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32 September 17th, 2016 Tyler Christopher, Jason Thompson & Vanessa Marcil Stand Up For Kimberly McCullough’s “Hey Day” As John Stamos Preps Same-Themed 80′s Soap Drama!


Over the last few days, social media has been abuzz when the news was announced that John Stamos (Ex-Blackie, GH) has a new dramatic television series in the works alongside his producing partners, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.  The concept is said to be loosely based on Stamos’ early days on General Hospital, when he was just 18 years old, and said to be told through the eyes of a young man thrust into sudden stardom, as he deals with the temptations of sex, drugs, and fame in Hollywood in the decadent 80′s.

When news of this item hit Twitter, fans of GH favorite Kimberly McCullough (Robin), and a few of her former co-stars became outraged, because this concept for the Stamos’ series sounds exactly like the “Hey Day” project McCullough has been working on bringing to life, which is based on her days as a young actress working on a network soap in the decadent 80′s.

In fact, On-Air On-Soaps even attended a reading of the script sometime ago that was produced in conjunction with former GH star, Tyler Christopher (Ex-Nikolas).  Both Christopher and Jason Thompson (Billy, Y&R and ex-Patrick, GH) played parts in the reading as well, so they are very familiar with McCullough’s material and vision.

On Friday, Tyler Christopher tweeted: “Let’s get #heyday trending. @whitewatercrew put her whole life into this story. U want a series that tells the truth? #Heyday”

On Thursday, Jason Thompson after seeing the item on Stamos’ upcoming soapy project sent out this tweet:  “Oh you mean @whitewatercrew ‘s #HeyDay? Little to familiar if you ask me..”

On Friday, Vanessa Marcil (Ex-Brenda) took a different tact, asking Stamos to reach out to McCullough:  “I know John will be happy to chat about this!!!!! @JohnStamos holla at your girl @whitewatercrew #Daytimeroyalty”

Former AMC and Y&R star Cady McClain, even joined in on Twitter on Saturday adding, “I saw #HeyDay pitch pilot and it’s SO awesome. @JohnStamos Holla at your girl! #daytimeroyalty #teamup #powerhouse @whitewatercrew”

Awhile back, McCullough shared with her followers and friends this video of her “Hey Day” passion project as well. Check it out again after the jump. Then share your thoughts and the show of support witnessed on social media for Kimberly in the comment section below.

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  1. davlestev1 says:

    hee..hee…old school style soap smack down..this could prove to be more entertaining than either actual idea..soap twitter wars..bring it on..holla!!!


  2. Livvie says:

    He’s pretty much stolen Kim’s idea and isn’t even bothered about it. There’s no way that he isn’t aware of her idea as she’s gotten a fair amount of press for it and has been working on it for YEARS. People have been tagging him in twitter posts since the news came out that he was “working” on the idea. Shame on John Stamos. If he is any kind of decent man he will reach out to Kim.


    su0000 replied

    Why would John Stamos be informed of anything Kim is doing.
    Not everyone knows of Kim’s idea..

    No shame for John..
    Now, its a race lol ..

    Kim has been working on hers for years, not his fault she hasn’t got it up and running..
    Seems he is ready to go/ahead of her ..


    Aaa replied

    He follows her on twitter… although I think that may be a recent thing. He’s aware of the stink being made at least.

    Beach Dreamer replied

    He was fully aware of the project because people were sending tweets out saying he should be part of the cast. Hey Day has a name, a cast, a director AND writer. Those have been in place since 2014. Careful Su, your KMc bias is sticking out. ;)

    Babs replied

    LMAO….I’m shocked at your reply.

    su0000 replied

    Stamos ==
    Full House – starred in a #1 TV series and became famous.
    And- ER as Dr. Tony Gates.
    And executive producer of the Netflix series Fuller House
    In many TV shows, and 9 or more movies
    and on it goes
    John ”started” his known fame in GH, a soap
    He wants to tell his rise to fame. and his soap days.
    And John is executive producer of a Netflix series, so yah can see him wanting to produce his story, same as Kim wants too. No problem.

    When the name John Stomas is said most all know of him
    When the name Kimberly McCullough is said, mainly GH fans know of her.

    Point is; their stories would be quite different.
    So, each should tell their story..
    Both Kim and John have their story to tell.. Both have their idea as how to tell them.
    It’s no big deal.

    Barbara replied

    I agree I never even heard of Kim’s project before but I knew about John’s

  3. Lisa says:

    Kimberly and Hey Day all the way ….this has been in the works for quite some time.

    John Stamos “project” just reading about this now in this article.


  4. joann says:

    talk to Kim it is the right thing to do.


  5. su0000 says:

    Thing is-
    Neither own the idea.
    They both want tell their story of their soap days.
    The race is on as to which will complete their project and bring it to screen..

    Nothing like competition to get it rolling !


  6. Daisy Day says:

    Never heard of either project until now. It sounds like each one is telling their own story. In John Stamos’ story he reached superstardom whereas Kimberly never did, his story would be entirely different considering his very successful TV show and appearances touring with The Beach Boys John Stamos’ name is recognizable.


  7. Guest says:

    Kimberly has been working on this for sometime and if you have been following her @whitewatercrew #heyday you would know that!
    This is NOT something new but something from 2014. .She does update the fans regularly on it as well. .That is why Tyler Christopher, , Vanessa Marcil, Jason Thompson and others had her back.


  8. jenny says:

    Um considering John Stamos was only on GH 2 years I will take Kimberly’s version as she has been associated with GH over 25 years!


  9. Steve says:

    So without blasting someone one Daisy you’re not entirely right. Kimberly did . She did appearances on TV dramas such as Joan of Arcadia that starred her costar the first Emily Quarter main event. I think it would be nice for John to reach out but don’t know if he really knew.


    Barbara replied

    Sorry but in no stretch if the imagination did Kim achieve the level of stardom that John has


    Steve replied

    Never said she did. The comment was made that Jon’s name was recognizeable and not Kimberly’s . That’s not right she has been directing and actually did so thorugh ABC which is why she left GH. She has done TV appearnaces she is known to TPTB THE POWERS THAT BE> . She has been with GH Barbara what 25 years? I believe. Love John but he was with the show how long? Right 2 give or take not nearly like Kim’s, and not point. Point is if he knew he owes it to her to contact her, personally I think both shows would be great. Besides which people are able to psot without people attacking people. I Really dont get the need to blast someone for their opinion. Besides whihc to daytime fans Kim is jsut as known as John. The network most certainly knows Kim and can guarnatee you that.

  10. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    What is wrong with that…soaps copy other soaps ideas for years…


    Lou Piikes replied

    It sounds like a good case for copyright infringement, but I could be wrong.


    clh replied

    No not really, He’s telling his story not hers. Can’t copyright someone else’s life story.

    Tons of stars have done shows about themselves, Kim’s is not special.

  11. Marilynn says:

    John should absolutely contact Kim it’s the right thing to do. Kimberly is my girl, been watching her on GH since he started. Great actress! Come on John Stamis get in touch with Kimberly! Be the man we all hope you are!


  12. JMER says:

    Let’s hope John does the right thing. I imagine he’ll lose a lot of ex-GH women fans if he doesn’t. It looks like blatant stealing, and if not, shows how much easier it is for a white man in Hollywood to get the same project produced and on screens–with women finally starting to work their way into director/producer chairs despite decades of discrimination, John can either set a good example or be an example of what not to do.


  13. Carol says:

    When will it be available to see? Love you Kimberly and I miss you in GH.


  14. Llanviewer717 says:

    “Hey Day” all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Mo says:

    Maybe John’s project has been in the works–he just hasn’t publicized as maybe he has more connections or whatever than Kimberly and doesn’t need to pound the pavement so hard for financing.

    Both could be good. Yes, they sound similar, but also have differences. It would be nice if John reached out to Kim (privately) to discuss, but he’s not obligated. Maybe this controversy will drum up more interest in Kim’s project.


  16. Timmm says:

    I welcome both of them. The more attention soaps get, the better!


  17. Wanda Woman says:

    This is no different than “Elementary” and “Sherlock” being on at the same time. There’s plenty of room for both shows and each will tell stories from different viewpoints.


  18. Teanisha says:

    It’s been Kimberly’s concept from the beginning… She’s been working on her #HeyDay project since 2014! Her pilot is already filmed! Kimberly tweeted her #HeyDay pitch to John Stamos on August 4, 2016, and all of a sudden he come out with a pitch a month later?! Give me a break! Smh! Whether some like it or not, she truly deserves the credit for it… It’s hers NOT his!


  19. Ces says:

    Never heard of Heyday til now so how do we know John Stamos had? He barely follows any soap stars other than his bud Kin Shriner & Jack Wagner.
    I’m actually surprised he’d want to do a show like that sunce it seems he cut off all soap tues; he has been pretty busy for years after all.
    Still …. Looks like JS will get it to the finish line since he’s a Netflix favorite. Sorry Kim, but he may just complete your “in process for years” script.


  20. JRZH says:

    The way I see it is Kimberly wants to tell her life story, how she grew up on General Hospital and all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. John wants to tell his life story, how he got his start with a 2 year stint on General Hospital and since then has grown up with super-stardom, doing all kinds of things.

    Aren’t those two different ideas? Won’t we actually watch both of them, until we decide if we like one better than the other? Then we will watch that one.


  21. Molly Ryan says:

    Everyone knows its easier for a man then a woman to get projects started! And to say KMc career hasn’t gone anywhere is so wrong! Kim has been directing! She’s still learning the craft but she’s already directed episode’s of PLL! Kim’s working behind the camera! That’s where she’s trying to get her career going!


  22. Becky Zertuche says:

    I like them both, but the timing is suspect. She’s been working on this for awhile, he had to have known that. Time for John to man up.


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