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25 November 21st, 2013 TVGN To Become The Exclusive Cable Home of The Bold and the Beautiful!


Looks like TVGN (TV Guide Network) is becoming your cable soap connection!  After the cablers previously acquisition of The Young and the Restless, which debuted this past summer, now comes news that TVGN will also become the exclusive cable home to television’s most watched daytime drama series in the world, The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), starting on Monday, December 2.

TVGN will encore the prior day’s B&B episode weekdays at 6:30 PM ET/PT, immediately preceding TVGN’s encore airings of The Young and the Restless (weekdays at 7:00 PM ET/PT). In addition, fans can catch-up on all five of the prior week’s most recent episodes on TVGN every Sunday from 11:00 AM ET/PT—1:30 PM ET/PT starting on December 8.

The Bold and the Beautiful has been one of the most popular daytime dramas on television for more than two decades and now, for the first time ever, the series will be making its cable TV debut, giving loyal viewers more opportunities to catch-up on their favorite show,”  said Brad Schwartz, President, Entertainment and Media, TVGN.  The Young and the Restless has made TVGN one of the top female networks in the country, weekdays at 7pm.  It only made sense to give B&B fans what they’ve been demanding from us.”

“I am looking forward to a successful partnership with TVGN,” said Bradley Bell, Executive Producer and Head Writer of The Bold and the Beautiful. “Our fans have asked us for an opportunity to watch a second run. I’m delighted that we will now be able to fulfill that desire with such an esteemed cable network.”

So what do you think about B&B finally having a cable television home?  What do you think about TVGN’s soap line-up?  Comment below!

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  1. robert says:

    Love it. There is news preemptions a lot where I live. So now if I miss it during the day, I will watch it at night.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    All 4 soaps should be shown here…and the two reboots.


    SZima replied

    That would be great except for those who don’t get TVGN. My cable company doesn’t carry it for some reason.
    I wish all the soaps were available “On Demand”!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wish that too…when i miss an episode of GH id sometimes watch it On Demand…which will be my only source once Soapnet ends…sometimes i do find it on utube. But id rather watch On Demand when i have to…

  3. carla says:

    Awesome news.Finally a network who understands there is an audience for soap operas.


  4. Beverly says:

    I think it is great news. Now if I happen to miss both of those soaps I can watch them that evening on TVGN.


  5. john says:

    I don’t see a cable outlet for GH unfortunately since all of Disney’s are kid oriented.
    ComcastNBCU have alot of outlets to put DAYS on if they choose.


  6. Kelly says:

    Don’t watch either and of course TVGN is a CBS sibling so we won’t be seeing GH or DOOL on that channel which is a bummer.


  7. moshane58 says:

    I can only hope GH and Days will make it there to since the idiots at ABC/Disney is shutting down soapnet. All the old shows of the soaps will be gone..Not downloading anything from ABC. Wasn’t for GH I would never turn on ABC anymore…


    MBmomof3 replied

    Me too. As a longtime Soapnet viewer I’m so disappointed (yet again) with ABC/D. My ATT Uverse doesn’t carry TVGN, but I’m happy for soap fans who have access.


  8. su0000 says:

    Y&R and BB are the most watched daytime drama series in the world, yes the world, the 2 soaps are shown in 34 countries (GH in USA and Canada, only)

    BB a Y&R can now be seen during the evening and most the day Saturday on cable TVGN.
    GH is shown an hour once a week on a bad time-slot..

    Y&R and BB, no matter how awful Y&R is, it will always be #1 because of marketing ..


  9. Jenny Brooks says:

    I think that’s great! Now let them get GH and Days also…especially considering SoapNet is going away!


  10. Michael says:

    I hope they pick up Days


  11. su0000 says:

    IF, GH were to be shown during the evening, it would rule the soap world..

    Now, Y&R and BB is aired on network TV daytime and also cable TV evenings, and cable Saturday..

    Both are not the best soaps, no matter how many viewers they get.. GH is the best soap but does not have the means to be watch on cable during the evening and Saturdays nor through out the world..

    I wish ABC would run GH on one of their affiliated Cable networks during the evening..


    Elhu replied

    I would love TVGN to also pick up GH, now that SoapNet will be gone as of 12/31/13, but I am not so sure that will happen, since TVGN is affiliated with CBS, so I it is unlikely that they would want to promote a soap from ABC, but I can still hope!


  12. Jen says:

    Please get General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives on TVGN TOO since we wont get Soapnet no more


  13. ronald mikell says:

    yes please since soapnet will leave on dec. 31, please add nbc DAYS OF OUR LIVES, soap to ur line up I watch days every day so please consider it ty


  14. Traci Debra says:

    I think that is great but I would love to see B&B for 1 hour instead of only 1/2 hour. I am a new viewer and just fell in love with all the characters. I would only hope that 1/2 would change to a hour of the show.

    Thank you,



    4everDAYS replied

    I would love B&B to expand to a full hour also, but for a completely different reason.


  15. dzzdee says:

    perhaps they can bring OLTL one life to live, and All My Children.. now that would be worth tuning into!


  16. fuzz42 says:

    Why not show the current or same day show like Y&R does. I don’t want to see the prior days show. That makes it confusing.


  17. ronald mikell says:

    I have watched days of our lives on the soapnet ch. 4 for can’tthey put days of our lives on the tvgn for us daysoap fans please ty


  18. Days fan since 1983 says:

    Come on TVGN. Bring on DOOL and GH to your line up. Your ratings will outshine all the others.


  19. Dorothy says:

    Since soapnet cancell their network, Please add General Hospital to your listing broadcasting on TVGN. When I miss General hospital during the day I like to watch it at night. I am sure your rating will out shine.


  20. Janisse Gass says:

    Wondering Why At&T uverse is not sharing when the Bold and Beautiful would be on a different Chanel ? Fingers crossed
    Thanking you in advance,


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