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9 April 6th, 2010 TV Guide: Was OLTL too gay for America? New statement from ABC!


TV Guide Magazine in this week’s issue spotlights and examines the ongoing controversy of the abrupt and shocking ending and exit of  One Life to Live’s Kish storyline. As everyone knows by now actors, Brett Claywell, and Scott Evans last airdates are next week.  Key journalists who were interviewed for the feature included, AfterElton’s, Michael Jensen and Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens, as well as actor, Claywell, and ABC Daytime Rep, Jori Petersen.  A main contention through the report is could the same-sex wedding-athon played into the public’s turn-off of the entire gay storyline, as just to much?   Of note are some very telling excerpts from Petersen and Claywell that you can read below.

Jori Petersen on why ABC canned canned Kish:  “The Kish story did not have the appeal we hoped it would. We are going to spend our time on stories that have a more favorable reaction from our audience. We are sunsetting the storyline but Kish will remain in Llanview. The door is open.”

Brett Claywell on if the same-sex marriage shows could have turned America on Kish: “From the beginning, Scott and I were uneasy about that big gay political wedding. We were telling a slow, subtle love story about two guys who just happened to be gay. We didn’t want to make it in-your-face, which is what the wedding was. It pulled us away from what we were trying to do. We wanted to exist separately from that. It was too much and, in a way, Scott and I became the sacrificial lambs.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Claywell speaks like he has a messiahnic complex. That’s annoying, and he’s not a “sacrificial lamb”. Claywell is now comparing himself to Jesus Christ? Wow, how delusional can he get? But at least this kish melodrama w/in the melodrama is finally fizzing out.

    They kish fans are kishinitas? LOL! That’s pretty bad. So are the Nuke fans Nukettes? With all this publicity and his far better acting over Evans, Claywell should be able to secure a nom. They’re voting now right? Good timing is everything.

    And BRAVO to tvg’s Michael Logan for actually having the balls to call out Carlivati’s bad storytelling as a major factor to the kish storyline dropping in ratings and the kish axings! If Wheeler’s regime had axed Otalia, or Goutman had extricated Nuke, many soap journalists would be carrying their pitchforks and torches demanding that Goutman or Wheeler to be sent to the guillotine. So bravo to Logan for that critique! No one has critiqued Carlivati for botching up Kish and the hate crime w/ Nick and Dorian’s race to the mayor’s office by fooling the lgbtq voters that she’s a lesbian.

    And afterelton are self-satisfying hypocrites. Who the hell is Michael Jenson to speak for GAY people? Of course he makes this abt a homophobia issue.

    Jensen and his partner host this 2 gay guys running commentary and of course show preference for out actors. They’ll complain abt Jodie Foster sharing her life as a mother and speaking abt her stalker to the media, so they’ll turn that around and say if Foster can speak abt that, why doesn’t she speak abt her being allegedly a lesbian? Who the hell are they to say how Jodie Foster should lead her life. Yes celebrities will be speculated on and even outed, but she does not have to come out or talk about her sexual orientation if she chooses not to.

    And Jensen knows nothing abt soaps. They only follow soaps w/ gay characters, so his narrow perspective lends nothing to the article. At least Giddens knows his shit.

    sorry, but if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t talk.


    Mike replied

    I am glad to see that there is only one real and authoritative source on the OLTL Kish scenario. It has become clear that none of the rest of us knows what we are talking about.


  2. Jeffrey Moree says:

    This could have been a really good story for One Life to Live seems years ago they attempted this subject but shyed away from it. The only soap that comes to my mind that has had a gay male storyline for a long time has been As The World Turns so good for them for keeping a gay male couple pretty much a front burner story for a good while!!


  3. bottomchef says:

    ATWT had their moments w/ Nuke, GL had their moments w/ Otalia. And Claywell saved kish, but even Claywell admits in this interview that he had reservations abt the mass same sex marriages. Carlivati was making too political a statement w/ Dorian pretending to be a lesbian to win the lgbtq vote, Nick, a character no one cares abt being in a hate crime and then the mass same sex marriages. But none of these lgbtq arcs compare w/ AMC’s original coming out storyline for Bianca.

    If Reigel submitted this ep instead of Bianca confronting Erica abt her planting the drugs on Frankie, then maybe reigel would have beaten Finnigan. And Lucci could have won her 2nd Emmy with this scene IMO.

    I think Lucci’s fantastic in this clip. It’s so Erica Kane to make it abt her, and all of Lucci’s acting choices here are excellent like when Bianca asks when it’s going to be ok for her to have a gf, and Erica shrugs her head. Reigel’s great too, no other lgbtq char compares to Bianca.

    Dialogue is full of gems. Bianca says she wants a rel like straight people and Erica says “Bianca don’t be that way.” I LOL bec it was so realistic since many parents would actually say that! The hesitation, queasiness and “I don’t wanna hear it” attitude of Erica was so on point.

    Reigel’s delivery of the lines “it’s never gonna be ok for me to have a sexual rel, a sexual rel w/ a woman,” and “get over this gay thing” were really great. Erica saying “You have your whole life ahead of you…..” and Bianca countering “…….to meet a woman” was great dialogue. Lucci saying “You think every disagreement we have is bec of your sexual orientation, and it isn’t.” SO GREAT! And everytime Bianca throws it in Erica’s face that she’s a lesbian, Erica says “Will you please stop saying that.” So true of so many parents.

    The writing is so organic, so character driven unlike the preachy, political kish crap. Hendrickson was so great as Frankie also, w/c shows she can act when given the rt material, since her acting as Chloe is crappy on MAB’s version of Y&R. She even looks like Frances Mcdormand in some angles.

    AMC got it right. They hired a newbie w/ tremendous acting chops who could hold her own w/ La Lucci. Agnes Nixon’s writing was excellent. And it wasn’t about making a political statement. It was plain old solid soap writing at its finest. The scene I put is one of daytime’s best, if not the best.


  4. Brad says:

    I really really HATE ABC for dumping Kyle and Oliver and will NEVER watch OLTL again ever.


    tom replied

    Awwwww, got his feelings hurt. keep continue condemning yourself.


    lulmul replied

    I don’t think that’s what he was trying to get at.

    It doesn’t matter, OLTL hit new record lows with ratings after Kish and the BGW storyline, proving that Kish wasn’t actually the cause of their slope.

  5. Billy says:

    I agree with you Brad, I will never watch OLTL ever again just because of their stupidity for dumping Kish! Unless they put Kish back on the show! ;)


  6. christa lyon says:

    i agree for dumping scott evans and brett claywell and a’m still watching one life to live as soon next year come april 2011 they will bring scott evans and brett claywell as acotr of kyle leiws and oliver fish their daughter seirra rose to bring them back a’m still keep on watching oltl all way to next year to put scott evans and brett claywell on-screen and to return to the show oltl


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