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2 April 19th, 2010 Vanessa Marcil tells NY Post- Maurice Benard helped her learn now to act!

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A brand new New York Post article out today paid tribute to the soap stars who got their big break in daytime from Julianne Moore to Kelly Ripa to Vanessa Marcil.   The article talks about the sad and disturbing trend of daytime soaps fleeting away, and how important this genre was for young actors to learn their craft.   Vanessa Marcil (Ex-Brenda) General Hospital spoke how she learned how to act on the soap with a big assist from her then co-star Maurice Benard (Sonny).

Marcil stated “Maurice Benard said, ‘You’re cute, but you suck. What do want? Do you want to get a storyline? If you want that, you’re going to have to start working hard. He taught me how to act.”

The actress then went on to say that  it really took her time to get up to speed, “It took a good year for me to become even watchable.”

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Maurice Bernard did not do a good job then bec she still can’t act. LOL!


  2. dominicsmythe says:

    funny how life comes full circle. vanessa’s first scenes were full of energy and spunk, but she was still wet-behind-the-ears. she became a fine actress in time. the wire scene (1996?) was some of her best work and she was rightly nominated for daytime emmys in 1997 and 1998. now that she’s back at GH she’s completely convincing as a complex, emotional character HOWEVER maurice benard’s acting has gone downhill! maurice has looked bored on GH for years and he lacks the fire and passion and believability from his early GH scenes with vanessa. i see now that vanessa is giving her all, but maurice is only now starting to. he’s getting good again with vanessa after years of being a boring, one-tone character. (of course, there are some caveats, like his bipolar storyline and the claudia murder). vanessa and maurice are soaps’ last great supercouple and they need to work that magic to the fullest. maurice: take your role seriously again, please — coz vanessa won’t be around forever!!!


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