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11 April 28th, 2011 Tyler Christopher announces his last airdate on GH!

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Tyler Christopher has announced via his twitter that his last appearance as General Hospital as Nikolas will be next month.

Tyler stated, “Just got word my last day is May 19th. I’ll post a farewell blog soon.”  To keep up with the star checkout his blog here.

Are you going to miss Tyler? How do you think the show will write-off the Prince?

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  1. Janelle says:

    He will find out that Aiden is Lucky’s, be sad and take Spencer and leave. Predictable. No closure. Typical Guza style! Useless. I will miss you, Tyler. This show is taking a huge loss by letting you go! Yet another epic mistake in the endless saga of Guza mistakes!


  2. leah says:

    i hope that the Disney rat grow a conscious. And stops being a rat bastard.. Poor Walt is spinning in his grave. Tyler i love you.. wish u well..


  3. Ellen says:

    You and your immense talent will be sorely missed on the GH canvas Tyler. I wish you all the best with your primetime endeavor, and I look forward to seeing it.


  4. dominicsmythe says:

    Tyler and his character Nikolas have lost their luster. As with GH in general it has a lot to do with bad writing. I’m not sorry to see Tyler go. I think Vanessa, Maurice, Kimberly, Becky, Tony and Jonathan need to be the last men standing. Stick to long-standing characters and fan-favorites. Let Carly and Jax end up together and Brenda and Sonny. Scrubs needs to end up together as well. I’d love to see Luke and Laura, but that seems unlikely. GH should cater to diehard fans as it goes out.


  5. lisa says:

    sorry to see Tyler go….just another casualty.
    Unlikely you will see a Luke and Laura reunion – as Y & R has snapped up Genie Francis…..and good for them !!


  6. ok says:

    strange looking.


  7. Heidi says:

    It’s a huge mistake! He will be missed! They haven’t been writing well for him.


  8. cl says:

    You will be missed dearly…yet another move by the crappy GH writers. Love you Tyler


  9. Doe says:

    It is too bad that the writers couldn’t fit Tyler into a story,except for Luke’s intervention. I haven’t seen Nikolas really do anything of importance for a long time. The baby boy he thought was his but really is Lucky’s has gone on too long and Elizabeth definitely should tell Lucky. Then there would no longer be the Nikolas/Elizabeth connection. Right now he should be wrirren off. I’m not attached to Nikolas because of any story he has been given. Knowing the writers, they can pop him in at anytime, though. i wish him good luck …..


  10. Gina says:

    Tyler is one of my favorite actors. GH are a bunch of fools for letting him go. But maybe this will work to his advantage because GH is nothing but a sinking ship who I wish someone would put out of its misery. Good Luck to you Tyler in all your endeavors you are an excellent actor and I know some other soap will snap you up in a NY minute. Good luck with the blog it is hilarious. Your last day at GH is my last day watching. Best of everything to you.


  11. Anna says:

    Tyler GH will not be the same!!! I will miss ya. Good luck i will be watching for other work with you in it!!!


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