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7 June 17th, 2010 TV Guide Magazine makes their Daytime Emmy Picks!

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And so it begins…coming up all the major soap pundits, and your favorite journalists will be taking a stab at predicting who will be taking home the gold for the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday night June 27th from Las Vegas on CBS.    TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan was the first to post his predictions and thoughts on this years nominees in the major categories. 

Here is what Logan had to say about his prediction of  Y&R’s Michelle Stafford over Ex-GL’s Crystal Chappell in the Lead Actress category, and Stafford’s cast mate, Peter Bergman as tops in the Lead Actor category!

“The Young and the Restless‘ Peter Bergman (Jack) and Michelle Stafford (Phyllis). Each submitted episodes where their characters dealt with the fallout from Sharon’s torrid sex spree, and each faces seismic Emmy opponents. He’s up against As the World Turns‘ Michael Park (Jack), while she has big competition from ATWT”s Maura West (Carly) and GH‘s Sarah Brown Claudia). Yep, I’m leaving out Crystal Chappell though she arguably gave the performance of the year as Guiding Light’s Olivia. Her chosen material — Olivia’s declaration of love to Natalia — oddly seemed pale compared to the work of the others and executive producer Ellen Wheeler’s cheap, ghastly production values didn’t help. But let’s get back to Bergman and Stafford. Prior to re-viewing their reels, I wouldn’t have thought either had much chance to win, since both their characters were trashed by the current producing/writing regime. But, when it comes to nabbing an Emmy, it only takes one hotter-than-hell episode. And this duo delivered! There is a heft and a magnificence to their performances that leaves you breathless.”

So what do you think of his assessments?  Let us know!

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  1. BBK says:

    What do production values have to do with an actress’ performance?? Crystal gave a brilliant mind blowing performance and she deserves the Emmy for not only the graveyard scene but for the whole year. She gave her all to Olivia’s transformation and anyone who doesn’t see that scene as the amazing work of art it is is not thinking clearly..Good luck Crystal! will be rooting for you!


    P.J replied

    My sentiments exactly. What is he talking about? Production values shouldn’t play a part in judging an actor’s performance. If they did, then Crystal should win hands down for giving us that mind blowing performance under such trying circumstances. The graveside confession was anything but pale and in this instance the GL production model contributed to the brilliance of those scenes.

    We’ll be watching on the 27th and cheering you on Crystal. Good Luck!


  2. Rob says:

    I agree, Chappell hands down gave the best performance of the year.

    If she doesnt win, Id like to see Maura West take it home one last time as Carly.


  3. Ada says:

    How does James Scott top win Leading Actor! James is just too amazing of an actor not to win!


  4. Marianne says:

    If they were giving these awards based on Best actors instead of Best reels. I think James and Crystal would win hands down. There is a reason that James is on this nomination list and it’s not because he is a suck up or PC, or that he plays the politics, or that he has been around for ages, – it’s because he is Damm GOOD! James could have submitted a number of scenes – his best scene IMO was when he discovered that Nicole had lied about giving birth. That scene was amazing – James hit every beat to perfection. The scene that he submitted was great as well and even with that submission (GT actually picked this scene) James should win this without a doubt against all the great actors in this category. Will he win probably not because he doesn’t play that games necessary to win and he is from NBC so the voting blocks are not with him. Plus James is one of the youngest nominees this category has seen and many may think that James will be up for future nominations so why not give it to the old guys! If the voters in this category voted strictly on performance James would be the winner!


    Haayhowu replied

    While I believe, Crystal Chappell & James Scott should be the hands-down winners based on their yearly performances, I don’t feel that the reels they submitted were their best. Seeing the performances in the context of the full story-line made them stand out to regular viewers. The voters can only judge on the submitted reels. (How sad!) Crystal Chappell in performances with Ricky P. Goldin, Robert Newman or the confrontation with parents from Emma’s school showed an Olivia at her best….full of vinegar, sarcasm, sexuality, & heart. Other scenes with Jessica Leccia were amazing.

    An actor has little control over the production values but, if that is a factor between winning or losing then, Crystal Chappell should win hands down for giving a performance of a lifetime under terrible conditions. We, the viewers, were treated to a real love story that seemed raw and very real as compared to much of what is on TV in Daytime or Primetime. GL & ATWT told good old soapy love stories, and now they are gone and going.

    James Scott, learning that Sydney was not his child was heartbreaking & did a lot to keep viewers tuned in to DOOL.

    No matter who wins, these two actors can know in their hearts that they brought it home to their audience. Congrats on a job well done!


  5. kelltwomyn says:

    I agree with the above statements..production over performance? Actually, the production of GL only enhanced the performance of Crystal Chappell. The bleakness of the graveyard complemented Olivia’s feelings when faced with losing Natalia. And the gazebo in the snow? I have never seen a more beautiful scene. I miss seeing Crystal in the natural sunlight..those spotlights on the Days set don’t do her justice.


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