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7 November 9th, 2011 Ty Treadway & Meghann Fahy return to One Life to Live!

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More returns as One Life to Life wraps its shooting schedule over the next week and a half! According to ABC Soaps In Depth,  “Ty Treadway (ex-Colin/Troy) was on the set today taping scenes, and Meghann Fahy has also been spotted on the set as Hannah, the crazy teenager who forced Starr to bury James alive. Although it is not clear which twin Treadway will be playing, both Troy and Hannah are locked up behind bars… as are Catherine Hickland’s Lindsay and Van Hughes’ Cole Thornhart.”

So might there be a prison break ahead?  Stay tuned!

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  1. My2Cents says:

    LOTS of good stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks! That is right, weeks.
    The show is all but done taping next week, rumor flying that TSJ is coming back as well for the end. Not sure if that is real or ghost life, or with oltl who knows, they are known for their wacky storylines. Either way, good times ahead.


  2. Blake says:

    So glad all of these people from the past coming back before the end. And glad Trevor seems to be coming back as Victor also!


  3. Brian Greene says:

    I’ll Be Super-Glad To See Ty Treadway Again As At Least 1 Of The McGiver Twins–Yes! :)


  4. lisa says:

    Let me say I LOVE OLTL.
    But I don`t really give a crap about people who have long been off the show.
    I don`t see the point in bringing them back.
    Disappointed that Brandon Buddy won`t be reprising the role of Cole Thornhart as planned. Why bother with a new actor in the role if Kristen (Starr ) isn`t signing on with PP.
    And most of all OLTL shouldn`t have soiled the character of Marty Saybrooke the way they did….and then let Susan Haskell go.
    Marty is such an integral part of Todd`s history – she should be here.
    Sad and disappointing.
    I`m glad that TSJ is rumored to be returning before the end though.


  5. Torrey says:

    Just saw that David Gregory aka Robert Ford will not be joining OLTL once it moves online in January. This is quite possibly the best news I’ve gotten in a while….Sorry, but I am so sick of the Ford brothers. I hope that Nate and James follow their brother, wherever he goes….I smell an opportunity for an accidental death…..LOL


  6. ethel says:

    i am absolutely thrilled that ty is coming back!!


  7. kay killgore says:

    Ok, just exactly why are they not bringing back the character of Max Holden? Much better actor then these two that is why I quit watching again, they are digging characters out of the basement. But no Max!


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