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6 June 7th, 2011 Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo on her exit, a triangle with Jason/Sonny, and if GH were to end!

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Today was General Hospital’s Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda Corinthos) day on the internet. First, the actress tweeted her final tape date is this week on June 9th, and then her previously announced interview with TV Guide’s Michael Logan was posted.

In the interview, VMG discusses her thoughts on how her recent return played out on air, Brenda having a long lost child of her own, if Jax and Brenda will exit the canvas together, and if and when she were to return next, who else besides Sonny might she see in Brenda’s romantic future.  Plus, she weighs in on if GH were to be canceled, how she would like to see it end for Brenda!   Here are a few excerpts:

VMG on if Jax and Brenda will leave together in July: “I don’t know. My final tape date is June 9 and I’ll probably get the script the night before, but I do know there’s a big twist when Brenda leaves. They have a surprise up their sleeves. I will say there’s still unfinished business for me. I still want a storyline with Tony Geary [Luke] and Jonathan Jackson [Lucky]. And I’d love to do a triangle with Maurice and me and Steve Burton. Steve got me through my first few months when I joined GH and I’ll never forget that. I was having some very serious health problems, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, there was all kinds of drama, and Steve was my rock. Can you imagine if Brenda goes and sleeps with Jason? That would cause so many problems.”

VMG if she were to come back should GH get canceled: “I know it’s a reality but I prefer to stay delusional. No matter what other things I do in my career, I had every intention of eventually coming back to GH and growing old on the show and becoming Anna Lee [the late actress who played Lila Quartermaine]. To sit down and have all the young characters come talk to me and get some great wisdom about life — the kind of thing you can only do on soaps — would be so wonderful! I miss Anna Lee so much. I can’t even think about Stuart Damon [Alan] without bursting into tears. Where are the Quartermaines? I do believe it was a mistake to get rid of all that history. Aaaauuurgh! It’s so hard to think about cancellation. It’s such a tough thing to talk about, but [GH exec producer] Jill Phelps and I did discuss it the other day. If GH were to end, I want to be there. If God forbid this show is cancelled, I guarantee Sonny and Brenda will be riding off together into the sunset! That doesn’t mean Sonny may not find love with somebody else and have a great relationship between now and then.”

Are you looking forward to Brenda’s story wrapping up? Or, do you wish Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo would stick around for a longer stay? And, what do you think is the surprise twist?

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  1. krazexjamez says:

    Great interview as usual. It’s settling to know that Vanessa wasn’t happy with what was given to her.. that was given in her decoy responses. She’ll always find the best in things, it’s just who she is.

    I love Vanessa, I love Brenda, but I HATE what they did to her this return. I couldn’t even stomach to watch. I’m excited for her to leave, but only so they don’t ruin this character that I’ve spent more than half my life loving anymore.


    Jamie replied

    I could not agree with you more!! What they did to the memory of the character of Brenda, is a CRIME!!!! She was my ultimate favorite character EVER on any soap (and I’ve watched several) All I wanted the past 10 years was for her to come back and I feel like I am still waiting, because who the hell was this chick this past year? It certainly wasn’t the Brenda Barrett I knew and worshipped! It was all I could do to not FF through her scenes. I hope that if GH does get cancelled B & S do ride off into the sunset together but until then, I’m kinda happy to see her go.


    dominicsmythe replied

    I agree almost completely! I love Brenda, and have since the beginning. She’s hands down the most compelling character ever in daytime television, not least because of the immeasurable talent of Ms. Marcil (wire scene, anyone?). I HATED her return in terms of storyline and writing and even production. It literally couldn’t be worse. But I’ve waited so long for Sonny and Brenda to get back together and marry. So it was worth it to me — and the wedding scenes were spectacular. Also, Vanessa and Maurice are great actors and I enjoyed watching them, even if it was clear they, like us, were not happy with their scripts. [Maurice has looked bored on GH for years; Vanessa acted well, but it was hard to overlook her horrific lines!]

    Ultimately, I understand why she is leaving. I wouldn’t stay either and I’m not convinced the new head writer can drastically bring back the GH of the glory days.

    Also, I think it’s very classy of Vanessa to never speak ill of her colleagues. Very classy. We still all understood that she wasn’t happy :)

    I wish her all the best!

  2. Doe says:

    I”M hoping that GH won’t be involved in the Katie Couric new talk program. Do we really need one more talk show? I think whoever is running ABC is an idiot. I have been a GH fan a very long time and have seen it all. Sometimes Brenda really gets on my nerves. I don’t have any feeling about her but I do care about Sonny and his happiness. So far, he has done a great job keeping Brenda in tow. What ever will happen, I hope some PTB will step up to the plate and give Couric a different time slot and keep GH where it has always been 2:0′clock central time……C’mon guys!……


  3. Jeffrey Moree says:

    Brenda this goe around was so timid i think it could have been better.. Yeah i’d say that GH will be the next soap to go since abc got rid of it’s best soap OLTL. I’d say the fall of 2012 it will be canceled.


  4. raven washington says:

    i really want brenda to back to general hospital because i like brenda and sonny know why brenda and sonny really love each other and good couples. they need to back together bec it will be cancled on general hospital. i really hope she could back on general hospital at anytime. i want to see that sonny could shock that brenda will back for him because she alway had feeling and love him in her hears. it will good for her to see sonny that sonny alway love her in his life. i can’t wait to see her on general hospital 2012. i love them for real.


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