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11 March 1st, 2012 Twilight’s Ashley Greene & Without A Trace’s Anthony LaPaglia cast in new primetime soap pilot, Americana!

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ABC continues its new trend of beefing up its primetime lineup for the fall season with new soaps!  The previously announced Americana pilot now has some stars attached to its cast.   The female lead of the series will be played by Twilight co-star Ashley Greene who will work opposite former Without a Trace star, Anthony LaPaglia!

According to “Americana is a soap about a famous fashion industry clan. It centers on iconic fashion designer Robert Soulter (Anthony LaPaglia), the patriarch of a sprawling family who just welcomed a new member, Alice Clarke (Greene), a young designer whose shocking arrival turns the family and the legendary label inside out.


Playing a character named Alice won’t be new for Greene, best known for her role as Alice Cullen in the blockbuster Twilight franchise. Americana reunites the actress with ABC where she recurred on Pan Am this season.”

So has ABC taken part of its play book here from afternoon fashion house sudser, The Bold and the Beautiful? Stay tuned!

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  1. Heather says:

    These things that ABC calls “soaps” are not by any means soap operas or telenovelas. They’re just ABC’s version of what are known on other networks as “dramas”.

    I find it hilarious that ABC has to refer to dramas as “soaps” coincidentally after they axed All My Children and One Life to Live.


    barbara t replied

    your right ,they dont want anyone believing that abc/disney are soap killers so there making themselves look good by calling them soaps.they want us to tune in ,there are other dramas on other networks I will watch them before I ever watch what abc is selling.brothers and sisters was a great prime time drama ,why did they give that show the ax? they do get rid of shows quickly.I remember reading that the creaters of lost wanted one more year and abc/disney said no,boston legal had the ratings ,they killed that ,and I loved v, the season ending was good wanted to see more ,for months they stalled ,but cancelled that show to ,so whether abc/dinsey calls them soaps or dramas ,this viewer is wise to there stupid programming day time and prime time ,I watch general hospital thats it ,never again will I get pulled into mickey mouses fantasy world,that way goofy or who ever runs abc/disney cant make shows that I care about disappear,I will be the one in charge.


  2. Andrea D says:

    I don’t care who they put on them, I am not watching!


  3. cathy trinque says:

    ABC just wants us soapers to forget our daily soaps. No way, ABC!!! I won’t watch anything on your network except GH. So forget it your ratings are falling day and night!!!!!
    Anne Sweeney should have been a teacher!


  4. Nancy M says:

    It wouldn’t matter what they put on the air, they SUCK. (ABC)


  5. Nancy Wizner says:

    This all sounds very interesting and I love Ashley Greene. However, I’m still not a fan of ABC. They are not very honest people and to me that is NOT good business. So I’m sorry ABC, I won’t be watching even if Frons is gone. Other stations have excellent shows too.


  6. Iakovos says:

    I remain wary of ABC, too. I never really forgave the web for how they treated ONCE AND AGAIN a decade ago. All nets seem so trigger happy about their products. Whatever!

    AMERICANA sounds promising. It is ironic primetime serialized drama gets love here when daytime warhorses, so beloved, are disregarded.

    Let’s hope AMERICANA’s creators avoid B&B’s formula, otherwise we’d have a cast of eight in the same family gingerly repeating the same stale storylines and commiting near-incest over and over. Ugh!


    barbara t replied

    once and again,refresh my memory.


    Iakovos replied

    Hey babara t,

    ONCE AND AGAIN starred Sela Ward (emmy winner) and Billy Campbell as divorced people who find love. The series over two full and abbreviated third seasons (1999-2002 ?) followed the trajectory of the relationship and how it affected their exes, children, families… who often had their own strong storylines. It was from the creators of THIRTYSOMETHING. The first two seasons are on DVD sets. The third season has yet to be released. IMHO, despite the pedigree and quality of the program, ABC did not nurture it to its fullest ability. It was a winner.

    barbara t replied

    didnt reply to you ,look for my post ,again,thanks.


  7. barbara t says:

    I knew it ,I love sela ward ,anything that she is in,thats what I thought you were talking about,you confused me when you said the web,thanks.


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