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36 November 17th, 2016 Tristan Rogers Back On Y&R In Upcoming Episodes!


Fan favorite Tristan Rogers, who goes from playing Robert Scorpio on General Hospital on occasion, and now once again more often as Colin Atkinson  on The Young and the Restless, updated his followers via social media on when we can expect a “Tristan-sighting” in Genoa City, and back in action on the number one soap opera.

Tristan tweeted, “Back in Dec on Y&R for 4 shows. Loving it. Jan for longer.”

With newly-planted head writer Sally Sussman planning more story for Y&R’s iconic Jess Walton (Jill), what machinations might Colin be up to this time?  Most recently, he was trying to blackmail Jack (Peter Bergman) with the dirt on Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) affair with Billy (Jason Thompson)

Rogers has also been busy taping new episode of digital drama series, The Bay.  Tristan is currently in Australia visiting his mother before returning to the states to continue on as Y&R’s Colin.

So, what kind of story do you think Y&R should write or involve Tristan’s Genoa City soap alter-ego, Colin Atkinson? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Mysty says:

    I love Tristan Rogers, so whatever show he’s on I’ll be turning in.


    alexis replied

    im glad he is back


  2. James R. Poissant says:

    Let’s have some drama for Colin—I vote for a cancer story or something in the lines of a medical crisis. Of course, I would want to see him come out alive but I do think Tristan and Jess could pull the strings of our hearts as we watch them both suffer with what ails him.


    Timmm replied

    Tristan did cancer on “Night Shift.”


    James R. Poissant replied

    I only saw the first episode of that series—anyway, it can be anything just as long as it’s some sort of medical drama. I just want to see Colin in a new direction just so Tristan and Jess have some killer scenes to pull off.

  3. Timmm says:

    He belongs on GH. Colin sucks!


    Mysty replied

    He does but the GH ptb don’t bring him back for nothing but something lame like passing messages for Luke which was ridiculous and lame. Anna is back with the WSB, you would think that’s a great reason to bring Robert Scorpio back….But I look forward top seeing Tristan on Y&R under new writer. Maybe they’d know what to do with Jill/Colin.


    Timmm replied

    Mysty, thats my one hope because you are right about the knuckleheads at GH, I hope the the new writers will use Tristan correctly as Colin! I would like to see him try and match wits with Victor!

    Addison replied

    Right, Mysty. GH’s writing team is so bad right now that they cannot do right by Tristan.

    Lou piikes replied

    Maybe tptb at Y&R can solve that lame music box mystery.

    Dan replied

    Amen Timmm! They can call him Colin or whatever they want, he’s always gonna be Robert Scorpio first and foremost. Wish they’d have him back on GH for something a little more substantial than talking about embryos with Lulu and running errands for an off screen Luke, especially with Valentin Cassadine running amok all over Port Charles.


    Rose replied

    Dan…So agree with you. And not a token appearance once in a while. Would love to see Robert and Anna combine their investigating /WSB contacts to go after the more international stuff like he Cassadines (may they also live on forever to be a thorn in Port Charles side). And if they need help, bring Mac and Felicia out of mothballs, especially for the more local “mysteries.”

  4. Celia says:

    Ok….this is good, very good. I am so happy for Tristans’s return.
    Is Travis his illegitimate child? This guy ( Travis) has to take root, somehow, if he is to remain. Perhaps he has inherited Colin’s penchant for the miscreant behavior.
    And, speaking of Travis; I do believe TPTB plan to break him and Victoria up. Why else the running to bed with his ex? Why do people do that? Including women. Couples have disagreement and bicker all the time….’tis the nature of the beast!!!! So, they have affairs?
    Anyway, the plan is to get Victoria and Billy together. So transparent. That’s ok, but with Jason Thompson? Nah!!!!! I realize the soap gods are trying so hard to throw these two together. I cannot get into them. Just my opinion.


    Soaphound replied

    Oh, Celia, you’re reading my mind again. These people behave like petulant, spoiled children who, if ANYTHING goes wrong, jump into a new bed for solace. Grow up, already! I’m not a fan of Travis bit I admit this shocked me a little. I thought he’d learned a lesson from his past. Guess not. And you’re so right about the chemistry-free Jason Thompson’s Billy. No way should he and Victoria connect. Oh, if only my dreamboat Billy Miller could do two shows!


    Celia replied

    Well, Soaphound; Fanny has a great idea……return Steve to GH; accommodate his needs and return Billy M to Y & R. Too easy? Yeah!!!! One can only dream.

    soapqueenforever replied

    Celia I was thinking the same thing. The GH fans want Steve Burton back because they don’t think Billy Miller is cutting it as Jason. So we can do an even trade, our Billy for their Steve. But where would that leave Jason Thompson. Him and his wife have a baby, I would hate to seechim jobless

    Timmm replied

    Good call Cee, Travis could be Colin’s boy BUT I vote to phase out the light weight. We are seeing less of Stitch, Dylan is leaving soon, I want Travis out to. Lets build the show old school with strength! Cane and Devon are useless to!

    Can you believe we dont like Jason Thompson on this show? Wow, I thought it would work, he is a bust!

    I feel that Can’s leg injury is going to lead to something more serious? Cancer?

    Bye love!


    Nikki replied

    Hi Timmm I agree with everything you said with the exception of Travis. I think he is sooo hot with Victoria and that Billy I just don’t like with Victoria. The two of them just don’t mix.They can get rid of Chloe any day too. First when Patty was making all the phone calls to Sharon & Kevin told Chloe she thought it might be Adam then with the new writers Victor says Adam is dead and Chloe killed him. As if old Vic would just sit on that news about his family and do nothing right?Now the only way the truth may come out is if the Christian has his dad’s eye problem. OMG What a mess. So happy today to see Tracy Abbott back!

    Celia replied

    Hi, Timmmy,
    Long time no talk. LOL.
    Yes, everyone you mentioned should leave. I never liked Cane……the rantings about his good looks are exaggerated ( I do not see it). And, his acting leaves much to be desired. Too bad Lily is with him because I do like her, albeit many do not.
    She was at her best with Daniel. But, that could be due to the fact that it was young love back then, and she and I are around the same age. We had a lot in common. I identified with her and those feelings stuck, I guess.
    Stitch and Devon are in a league of their own. These guys do not inspire confidence or attraction. Stitch’s demeanor never changes. He is one-sided.
    Devon? I still maintain he is twelve. Boring as heck with no personality. I do not get his coupling with Hilary. She is such a vibrant character, sexy, a go-getter….I don’t know, Timmmy. Maybe Devon has a ‘hidden’ talent? Ha!!
    Travis?. Well, now…..I fell for him at first sight. Now? He is too weasel- like. I still think he has an agenda. However, be that as it may, I like him with Victoria better than with Billy ( Jason T).
    As far as I am concerned, Thompson has yet to capture Billy A’s persona; his core. I doubt he ever will. ….too bland.
    Luv-ya!! Later.

    Mary SF replied

    Cain’s injury will lead to an addiction to pain killers– unless new writers change the direction I can see that coming when on today’s show they kept mentioning have to give him more pain medicine–

    Shay replied

    Hey CeeCeeGirl!!!! Wishing you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving….we’ve been so blessed this year, I’m feeling particularly grateful and festive. Hope your family’s celebration will be just as joyous as ours!


  5. damien says:

    although not a huge fan of colin, it will be nice to see the chancellor set back in action.
    Now with a real experienced headwriter at the helm maybe the Chancellors and Winters family can get some attention and the Abbotts and Newmans can get a temporary break
    my suggestions would be to bring Nina and Chance back to mix it up with Jill , Billy and Chloe. Chloe s hopefully carrying billys baby, maybe she can get his brother chance to help raise her much against nina and jills protest. Have colin meddle with lily and cane who have nothing real to do. maybe lily can also mix it up with chance. So much potential outside the newmans and abbotts. Would be nice to add paul and christine with nina too like the old days


  6. Brenda Garces says:

    He needs to get back to GH A nna is going to need his help when she finds out that Valetine Cassidine is really Stavors Cassidine


  7. Addison says:

    With the return of some really terrific head writers, not to mention the new EP, I think the writing will improve for Tristan.
    He certainly deserves better than what he was handed by JFP and Fronz. Give him his dignity back (although some might argue he never had it) and let him go toe to toe with Victor Newman.
    I harbor some degree of hope that the new Y&R regime will recognize what they have in Tristan and do right by him.


  8. Mary SF says:

    What I dislike is Colin was originally written as this ruthless crime lord from Australia whose son Cain had to pretend to be someone else and go into hiding for protection when he turned Daddy dearest in– and when they hooked Colin up with Jill they suddenly turned him into a two bit con artist and not a very good one at that— like Jeff ( chelsea’s father) —- When Colin had this darker side he was interesting– trying to kidnap the twins, the whole mystery around the death of Cain’s sister that was never solved etc– so if they cannot make Colin back the way he was intended to be then I think they should cut the character loose–and his whiny son Cain can go with him–both have out lived their usefulness in GC.


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    I agree with this!! Send both of them back to Australia. Rogers may have his fans from GH (which I’ve never watched) but I do not like what he has done on Y&R.

    Cane is even worse. How has this character stayed on Y&R for almost a decade??


    k/kay replied

    @Barbara idiot fans and yes I call you idiots hired a plane to fly over CBS studios to save DG/Canes job amazing that it worked MAB another idiot producer ! Totally agree with Mary /Colin could have been so ruthless then MAB decides let’s give Genie Francis a job and yes I adore Genie but we create a worhless character Canes mom and the rest goes to hell. If this show survives the crapfest that we have been fed for almost 10 years it will be a bloody miracle

    Celia replied

    Love it, love it, love it, Mary!!!! Enlightening words you speak. Agreed.
    At this point in the realm of Y&R, the best performer iiis..ta-da: Alyvia. ‘Faith’ is the adult among the adults. She is so good…this kid will take the big screen by storm.
    I am done with all the characters Timmm mentioned, and then some. He also has a point about Cane and his ‘lame’ leg…LOL. good. I cannot stomach him any more.
    As far as Travis? What a jerk. Fess up!! Coward. What will he do when his ex ( Michelle? Not sure….she annoys me already) announces she’s pregnant?


    soapqueenforever replied

    Good answers Celia. Faith can teach her whole clan how to grow up. She is such a terrific actress. She played Dolly Parton as a child a year or two ago in the movie A Coat of Many Colors and was excellent. There is a sequel coming out the end of the month. I’m not certain of the exact date, but it is on CBS, so I am sure they will run promos during. Y&R You alreadyk new when Travis and the ex were going at it, that it was a pregnancy waiting to happen, which of course Victoria will find out about as she is dressing for the wedding. That is if Billy doesn’t break up the engagement before it happens. Cane and his all American male attitude is starting to annoy me too. I think Lily should work at Brash and Sassy and let her hook up with Billy. That will really make Jill’s head spin.As for the ex of Travis, Iam still feeling her out as well. Her attitude is to snooty for my taste. I just hope they don’t shove the Travis ex with Billy and we spent the six to eight months of musical chairs. Time will tell I guesse

    Celia replied

    Hi, soapqueen,
    What a great idea!!!! Billy and Cane. I would like that premise to be explored……anything to enhance Jason T’s performance. He is not working for me; neither with Phyllis nor with Victoria.
    He is a good actor, but I see not the ‘grab me’ factor. Actually, neither does Tognoni. Her rendition of Phyllis is not the femme fatale I was expecting.

    Yes, I have seen COATS OF MANY COLORS, last year. It was actually shown again, not too long ago. My little nieces love the movie, so it was dvr-ed . They watch it over and over. LOL.

    Travis’ ex is a very hard-looking woman. No softness to her body language or, looks or demeanor. She’s focused on what she wants. I suppose she regards Travis as a business deal. Cut and dry. She wants him and that’s that. I am surprised Ashley had even struck a friendship with her, as she is the complete opposite.
    Nonetheless, as I have said earlier, TPTB purposely brought this woman in for the sole purpose of putting a wedge between Travis and Victoria. They want Victoria with Billy. What a horrible prospect!!
    Later, soapqueen.

  9. Bart says:

    Like Damien, I’m not a fan of the Colin Atkinson character, but with Sally & Kay back at the writers’ desk, I’m hoping for some good story for him and Jill (the wonderful Jess Walton).


  10. soapqueenforever says:

    Hooray. Love my Tristan Rogers. I always loved him with Jill. They can have him scrubbing floors at the coffee house for all I care, as long as I get to heat that delicious accent. I love when he has scenes with Colin, to Aussie accents for the price of one. Maybe he can team up with Jeffrey and
    start some kind of business together. And along the way, Jill and Gloria can throw their snarky comments back and forth. Anything would be better than Hillary and the GC Buzz. She is l8ving herself way to much over that. I still hoping to see more of Lauren. She is long overdue to be on screen. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


  11. Val says:

    Colin and Jill should team up to take on Victor. Coli. Would look good running things there, along with Jill. Let them do some serious take over business, but let Colin make us smile. It’s a highlight of the day when Colin smirks and makes you laugh.


  12. k/kay says:

    Ok last post for a while the good lord has it covered,


  13. Jimmy says:

    I love Tristan Rogers, and Colin is an interesting character, but I feel like he would be much better suited at GH as Robert. GH needs him more right now, especially with Anna rejoining the WSB. And how great would it have been to see Robert and Robin share a scene together during Kimberly McCullough’s recent return?


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