy to be part of this eye-opening storyline for daytime television audiences and weighed-in in on how B&B is telling Maya’s story:  “I’ve seen everything there is to see and I am telling you that it is unprecedented and it’s going in the right direction.”

What do you think about B&B bringing in the character of Nick and hiring transgender actor Scott Turner Schofield to fill the role?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. davidevansmith says:

    Love it, I feel like B&B does the social issue stories just right and brings in a good amount of support from the real world.

    Only thing I would have done was use a different character name. Nick was Dominick Payne Marone played by Jack Wagner, and even if this character name is a play on the character’s original female-designated name, like Nicole, well… Maya already has a sister named Nicole, so that is a retread also. I am big about soaps using unique character names in their overall history to keep things simple.

    It irked me when GH introduced Ric Lansing, when GH history already had a prominent Rick (Webber) who also appeared in 2002 while Ric Lansing was a regular. I also thought it was messy when OLTL John McBain joined GH while Johnny Zacchara was a regular character and they crossed stories… John and Johnny? Ugh, keep it original, especially if we’re dealing with characters who were high-profile and lasted a good amount of years on soaps.


    Guest replied

    OMG, really the complaint you have is the guy’s name?!?!?! Give me a break!!!

    I am looking forward to it!!! Congrats Scott on the role as NICK!!! Welcome to the B&B Family!! :)


    Guest replied

    BTW , maybe his name is NICHOLAS NOT DOMINICK!! Completely Different NAME!!


    davidevansmith replied

    LOL, first, how do you even know Nick is based off of Nicholas?

    Secondly, it’s a minor gripe, I admit that, but that’s a personal thing of mine. I admitted as much. Beyond that, I’m thrilled with the idea. And others below agreed.

    Seems like you’re more worked up than any of us… LMAO

    Mo replied

    I had forgotten about Nicole.

    Guest: Jack Wagner’s character’s name was Dominick, but he went by Nick so it doesn’t matter if this character’s ‘real’ name is Jeffrey. He’s still using Nick and we already had a Nick and there is currently a Nicole on the show. Maybe it’s intentional. Maybe there is some reason they named him Nick. Plenty of other names to choose from. It’s a minor complaint.


  2. richard says:

    Why would they name this character “Nick” there is only one Nick and that’s Nick Marone!! Cmon yall can do better than that!!!


    Mo replied

    Agreed, Nick was a bad choice of name.


    Guest replied

    Dominick and Nickolas …. hmm, yeah that is the same …

  3. Rodd says:

    I wish him and B&B well with this story line.


  4. Blake says:

    This is great news, well done Mr. Bell and B&B!


  5. Vicky says:

    Glad they are doing the story. Timely and important. However, I wish everyone would quit acting like the whole Transgender issue has never been addressed before! All My Children was the first to address it with their Zarf/Zoe storyline. And they were the first to openly deal with a Gay or Lesbian character, back in the 70′s or early 80′s. So, please give credit where it’s due.


  6. lisa from boston says:

    I am quite surprised he made this comment regarding B&B is breaking new ground. Actress Karla mosley is not Transgender. Her character Maya avant had a well developed storyline. To suddenly decide to find a viable reason to oust Rick from his reign as CEO the writers brainstormed and thought let’s make Maya transgender?? As this should be the reason for The Rick Forester downfall! I found this appalling and shocked the Transgender community isn’t outraged. This is no tribute to their courage. If the show hired a true Transgender as a cast member and created this Maya Avant storyline then you can call it groundbreaking. B&B highjacks current news headlines to use as storylines. So happens to the character once Transgender is no longer a news headline?


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