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22 November 7th, 2013 TV Guide’s HOT LIST: GH’s Ava and Morgan HOT BED & The Stafford Project HOT MESS!


TV Guide Magazine unveiled their annual Hot List issue Monday night at an exclusive  party at The Emerson Theater in Los Angeles.

And today, the issue hit the newsstands which contains the editors picks in an issue that celebrates the year’s hottest television shows, stars and trends with their special mentions and categories in TVG’s list!

So who’s  smoking hot?  For starters, Michelle Stafford’s The Stafford Project  is hot!  It was the only web series picked on TVG’s list of lists! The Stafford Project gets the honor of Hot Mess!  TVG’s Michael Logan points out that Stafford, “Plays Michelle, soap star, loser in love, who inadvertently dates an assassin, gets upstaged on the job, and fends off her horny gynecologist!”

And leave it to General Hospital’s mob moll Ava Jerome, and her inability to resist the much younger Morgan Corinthos, who happens to be the son of her family’s arch enemy Sonny Corinthos, to make the hot list.  The  sizzling chemistry between Daytime Emmy winner, Maura West and GH newcomer Bryan Craig made TVG’s list under Hot Bed!  TVG’s Michael Logan relates on the choice  on Bryan Craig and Ava and Morgan’s trysts:  “He is a marvelous muddle of puppy awkwardness and testy testosterone.  It’s the scandal of Port Charles, but this was no one-night mistake.”

So do you agree with TV Guide’s choices of Ava and Michael as Hot Bed, and The Stafford Project as Hot Mess for inclusion on their 2013 Hot List?  Let us know!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I love Ava and Morgan!!!
    They are very interesting and intriguing!!

    I give praise to any woman that has the confidence to be a cougar!!

    Hey.. I would cougar all over Morgan!!!

    (men can be with women 20 years below their age and get patted on the back from their buddies for their catch!!
    I am totally 100% for ‘equal opportunity’!!!! ;)

    GO AVA !!!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Ava and Morgan have great chemistry…they should remain together!!!


    Rodd replied

    I completely agree with you. They are HOT!


    dmr replied

    I love Maura West as Ava Jerome! Ms. West has chemistry with every female and male actor on the show! Such a great addition to the cast!


    Jake NJ replied

    I totally agree…love the dynamic with the men a woman…her and Carlye are so explosive…it should be an exciting ride….so love GH!

    Mollie replied

    Maura West was fantastic as Carly on As the World Turns. I may tune into GH soon (haven’t seen it in years) just because of her…and Roger Howarth who was also on ATWT. MISS THAT SHOW !

  2. JLH says:

    I LOVE Morgan/Ava scenes–and people’s reactions to them, too, such as Diane’s “Oh, Morgan, I see you still haven’t found your shirt.”


    jake r replied

    Is it me or has Carol Hennessy aka “Diane Miller” gotten better? The lines are obviously the writers, but her delivery gets better and better. That line about the shirt got me too, as did when she first saw Morgan and said “It seems like just yesterday you were a little boy, practicing your karate whips!”


    Patrick replied

    i know, right?

    when she saw Franco shirtless….

    “I didn’t know you were “SO” healthy…” as she sauntered and sashayed her full figured cum hither


    kudos to carol Hennessy – ala the current day, ex Marion Colby, AMC
    or… Gloria (Glo herself) Judith Chapman – Y&R

  3. Manon says:

    My favorite couple right now! they sizzle together and the storyline opportunities are endless with these two – I’m seeing them developing feelings for each other already. Team Morgan/Ava all the way!


  4. Howard says:

    They have amazing chemistry together, its a very daring storyline. I worry though about characters destructing. Morgan will spirrel if rejected by his own Father as well the Jeromes, if her turns on them. Ava will spirrel if she is caught in the crossfire of being revealed as a killer which is already happening, I want Ava good—not bad!!


  5. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Anything involving Maura West (Ava, GH; ex-Carly, ATWT) is destined to be great, hot and steamy! The girl can act her ass off! So I’m not surprised she made the list!


  6. LucyT says:

    Go Maura !She is magnificent any time she is on screen.Ava and Morgan,how could that not be HOT!?


  7. H Parson says:

    I totally agree with Michelle Stafford’s – The Stafford Project – being a HOT MESS !!!

    If MS thinks this venture will get her a Prime Time gig, she needs to think again.


    lauraK replied

    Looks like her hot mess of a show got her into a mainstream magazine so she is doing something right. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the series seems to be catching the attention of some people that matter. Good for her! At least she is trying to step out of the box,


    H Parson replied

    When Michelle Stafford reads the “mainstream magazine” says her project is a HOT MESS, I doubt she’ll be jumping for joy.

    lauraK replied

    From what I have seen on Twitter, FB and Instagram, she is THRILLED. She had photos from the TV Guide party that she and producers went to on twitter and Instagram. She also shared screen shots from the photo spread in TV Guide.

    davleestev replied

    Ummm what you two don’t understand is that you have to be a bit more savvy in reading the Article before posting your comments. It’s a Hot show with a Hot Mess character. Because so much happens to her. Ya see how that works???

    H Parson replied

    You’re right, davleestev .. :)

    I misread the article .. :(

    That said – The Stafford Project – is not my cup of tea .. so, I still think it’s a hot mess.


  8. MBmomof3 says:

    Love the Ava/Morgan affair. I’m a fan. And yes, they are totally hot!

    Congrats to Michelle Stafford. Loved her as Phyllis and miss her on Y&R. Haven’t caught her web series and probably won’t. But happy for her success.


    H Parson replied

    I miss Michelle Stafford too.

    “Phyllis” was one of my favourite characters.


  9. Patrick says:

    “…It’s the scandal of Port Charles, but this was no one-night mistake.”

    Ava and Morgan!

    hip hip hooray. why not… it’s unmistakable – no denying… feast for the fodder… stimuli
    that triggers your goodies


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