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26 March 8th, 2010 Vail Bloom’s publicist speaks out on her departure from Y&R!

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In the casting shocker thus far of 2010, every now knows that Eden Riegel has replaced Vail Bloom in the role of Heather Stevens on The Young and the Restless.  Reports were out last week that Bloom was let-go, but her publicist wanted to clear up any misinterpretations.  So he spoke with CBS Soaps In Depth and offered this statement. “It was Vail Bloom’s choice to leave Y&R to pursue other opportunities. As much as she loves Y&R and was honored to be on the No. 1 rated soap, and loved the opportunity to play the character of Heather, she felt it was time to pursue other projects.”   So what do you think?  Was Vail shown the front door? Or, did she leave Genoa City of her own choosing to look for greener pastures?

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  1. Doe says:

    It doesn’t matter why. The role was blah and so was she. I’m sure Eden Riegel will be better, but only if the writers give her the material to work with. Let’s hope….


  2. CakEd says:

    I liked Vail Bloom’s portrayal of Heather. I hope her leaving was her own choice. I think she is better suited for that role than Eden.


  3. Gloria Horton (Irving, Tx) says:

    I hope it was her decision. She is a very good actress and I like watching her as Heather. Good Luck to Vail.


  4. Bored says:

    Vail’s (love her name!)portrayal of Heather was always lukewarm to me? I didn’t care for her one way or the other. They tried to pair her with different guys on the show and she had chemistry with none of them. I was surprised she lasted this long. I think the character in general is weak but good luck to Eden. Maybe she can bring her 2 life?


    RC replied

    I began watching Y&R during a hospital stay in 1994. Have been a fan since. Two comments: I felt that Vail Bloom was a lot like the current and original Ashley. Both women upstage most of the men they try to pair them with, and only Victor has ever been able to face off with Ashley toe to toe in a scene. (current Billy Abbot is the exception) I think the same is true for Vail, she is going to be hard to replace. Finally, one of the reasons have liked the show for so many years, is that it does not get off into supernatural stuff, but rather remains in the real world. Lately, the script has been venturing into some areas that I don’t find appealing and a little to far out there, hope that come back to earth


  5. AM says:

    I liked Vail bloom in her role of Heather Stevens !
    She was beautiful and looked like she could be Pauls daughter..
    She played her roles very well and is a wonderful actress !
    I am sorry to see her go but wish her well..
    Never liked Eden Riegel , does not look the role and is not
    a good actress, she is very dull in the role of Heather !


    lynn replied

    I am in total agteement with this!! The new Heather is very unbelieveful as Pauls Daughter, and as as Poliecwoman, she appears to be weak, and lacks personality, in my opinion, Writers and Casting Dept. maybe you want to rethink this ???

    The other thing I wanted to address is, that this show “NEVER” allows Nicky Reid Neuman to have any happiness, This story line is getting very boring, I can remember her marriage to Kevin, and the doctor, with the psychotic wive that almost killed Nicky, Not to mention David!! Victor has progressed from a powerful man that throws his weight around!! to an abusive, sycoopath, that has no love for anyone, especially Nicky and his Kids, I feel this needs to change and stay that way, no one deserves a life filled with nothing but despair, and after all these years I am barley tuning in the show is DEPRESSING


  6. AM says:

    Also, she was annoying on All My Children and I have the feeling that she is going to be even more annoying on Young & Restless !
    That whiny voice kills me !


  7. Rita says:

    I can’t stand the new Heather! Vail is glamorous and brought a level of class to the role. This new lady is plain, tom boyish looking and doesn’t add any class to the role at all. If she’s supposed to be sexy and lure Chance away from Chloe…FAT CHANCE. She doesn’t even look tempting!!


    AMANDA replied

    I agree with Rita. I do not like the new Heather either. She is a plain, boring, pathetic character. The actress does not know how to portray an Assistant District Attorney.

    Physically, she has no sex appeal. I have seen snow that had more color than she has. A month in the sun may improve her looks a little.

    In my opinion, a terrible re-cast.


  8. Lorraine says:

    Please , please cast back the old actress Vail Bloom. She pkayed the District attorney part very well and had more personality on screen and also the daughter Of Paul. This one who replaced her doesn’t seem to know if she is coming or going. It’s so sad. especially when you had someone good and should always keep. Please bring her back. I don’t know where they got this new gal to replace but she needs more pratice in acting and not on Young & Restless.
    I have been an entertainer on screen and stage also myself for years and now retired and when I see this. I get so frustrated inside of me. You need to bring back Vail. She acted and played the part well. I may be an old timer but I know when I see talent. I will be keeping my fingers crossed.


    VA replied



  9. Danielle says:

    I miss vail so much. I liked her strength and personality as Heather. Eden brought a weakness to the character that I cannot stand. This was a terrible recast. If they wanted Eden on the show they should have made a new character for her. I miss VAIL BLOOM, her portrayal of heather was great !!!

    I hate how Heather is flirting with Chance and now he’s gone and cheated on Chloe. What a jerk! And they’re engaged!! I cannot believe Chance did that to Chloe, I hope she doesn’t forgive him and she finds out, poor Chloe, all the guys she gets involved with cheat on her :( ((


  10. VA says:



  11. PA says:

    Many of us faithful Y&R viewers would greatly appreciate if Vail Bloom would return. Eden does not fit the role. It’s a turn off to see Eden.


  12. Ann Berg says:

    I don’t know if she was let go or left but Eden Riegel doesn’t hold a candle to Vail Bloom. I wish she’d come back. I don’t think Riegel will grow on me either…she is just so wrong for the role.


  13. glois says:

    I miss Vail on the show. The new Heather stinks.


  14. glois says:

    Best of Luck to your future rolls.


    Monica replied

    I miss Vail too! She was believable as Paul’s daugther, this new girl doesnt even look like she could belong to Paul!


  15. becky says:

    I love just love Vail Bloom and her acting skills. I do miss her on the Young and The Restless but her beauty and talent should be shown everywhere. Good Luck Vail


  16. Patti Donahue says:

    I do not like the new Heather at all. Vail Bloom was so much better in this role. Please bring her back!


  17. Linda says:

    If Vail left on her own to pursue greener pastures, I wish her all the best.. However, if tptb decided to show her the front door, they need to bring her back!!~ I personally feel Vail played the part more to the viewers liking.. Nothing personal against Eden Riegel, who is a talented actress, but in alot of viewers perspective, she doesn’t seem to fit the part.. So I am hoping they would reconsider, and bring Vail back to her original role as Heather Stevens!~


  18. Melissa says:

    Vail ROCKED on Y&R! I want her back!!!


  19. Jeff says:

    Still wish Vail Bloom would be brought back to Y&R. She played the part well and looked like she could really be Paul’s daughter. Fit the part really well. Her replacement is a terrible recast; bad actress, annoying voice and does not fit the part at all.


  20. cherie jones says:

    Vail is by far the best actress to play Heather Stevens to date. Young and the Restless needs to get her back. The newest version of Heather needs to go immediately, terrible casting.


  21. Barbara says:

    Cocaine, booze……partying. She just couldn’t keep it up.


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