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2 August 16th, 2010 Tristan Rogers steps down from “Reality Bytes”!

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On Sunday a series of tweets from Tristan Rogers on his twitter page explained that he has decided to put in his resignation from leading the helm of his new series, Reality Bytes. 

Here is what Rogers tweeted, “In the best interests of Reality Bytes for the future I have resigned as producer, co-creator and actor.  I realize there is a lot of sadness re my resignation from Reality Bytes. Creative differences happen 1000 times per day in LA. I have other ideas. I have not deserted the cast. We will have another project.” With Tristan rest assured, there will be another fantastic project just around the corner utilizing the talents of the RB cast.

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  1. sharon says:

    that is such a shame. i love tristan and was looking forward to this show debut because of him.


  2. denise says:

    Wow! I was really looking forward to seeing Tristan in his own creation. I wonder what happened and what he differed with creatively and why t couldn’t be resolved. Thank goodness there is the Bay!


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