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11 March 23rd, 2011 Tyler Christopher on being let-go by GH, “I haven’t even had time to absorb it!”

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The talented Tyler Christopher who has been sadly given his walking papers by the powers-the-be at General Hospital spoke with Soap Opera Digest about his impending exit from the series, after learning he was pink slipped this past Friday.  Tyler admitted, “I haven’t even had time to absorb it.  It was pretty unexpected.  I didn’t really see it coming.”  Then Tyler expressed to SOD that he had no idea when his last airdate would be stating, “I think I’m done. To be honest, I have no idea. No one’s told me anything but for me, I think I need to move on, so this is it.”

Tyler had played Nikolas Cassadine from 1996-1999, and then again this longer stint from 2003 – till present.  So again we ask, is this the character and performer you think should have been cut from the series? Or, should someone else been let-go? Let us know.

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  1. Rene @Riverside Soap Opera Examiner says:

    Well where do I start? There should always be a Cassadine on the canvas as opposed to new characters. So many wasted stories and characters hogging up airtime. They need to do some housecleaning – and more BEHIND the scenes than on camera!


  2. Chris says:

    GH needs someone to shake them …with all this talk about soaps being canceled they are ignoring the fans, the fans are what keep the soaps on! Get rid of Terrel, Sioban & Matt..that should cover Tyler’s paycheck! The character still had so much potential..but then again so does Nancy Lee Grahn & Ingo…but we hardly ever see them. GH has the most talented cast but they waste it!


  3. eiwcakeff says:

    shake. slap hey get becky to slap them she did a great job of jacking up SBu


  4. kay killgore says:

    Why do I get the feeling RH only got a reprieve and they will be writing her out by summer!


  5. Elizabeth says:

    I will admit I am not a Nik Cassadine Fan but I do enjoy watching Tyler Christopher portray his character. I agree there should always be a Cassadine on the Show. For many years GH has been known to have some of the most talented Actors/Actresses on their Canvas. So why are all the vets being let go or being put on recurring. Is Frons/Guza trying to turn a Daytime soap into a teenage fad show thinking they are pulling in teenagers. I just dont understand how they can explain letting another veteran actor go instead of using these actors to bring up ratings.
    Frons is only looking out for one of his pets and is doing everything in his power to keep this actress happy and yet if her onscreen relationship was gone she would be just like the furniture on the set just waste of space. Nik should have been giving a chance with finding a new romance that didn’t involve any of Emily’s family or best friend. But yet he is another character they have ruined as well..


  6. AALuke says:

    GAH. Once again GH does the wrong thing :( Just please don’t tell me that Nikolas and Brook are going to take off to Greece with Spencer once it comes out that Lucky is Aidan’s father :(


  7. Louise Zontek says:

    Tyler Christopher is a talented actor, and I don’t know why ABC cannot see that. Nikolas Cassadine, and Cassadine family, have been an integral part of GH for years. Liz Taylor was Helena for a while, for heaven’s sake. Tyler has been giving us great performances, earned Emmy nominations and yet with no warning to Tyler (and not to mention his fans) he’s let go. Keep the talent that’s under your nose ABC/GH writers and think about your viewers and what keeps them watching.


  8. mundisue says:

    What is wrong with TPTB at GH? Why do they insist on getting rid of great actors whose characters have strong ties to major families and serious history on the show, in favor of annoying newbies? As someone above said Terrel, Sioban & Matt should be sent packing instead!!


    LIBBY replied

    Too true. I still haven’t gotten over them getting rid of Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine). There are barely and Quartermaine’s left and to think that family was the backbone of the show once.


  9. LIBBY says:

    No way. First Becky now Tyler. Why are they getting rid of our beloved regulars? IMHO the one who should be going is Siobhan. Olivia is another one of those characters that I’m sure many GHers could live without. Finally they should probably ask Tony Geary to take a pay cut since he isn’t around for about 3 months of the year. Matt is also another character that is not involved in any major storyline and isn’t needed to advance any other character’s story. Since they brought back Victor and Franco is ont he horizon do we really need a third villain in Lisa? There is plenty of fat to be trimmed on GH. We want more of Alexis and Jax not to mention Spinelli and Diane. Maybe if TPTB just did more with the actors they already have they wouldn’t need to keep bringing in new ones all the time.


  10. Gina says:

    Was totally disgusted when I first heard the news. GH is run by a bunch of idiots and morons. Nikolas is a beloved character right up there with Stuart Damon. Why not get rid of Olivia or Johnny? What real connection do they have to GH? Why not ask the mob central characters to take a bit of a pay cut so they can keep some long time vets. SHAME ON YOU GH, SHAME ON YOU GUZA!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to you Tyler your too good for this show.


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