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14 December 14th, 2012 UPDATED: Lynn Herring Along With Meredith Viera Return Today To General Hospital!


UPDATED:  Due to the shooting at the Connecticut Elementary School this morning today’s General Hospital did not air in any time zones today during regular scheduled programming and has been pre-empted for today.  Look for the episode with Lynn Herring and Meredith Viera to air on Monday, until further notice!

We know many of or soapers have wanted to see Lynn Herring reprise her role as Lucy Coe on General Hospital for many a year, and today is the day!  Herring will return along with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host, Meredith Viera, who reprises her role as Bree Flanders, the ex-Madam who now apparently gone into the corporate side of the business world!

As revealed by Student Nurse Felix Duboix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Lucy is now head of CoeCoe Cosmetics and we will learn that Viera’s Flanders is an employee of Lucy’s now!

So how will all the antics play out?  Will Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) get Lucy to help her resurrect the Nurses Ball?  Only GH executive producer Frank Valentini knows for sure, and here he is flanked by Viera and Herring!Tune-in today to find out what happens, then let us know what you thought of the return of Lucy on today’s episode!

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  1. susan M. says:

    GH wasn’t on today 12/14/12 because of the shootings in Conn. that was broadcasted on all the major channels today..Have to watch it on soap net channel tonight.


    LuluAZ replied

    Won’t be on SoapNet tonight either :( I think they’re replaying Thursday’s episode.


    susan M. replied

    You are right Gh was a repeat of Thurs. episode on soapnet.. They will be on
    Mon. most likely ! Can’t wait for Anna & Robert to see Robin…. And Duke !

  2. Michael says:

    All daytime drama’s were pre-empted today due to the horrific events in Connecticut. All shows will resume broadcasting on Monday with no storyline material missed.


  3. MCBAM says:

    welcom Ms.Herring, will she be working with Sam and John? her Port Charles alumni


  4. Bonnie says:

    Was wondering if the new episode will be on SoapNet, not that i have it here.


  5. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    I was about watch GH when Anna say “Oh my god” after she opened the door.. darn it!!! there’s no new episode on Soapnet.. I got upset with abcnew keep up the darn news. :(


    Robin replied

    I am from CT and this is a tragic situation. I am a fan of GH and never miss an episode. Yes I was bummed that there was no new episode today, but there are things more important like 20 children and 6 adults losing their lives.


    Mitchell1660 replied

    Agreed. So horrible. The soap will be back Monday. Unfortunately, those kids won’t.

    Ces replied

    I agree. Horrific, horrific.. no words. Surely we can miss a soap for a day.

    SZima replied

    There are SOME things in life more important than the soaps! Geesh, how insensitive!


  6. susan M. says:

    Those lost lives are more important..Kids from 6-10 years old. TRAGIC! My heart and prayers go out to all those people that lost a loved one !!!!!!


  7. susan M. says:

    Gh episode from Fri. will be on today (Monday)………I will definetrly be watching..Anna discovers Duke & Robin…With Robert Too!


  8. Jeffrey Anderson says:

    Finally watched GH back on the air… finally see Lucy Coe is back,but where’s her hubby (Kevin) go? :O
    My gosh,Robert got killed by Dr. Obrich with Stryinge? I hope he’s not going to die in this storyline.. Tristian Rogers are our best and favorite actor of all time. We all love him and he’s still best!!!!
    I have rewatch again tonight to make sure get right storyline.. I’m glad to see Real Duke Lavery since 1989 when he was killed by bad guy.


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