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6 June 3rd, 2010 Tuc Watkins lands series regular contract on “Desperate Housewives”!

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One Life to Live’s Tuc Watkins (David) is joining next season of Desperate Housewives as a series regular.   The actor, who has been playing one half of Wisteria Lane’s gay couple – Bob and Lee, on a recurring basis, will head to Los Angeles in mid-July as a full-time cast member.  According to, “Before that happens though, Tuc will finish up a run in White’s Lies, his off-Broadway play. ”

Here are a few excerpts from Tuc on his gig on DH, and keeping in shape for White Lies!

Tuc stated on his gig on DH: “They made me a series regular on ‘Desperate Housewives’ next year, so that’s great and the timing works out perfectly. I’m doing the play for eight weeks and then when Desperate Housewives stars up again in mid-July, I go back to do that on a hopefully more [regular basis].”

Tuc on keeping in shape for showing off  his physique in White Lies:“Well, I have an unsexy answer for you and the unsexy answer is, I’ve been blessed with a great metabolism.  I eat ice cream and ravioli and all that stuff and that’s not to say that I don’t exercise, but I don’t really think about, ‘Oh, I have to take my shirt off next week so I can’t eat that pint of Haagen Das.’ I’m sure one day it will catch up with me, but so far, I’ve just been lucky.”

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  1. C.L.B says:

    How is Tuc Watkins going to juggle two acting jobs doing both OLTL and DH?!? Is it true that he only has a short-term contract with OLTL?


  2. bottomchef says:

    Could Wisteria Lane get any WHITER? The failed launching of the Applewhites really screwed Alfre Woodward and the sexy as hell Mehcad Brooks. Every year on DH it’s 1 new white character after the next: Katherine, her daughter, her doctor hubby, the psycho ex, Dave, the stripper, the white gay guys, the Bolens, the Fairview strangler, the gold digging Russian, the psycho ex of Angie, etc. Thank goodness for Vanessa Williams spicing up the show and giving it diversity. Watkins as a regular is a wrong move on DH’s part. It reeks of copying the success of Modern Family’s Cameron and Mitchell, should Watkins and Rahm be both regulars. However, they already ended that coupling in a satisfying way. They could not adopt or find a surrogate so they broke up. Rahm’s character was a stereotypically shallow gay guy as can be, while all Watkins’s character did was react to whatever bitchy quip his partner was saying. Bad move for a primetime soap on its last leg. DH is about the women. They rule the show.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Congrats to Mr. Watkins. He is a wonderful comedian and I hope his career continues to shine.

    I would ask those in charge at OLTL to, however, cease with the David “hit-and-runs.” Save for the occasional crisis or wedding, David should not be given a story nor a love interest since each will be compromised with this actor’s constant get up and go. It is unfair to the viewers to ask us to invest in a love story when it will not last and the other character in the story (usually Dorian) is given the short end of the stick and forced to be the bad guy to David’s schtick.

    Invest in a character that will live and breathe on the canvas, not one who only dips his toes in the water when the actor is free of his more pressing commitments. I would love to see the show offer the same commitment to long-term characters like Dorian. How about we give her a real love interest like A Martinez and Ray.


    Torrey replied

    I agree with you. Although, I like the character of David, I grow really tired of the revolving door status that his character seems to come along with. This is why I wasn’t happy with David being the one to run Kimberly out of town. David comes and goes as often as a breeze in spring…..They should recast the role of Kimberly and give Clint the exciting story that we were all starting to warm up to. He good for a nice laugh and all, but when are we going to see a serious side of David? If they are going to have him be on the show, I want to see some growth from David.


    cher62 replied

    I am very tired of David’s comings and goings and the affect it has on other characters and to storytelling. I would be interested in Dorian having a REAL romance instead of being entangled with a character played by an actor who will not be on the show. It is VERY UNFAIR to fans of Dorian. The actress deserves better in story and her fans deserve an actor who is committed to remaining on the canvas and involved in continuing story. Many fans loved A Martinez as Ray Montez. I wish TPTB would bring this Emmy award winning actor back to OLTL.

  4. Doe says:

    I’m glad Tuc will be on Desparate Housewives much more now. He is really good on that show and giving him more to do for a longer period is just great. But, I’m hoping that doesn’t mean he won’t be on less on OLTL. He plays a wonderful character of David Vickers and is a highlight when he appears…Be seeing you Tuc….


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