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12 September 29th, 2011 UPDATE: James Scott issues statement that he is optimistic on future at DAYS!

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As we reported earlier today, the soap world and Days of our Lives fans were reeling a bit with a news item reported by Soap Opera Digest that James Scott (EJ Dimera) would not be staying with DAYS when his contract is up for renewal.

On-Air On-Soaps then checked with DAYS directly, and they informed us that things were still on-going with James and his contract talks with the series.

Now this afternoon, the talented and beloved Mr. Scott has issued his own statement clarifying his position for his fans.  James said, “It has always been my wish to continue working with Days of our Lives, and in light of recent reassurances given, I am optimistic of my future here at Days.”

So hang tight, it would appear that James is working things out with the powers-that-be. We will keep you posted on any further updates should they become available. But James’ statement does offer some good news.

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  1. Ally says:

    25+ years I haves watched this show. JS kept me there the last 5. If they lose him many many MANY will follow..including me. John marlwna Bo hope Carrie Austin can’t hold a candle to him.


    JSFan replied

    Same here. Love the vets coming back, but not enough to stick around without the character of EJ DiMera played by Mr. James Scott. DOOL would be foolish to lose him. Hope he stays.


    sara replied

    Agreed! They almost give us a heart attack GOD!

  2. Avelina says:

    Im so relieved. James is the only reason I have kept watching this poor excuse for a show even though EJAMI fans have not been given what they wanted. I am an EJAMI 101% and Im glad that James is working out his contract. However, I do wish that Y&R would hire him. Him and Michelle Stafford ROCK!


  3. LUMILY says:

    let Y&R have him,I been watching Days over 45 years and they do just fine.


  4. AliciaE says:

    Oh good, I love the show as a whole, but I REALLY look forward to seeing EJ DiMera on Days. Love that crazy tiger!


  5. mckeevic says:

    The acting talent of James Scott is the only reason that I watch DOOL. If he chooses to leave, his last air date would be my last watch date. I sure hope that things work out so that we, the viewing audience, can continue to his performances for years to come.



  6. Chelsea says:

    I hope James stays on as EJ, Days already let JKJ get away I would be heartbroken if James left too.


  7. Ruthie says:

    Oh, I would be devasted if JS were to leave DOOL!! The man is a highly regarded and talented actor who would no doubt do well anywhere, I just would prefer him to stay on DOOL. Seriously, if he left the show there would be no reason left for me to watch. He is DOOL for me.


  8. caprice2012 says:

    James Scott is the only reason I watch Days. EJ’s character cannot be recast by another British actor.


  9. Michael Jenkins says:

    If he left, I would`nt even be watching the show. I am happy he is staying.


  10. Susan says:

    The network would be crazy to let James scot go! He is one of the best soap actors on TV today. The chemistry between him and Allison Sweeney is amazing and totally believe able ! If they let him go I do’n't think i I’ll watch anymore and I’ve been a loyal fan for 40 years.


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