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8 May 15th, 2013 Van Hansis & Kit Williamson New EastSiders Episode Tackles More Infidelity & Abortion!


In a riveting episode six of’s hit series, EastSiders, the action was more intense, complex, and heartbreaking all at the same time.  That is thanks due in large part the creative vision of series creator and writer, Kit Williamson for his look at the complexities of human life including: the the lies we tell to protect those we love, and what we do to save ourselves, no matter what the cost.  What Williamson does so well, is make every single character on the canvas pretty much people to care about and root for, no matter what choices they have may have made in their lives.

On episode six, it is Cal (Williamson) who is again cheating on Thom (Van Hansis), while Thom is trying very hard to rectify what we did months ago by first cheating with Jeremy (Matthew McKelligon).  Cal realizes this time, he has cheated with a guy with a ring on his finger! And Thom may be on to the fact that Cal slept with Jeremy, too! Meanwhile Kathy (Constance Wu) has an abortion, in some tough scenes and never told her boyfriend Ian (John Halback) about the whole situation.

There is much to love in this series, but the performance by Constance Wu, John Halback, Van Hansis and Kit Williamson were an emotional treat in episode six, that leaves the viewers wanting more.

Watch this week’s episode of EastSiders after the jump! Then let us know your thoughts on the episode! New episodes of EastSiders debut every week at 3PM on Tuesday’s exclusively on!

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  1. Paul says:

    I think this series is riveting. I watched episodes 3 – 6 yesterday. Much better than 1 and 2. They seemed brighter and less depressing. The characters are infroduced so well. The viewer really gets to know them. Cal’s manager and the chap in the convertible were also interesting characters and well-played. The music selections also work well.

    Van Hansis’s role is not like Luke, so the viewer shouldn’t expect a Luke, Noah, Reid story. Van’s acting is stellar. My only wish is that his hair would be a bit shorter. (Here we are talking about his hair again just like the As The World Tunrs days!)


  2. EDDIE EMMONS says:

    Riveting?A bunch of characters screwing each other behind one anothers backs?Hardly.


  3. Marie says:

    I’m disappointed with all the infidelity in the series. Sends a bad message and plays into the negative perceptions of gay men as a whole.


    EDDIE EMMONS replied

    It’s ironic that the female cast membrs(Wu & Lords) are giving the stronger performances.Van is seemingly sleepwalking through his performances.And let’s not forget the Femme Fatale,Kit Williamson.


  4. Sarah White Sees says:

    I wanted to like this series, simply because Van Hansis is in it. It just seems to be a mess though. I thought Episode 6 had way too much going on. In Episode 1, I thought Cal really loved Thom. Now it’s so obvious he doesn’t love him at all. I keep hoping the series will get better, simply because Van deserves better!!


    EDDIE EMMONS replied

    Since when is there ever a serious (objective) dialogue about Van or his career.Everything is always Liza Minnelli “terrific”.Truth be told,though the “Actor of his generation” has more than proven himself worthy,there are plenty of clinkers along the road to glory.”Occupant” isn’t a particularly good film,nor is Van’s performance in it.”Eastsiders” seems to find Van Hansis “reacting” more than acting.No technique whatsoever.It’s a complete failure with no hint of the usual Hansis magic.


    Sarah White Sees replied

    So true. I know the magic is there; I just haven’t seen it in this series.

  5. Val says:

    I am loving this but the dreadful continuity in it totally distracts me from the plot!! Kit please see that future episodes don’t have this! One minute Cal has a bag, next he doesn’t. Glass empty next it’s half full. One Cal’s sleeve is up, next it’s down. Hair messed up next its flat as! Aaaaaahhhhh sort it out please!!!!!


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