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9 June 23rd, 2014 TUESDAY: Soap Nation Live! Daytime Emmy Post-Show With Guests: Eileen Davidson, Amelia Heinle, Eric Martsolf & Lauren Koslow!

Tomorrow night Soap Nation Live with Michael Fairman returns for it’s monthly broadcast and we have a very special edition for you!

It’s our 41st Annual Daytime Emmys Post-Show featuring our very special guests, the newly crowned Daytime Emmy champs all:  Days of our Lives Outstanding Lead Actress and Supporting Actor winners, Eileen Davidson (Kristen) and Eric Martsolf (Brady), and Outstanding Supporting Actress winner from The Young and the Restless Amelia Heinle (Victoria)!

In addition, our very special Soap Nation Live co-host for the evening will be On-Air On-Soaps resident Emmy fashion expert who had an eye on the red carpet looks on Sunday, fan favorite Lauren Koslow (Kate) of Days of our Lives!  But that’s not all!  We will be dishing and wanting you to chime in on your thoughts on the first ever streamed Daytime Emmys broadcast! What did you think of the red carpet stream and social media lounge, and the hosts that were chosen to handle these chores?  The live show presentation with Kathy Griffin?  It all starts at 7PMPST/10PMEST for this 90 minute special.

To call in and ask a question to our guests, or make a comment, please call our exclusive listener line at 866-246-8923! To log on and hear Soap Nation Live! … you can either listen to us on Blog Talk Radio here, or by coming back to the On-Air On-Soaps homepage ten minutes prior to showtime to listen to the live stream right here on the site!

In addition, we will be giving away during the broadcast two tickets to the screening of General Hospital’s Maurice Benard’s new film, The Ghost and The Whale!  Make sure to listen-in to find out how you can get the tickets. Tip: bone up on your Daytime Emmy Trivia!

If you can’t listen in tomorrow,and have a question or comment you would like to pose to one of our guests, or a comment on the Daytime Emmys, feel free to post in the comments section below, and we just might ask or mention it on tomorrow night’s edition of Soap Nation Live!

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  1. su0000 says:

    Well, 1st- not recruiting proper reporters / hosts who know about daytime TV but instead they had a casting call for millennial/hosts/reporters.
    And that Furlan host saying about Daniel Polo that she didn’t want to go to jail because he was under age and then getting giggly to know he was of age..

    then that Harlow woman says to Lawrence Saint-Victor- “What’s it like to be a black man on a soap opera these days?” and then called him “a beautiful chocolate man,”

    and then to Ryan Paevey making doctor and policeman handcuff jokes, then Furlan said “We’re going to get you away from us before we rape you.”

    they knew absolutely noting about the soaps, and made fools of themselves and the actors.. And the lesbian remark and all that cool stuff is barely the tip of the iceberg,,
    Not to mention Kathy G’s comments, well outside of all that fun, the awards still stunk..
    Many because of;

    The Emmy committee being from CBS:
    Angelica McDaniel CBS Vice President of daytime programming, Co-Chair
    John C. Fisher, Producer The Young and the Restless, Co-Chair
    what a load of CBS favoritism..

    I guess it all was an experience and a very different type of an Emmy presentation..


    Mollie replied

    That red carpet pre-show was so tasteless, disrespectful, and unfunny. YES, those hosts made FOOLS of themselves. Fire the goof who hired them. What a DISSERVICE to the daytime genre.


  2. Iakovos says:

    Eager to hear the program, Michael.

    I did not do well on my predictions but see some fan favorites received trophies, several overdue for such recognition.

    Will comment now: Clear the deck with anyone behind that horrid mess of a red carpet program. It was like watching a train wreck. With so many competent entertainment reporters and well-spoken industry insiders, how could we have such a mess of a pre-show program. It only served to strengthen stereotypes that daytime is a lesser daypart and demeaned the talented storytellers and actors who work so hard to give us this special brand of entertainment.

    Please CBS, NBC, and ABC, see the value of daytime to your enterprises and give the genre and the awards that recognize its zeniths some respect and love.


  3. Stephanie says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the (soap) winners! Love y’all & very deserving!
    Last year I was disappointed in the poor production that HLN did of the Emmys. Also last year when GMA announced things, they were very disrespectful to our soaps. I can’t say it’s gotten any better. This year it seemed that whomever was in control of the red carpet didn’t care to have our long-time loyal soap reporters whom we all know and love. Instead stocked it with people we don’t know, nor know our (soap) people and shows, and were obviously disrespectful. And also now, regular entertainment TV shows no longer carry the results, they have announcers, not reporters, and they sure do find time to talk about themselves (A LOT).
    Missing the old days.


  4. dmr says:

    I am just so thrilled that Eileen Davidson won as Best Lead Actress! It was a very well-deserved win! I’ve often wondered why Lauren Koslow has not been nominated. I absolutely love her as Kate Roberts. She is a stunning woman and is very talented.


  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    Why is (E)xiting (D)AYS to be a YawneR?


  6. Mollie says:

    I was EMBARRASSED watching the pre-show red carpet. Horrible, CLASSLESS “hostesses” . Absolutely wretched. I shut the volume off after hoping it would get better but it did not. Whoever hired those boobs should be FIRED. Disastrous. I was SHOCKED at the lack of professionalism and the distasteful, CLASSLESS display those women (certainly not ladies) put on. That red carpet was so DISRESPECTFUL to the wonderful daytime genre and actors. If they were going for funny they missed the mark by 10,000 miles. Fire the goof who put that s-storm together.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    From what ive been reading im glad i didnt watch…its bad enough that some people think the worse of soaps as it is and now this tacky classless hosts made it even worse!


    mollie replied

    jimh…please don’t let the bad decision of some exec keep you from watching the Daytime Emmy s. Look it up on line and FAST FORWARD thru the terrible red carpet interviews and to the show. It is really nice watching our soap stars receive their awards etc. Honestly, for the first time I felt that the show’s production SUNK to the lower level that some people place it at.

    But, I highly recommend you watch it, as a fan, for the value of seeing our favorites win. NEEDS production improvements which won’t come with out the RESPECT they DESERVE!

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