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8 February 13th, 2014 TVGN To Air Same Day Episodes Of The Bold and The Beautiful!


Beginning this Monday, February 17th, TVGN will air same day episodes of television’s most-watched daytime drama series in the world, The Bold and the Beautiful, every weeknight at 6:30 PM, ET/PT.

B&B’s encore airing on TVGN immediately precedes TVGN’s encore airings of The Young and the Restless weekdays at 7:00 PM, ET/PT).

Previously, The Bold and the Beautiful was airing episodes on TVGN a day behind the same day new episodes on CBS, but had in its Sunday programming block,  a week’s worth of episodes that included the Friday CBS broadcast.

Are you getting your extra fix of The Bold and the Beautiful at night’s on TVGN?  Let us know!




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  1. Lia says:

    I sure am, and love it. Thanks TVGN. :)


  2. Lew S. says:

    This show is getting so crazy!!! I do like how they utilize their veterans and connect the young folks to established families.


  3. wolfsmistress says:

    Showing B&B at the same time as most local and network stations are airing their local or national news isn’t the brightest time for TVGN to air the program.

    If one has DVR they can record the show during the original airing, or if it’s pre-empted by snow reports or something like that, then the showing of it on TVGN will be good, but again, it will probably be DVR’d more than anything since it’s at 6:30 p.m.

    Glad to know it’s going to be on, though. Will really come in handy during election years, bad weather and such…

    Now we just need to get GH and Days on TVGN as well…


  4. Mo says:

    Good. Finally.


  5. cj (jo) says:

    Yes, I am loving Bold, lots of new characters, an expanding talented cast has been a boost.
    Sadly, Y&R lost me after years of watching with my Mommy and Granny. Says a lot about something going awry there. Really a shame. The Bold rocks!
    Good news!


  6. MBmomof3 says:

    Happy for the BB fans. Wish I got TVGN. Its not on ATT Uverse.


  7. Ann says:

    No TVGN, have ATT U-verse. Hint Hint


  8. Shirlean says:

    Will bold n beautiful show today


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