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34 December 13th, 2016 TV Insider Names Best In Soaps 2016: B&B Top Drama Series, DAYS Flynn and Reeves, GH’s Budig & Y&R’s Burton Take Acting Honors!


It’s that time of year again when all of the soap pundits and entertainment sites roll out their 2016 “Best Of” lists (On-Air On-Soaps will reveal our annual “Best and Worst Of 2016″ lists closer to New Years Eve).

First up though is TV Insider’s Michael Logan, who has made his picks and his feature was posted online on Tuesday. In it, CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful was named “Best Soap of 2016″ citing,”It continues to be daytime’s kickiest treat, luring us with corporate scandal and high-stakes emotions … and delivering the kind of jaw-dropping, tune-in-tomorrow moments that leave fans downright giddy. ”

For the Best Actor and Actress of 2016, two stars of NBC’s Days of our Lives got the nod. The recognition for Best Actor went to Billy Flynn for his performances as Chad DiMera,”who was at war with his own toxic legacy and barely keeping it together as he mourned the sudden death of his wife and battled for custody of their child.”


For Lead Actress that went to enduring star, Melissa Reeves. Logan noted: “Many in soaps have played addiction stories, delicacy, nuance and bone-deep sadness than Reeves, whose sweetheart character, Jennifer Horton, descended into a living hell of painkillers and depression. ”

For Best Supporting Actor, it was departing Y&R star, Steve Burton who was named for his “year-end work as Dylan McAvoy, the hapless victim of a baby switch, was so subtly crafted and achingly poignant it can be summed up in just one word: perfection”. 

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For Best Supporting Actress that was given to General Hospital’s Rebecca Budig (Hayden) who “went from Port Charles pariah to romantic heroine in a fizzy, sexy transformation that’s simply intoxicating. Even Tracy Q (Jane Elliot), the town curmudgeon who pretty much hates everything and everybody, loves Hayden. ”

And for Best Guest Star that went to Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, wno was acknowledged for her turn as Neil Winters dying alcholic mother on The Young and the Restless.

So, what did you think of TV Insider’s picks?  Do you think B&B was the Best Soap of the Year?  Happy to hear about Billy Flynn, Melissa Reeves, Steve Burton and Rebecca Budig being recognized for their work? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. aria says:

    everyone is entitle to their opinion no ones opinion is more right or wrong then anyone else, i don’t watch DOOL or YR so i can’t speak to their actors performance and storylines, although i am familiar w/ Steve Burton from GH, and even though i donlt really like the jason character he always delivered, evethought some fans mock his “stone cold” performance i always appreicated his subtle low key performance. As for BB as best soap, again i would know, i do know i love My GH and that it keeps me tuning in everyday. So viva GH!…..


  2. Robyn says:

    Love Rebecca Budig recognized for her role as Hayden!! Hayden is a complicated gal with many layers and Rebecca brought her to life.She’s an awesome actress who can play off anyone and just clicks with whomever she shares a scene. She’s always been so gracious and supportive of her co-stars so it’s nice to see her recognized for her talent!! Love Her and GH is lucky to have her!!!


    Lois replied

    Happy for her! But darn it Michael Easton deserved an honor too! He has been killing it as Dr Hamilton Finn! When is he going to be recognized!


    Celia replied

    I agree Lois. The Finn/Hayden story is what’s keeping me enthralled; with Kiki and Dillon close behind. And, Michael never misses a beat….he is duperlative….and, sexy!!
    Finally, we are beginning to see the ‘developmrnt’ of a cure, thanks to Roxie. Funny, that, since Jimh and I were jokingly going back and forth as to the reason of a pet lizard. I humorously said the lizard’s venom was the cure…….farfetched at the time…..but, close. Is it the shedded skin?
    I think Michael Easton, Billy Flynn are tops in my book….and Rob Wilson (DOOL) as supporting actor.

    Celia replied

    PS. I just wonder how ‘best’ and ‘supporting’ are chosen. I would not like to think politics would be involved, albeit it would not surprise me.

    Timmm replied

    Finn is ten times better than Silas but Michael has limited range.

    red replied

    I agree. I am so happy to see budig recognized and am bummed that easton isnt getting more credit as it totally deserves it. Finchel right now for me is the brightest spot on the canvas and they are the best new characters to be added to the show probably since jerry jax(I dont count the oltl 3 as they already existed) though valentin and curtis are a close 2nd and 3rd.


  3. Celia says:

    Billy Flynn all the way….I knew it from his first appearance on stage that this actor had it going!!!!!! Soooo happy for him and myself. LOL. I predicted his nomination.
    However, I am really surprised and mostly disappointed Rob Wilson wasn’t nominated….
    Melissa Reeves?? Really?? I don’t know…but, who am I to judge. Congrats, anyway.
    Very happy for Rebecca Budig….forever a fan.
    Steve Burton did not impress me for the longest time….but, I came to appreciate his talent at the end of his run as Dylan.
    Congrats to all.


    rocky83 replied

    B&B best, SERIOUSLY ?!!! If u like cheesy I guess. GH as uusual MOST entertaining of them all, PEROID !


    Celia replied

    I don’t even watch B&B, rocky…, I think your post was meant for someone else? LOL.

  4. Mary SF says:

    Considering how bad Days, GH and Y&R was for most 2016– B&B wins pretty much by default– LOL


  5. Ray says:

    This list made me feel great. I love that Melissa Reeves is finally getting the attention she deserves. Billy Flynn has taken the main leading man role on DOOL , a role that has been missing since James Scott left the show. I am thrilled B&B won for best show. Steve Burton could read the phone book pages and make it sound great.


  6. Katia says:

    Ugh to Rebecca Budig’s character. Sorry no like.


  7. Patrick says:

    ABSOLUTELY…. no way… not possible

    “…Rebecca Budig (Hayden) who “went from Port Charles pariah to romantic heroine in a fizzy, sexy transformation that’s simply intoxicating. ”

    she’s down for the count


    Newmanwins replied

    Absolutely…yes way…very possible.

    Budig is great as Hayden…Accept it.


    red replied

    I honestly dont get why the liz fans hate her so much. pet this and pet that. same could be said about bringing on nathan or nina or ava or julian. – shes no more of a pet than they are. I think they like that a sister made liz relevant again but they hate that hayden made liz more intersting not the other way around. if they had made hayden a distant q through celia or some relation to skye she would have been every bit as interesting. Liz however needed family to bounce off of and not one person they have brought on has worked. suddenly I not only am curious to see what will happen with liz and hayden, I want to see which sister jeff sarah and steve will bond best with at the end of the day.


  8. Rose says:

    I don’t watch Days so can’t really comment on this soap or it’s actors. Except to note that from reading MF it certainly has it’s loyal fans, most of whom seem to feel it’s had better “days.”

    Of the remaining three I am most loyal to GH, but it had a very dark year. Surprised Nancy/Alexis didn’t receive Best Actress 2016. What a year she has had, and it’s not over yet. Happy for Rebecca since once she got “settled” into Port Charles I really like Hayden.

    Y&R seemed to take a long, drawn out time to tell the baby Christian/Sully/Sharon, as well as the Victor in and out of jail stories.

    So as Mary SF says, B&B “wins by default” for me, too. And that’s saying a lot about the perpetual love triangle show except that I enjoyed the Quinn/Liam story. It’s probably the only time I was curious about the Liam character who is boring for me, not the girl catching magnet that Steffy, Hope, etc seem to be drawn to. And I love Rena/Quinn. But I have felt the same towards her since her GH days. And even her appearance on NCIS as a lawyer.

    Looking forward to the New Year with more upbeat, clever stories. Just so glad they are still with us.


    nancy dillingham replied

    Hey, I’m down for Genie Francis win–she has seamlessly transformed Laura BUT in the best way possible, still keeping her essence but with a dignity and grace–and I’m seeing that impish, ageless humor of Laura’s creepng in (saw it today as she went for her interview for the hospital board member AND as she “went” for Kevin in their declarations of love–and that kiss, that kiss. She looked FABUlOUS today! My vote goes to Genie–and kudos to Jon for his getting on board in the most enthusiastic way. Now if TPTB would only give them more screen time. One can dream, right?


  9. Jamesj75 says:

    Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction: i.e., Burton winning an award for acting…


    Celia replied

    Hi, James,
    I certainly follow your sentiment. But, I do tend to agree with Timmm.
    Before Y&R, I had no clue who Steve Burton was….nor, was I familiar with his acting skills.
    I must confess that I was not impressed. His robotic, expressionless acting, completely, turned me off.
    However, these last performances, pertaining to his anguish of losing “Sully”/Christian , really hit my emotional spot. I saw the human side of Dylan/Steve?

    Happy Holidays, my friend.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Hi Celia! Thanks for your reply! Very fair assessment. I am basing my opinion largely on his work on GH, which seems similar to his early work on Y&R. So perhaps he showed some growth as an actor in the latter role. Admittedly, I haven’t been a regular Y&R viewer in recent months.

    Happy Holidays to you as well, Friend!

  10. Newmanwins says:

    Other than the wonderful sparkplug Rebecca Budig…who’s turned Hayden Cassadine into a favorite of mine since waking up from the coma….everything else on Logan’s list is so messed up.

    GH was the only halfway good soap on the air in 2016…should’ve been named best drama without question…will be proven at the Emmy awards this spring. B&B does not do anything but recycle everything to death… this was the worst example yet in 2016…isn’t about time to admit they are creatively bankrupt…how long does being a nutty wacky farce continue to get a pass with the soap pundits…and when it comes to overall acting ensemble GH leaves B&B in the dust any day of the week

    Melissa Reeves for lead actress over Laura Wright, Nancy Lee Grahn and Finola Hughes? Utterly Ridiculous!!!!!

    Loving them or hating them really shouldn’t matter…but Eric Braeden and Maurice Benard are the only choices for lead actor for 2016…with Justin Hartley as a sleeper pick for being one of the few saving graces of Y&R in the past year.

    Supporting actor…Steve Burton?….No freaking way! Richard Burgi had many amazing performances for the entire year…should be a lock to win the Emmy award if he’s chooses to enter the race.

    Rebecca Budig for Supporting actress is right on the money…she still pops off the screen and sizzles like a flame like she has always done…cue the incoming predictable complaining and conspiracy theories from the vocal minority.


    Patrick replied

    this is all a moot point.. save for the incredible presence of Billy Flynn’ Chad DiMera @Days of OUR Lives.

    BECAUSE – I would like to thank the Soap Gods… that

    @GH – Maurice Benard and Laura Wright characterless do not merit. big YES

    Sonny and Carly are wasting GH. SO are Jason and Sam and Hayden and Finn

    Hayden is not convincing as she thinks she is… even if… she has some bloodline… DO NOT EXPECT to see Hayden and Liz bonding… this may be the prop of all prop… damned the audience ! Frank Valentini is propping Hadyen with the uber talent Tracy… and the relative newbie character Finn… IN HOPES of Hayden catching on…. the double dose of what? koolaid drugs etc….

    Finn and Hayden have no spark… they will forever have an asterick by their character. lame and uninteresting


  11. Violet Lemm says:

    I agree with most of Mr. Logan’s pics. I watch all four shows and love GH and love Rebecca from GL and AMC also. Steve Burton , another favorite, but much preferred him on GH. I adore B&B, but was surprised there were no picks from it. Also, big fan of DOOL and Billy Flynn. Sorry, but there were quite a few other lead actresses that I felt were more deserving, i.e Jane Elliot, Jen Lilley, Rena Soffer to name a few.


  12. Mo says:

    I watch B&B, Y&R, and Days and I agree that B&B is the best soap.

    Don’t know about Nichelle for best guest star. She did a good job, but it was very short. I guess that is definition of guest.


  13. Timmm says:

    Burton CAN be a good actor if he is given proper material. Dylan was and always will be a bust!

    Rebecca is great as Hayden. “Fans” love to ride her ass but to me that says she is doing a good job and can really act!

    Ms. Nichols was fabulous as Neil’s mother!

    Best soap, probably was B&B.


  14. Jo ramsey says:

    Don’t like B&B as best pick. They just have the same story line over and over, Ridge and Brooke the two brothers fighting over the same woman. CONSTANLY!! Young and the Restless has new and interesting story lines all the time. You care about their characters.


  15. blake says:

    those actor wins are a bit strange. Chad from Days I could see, but the others???


    Celia replied

    Right? I’m with you, blake…..well, except for Rebecca B…..LOL.


  16. Dan says:

    I can’t speak for the other soaps, since I only watch GH. No disrespect to Rebecca Budig, but on a show with names like Laura Wright, Maura West, Finola Hughes, Nancy Lee Grahn, Jane Elliot, and so on, Budig isn’t exactly the first name I would think of if I wanted to recognize a great actress on GH this year.

    Hayden is one of the characters on the show that just happens to do absolutely nothing for me. I don’t like the way they shoe horned her into a prominent role as Elizabeth’s sister to give her a connection in Port Charles.


  17. Alan says:


    TV Insider and I must be watching completely different versions of Y&R and GH…


  18. stevie g says:

    Bold and the Beautiful as best soap? Really? Does the person chosing actually watch it? Whenever I do they are always talking about the same thing. There’s no real character development, just ever developing musical chairs in the love triangle department. IMO, for years now, its been the worst soap ever. But I wholeheartidly agree about Billy Flynn and Mellissa Reeves, absolutely compelling, love their work so much. Also Steve Burton, although we are about 5 or 6 months behind in Aus, I can imagine whats about to happen for his character Dylan, after the baby reveal. Don’t get GH in Aus, so can’t comment on the last nom.


  19. clb says:

    Best Soap: Should Win/Will Win – GH (Includes 2016 WGA Nomination)
    Best Actor: Should Win Benard (GH), Will Win Flynn (DOOL) or Justin Hartley, (Y&R)
    Best Actress: Should Win Nancy Lee Grahn (GH); Will Win: Laura Wright (GH)
    Supporting Actress: Should Win Rebecca Budig (GH); Will Win Melissa Reeves (DOOL)
    Supporting Actor: Should/Will Win Dominic Zamprogna (GH)
    Younger Actor: Should Win/Will Win Again Bryan Craig (GH)
    Younger Actress: Should Win/Will Win Marci Miller (DOOL)


  20. Priscilla Kennedy says:

    I can’t agree with B & B, because they haven’t written a new storyline in years. Between that and the flashbacks, the writers have little to do. Even the dialogue is the same, as though they dusted off an old script, plugged in Steffy for Hope and called it good. The one highlight on this show is Rena Sofer, who is an acting goddess. She is worth watching the repeats for.

    GH has crazy plots sometimes, but over all has the best couples, intrigue and drama.

    Y & R is boring me to tears. I am trying to stay with it and give these new writers a chance, but so far, it’s not entertaining. The couples have no conflict. Really the only drama right now is Jack/Billy.

    Days…I try but most days I ff through quite a bit of it. The storylines just seem stale, old-school. And don’t get me started on the sets and wardrobe. The one storyline I like is Nicole and am looking forward to her becoming a mom!!


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