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34 October 5th, 2016 Vanessa Williams Set To Debut As DAYS Valerie Grant!

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Is there a doctor in the house? Days of our Lives has announced that former Melrose Place and Soul Food star Vanessa Williams (Ex-Rhonda) is the recast Valerie Grant.

As longtime fans of the NBC soap know, Valerie (originally played by Tina Andrews) was involved in daytime’s first interaccial romance with Julie’s son, David Banning.  Eventually, Valerie went to med school to become a doctor after he relationship went awry.

According to Soap Opera Digest, Valerie comes back to Salem as a respected cardiologist on the upcoming October 25th episode and look for her to be in a story that features her former flame Abe (James Reynolds) and his on-screen son, Theo (Kyler Pettis).

With Abe being shot and with fragments of bullets near his heart, will Valerie help Abe through his tough ordeal?

So, what do you think about Vanessa Williams taking on the role of Valerie Grant? How do you think her story will unravel on-screen? Comment below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Wish they had kept Maxine and had her be Valerie’s cousin who was attracted to Abe…sometime ago i had written a little plot involving Theo’s disapproval of Valerie…dont know this actress as well as the other V.W.,…would had been something had they gotten Tina Andrews who originated the role but i dont think she acts anymore…Tina and the late Richard Guthrie(then David) had great chemistry together…wonder if a nuDavid will show up in the future???…would be nice to see some forgotten Horton’s again!!!


    Mo replied

    I wish Maxine would return. Is the actress busy? Maxine is definitely needed!


    Patrick replied

    it’s the funniest thing… and/or befuddling…. for as much as we’ve seen … Doug and Julie woven in to the canvas for guest appearances… and I LOVE THEM TO BITS

    I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any of their children on screen ?

    David Banning
    Robert Anderson, Jr.
    Scott Banning

    it would be amazing to see on of their own


  2. mfarris70 says:

    A rare case of a soap character becoming younger, as Valerie Grant was in her 20s when we first met her in 1975.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    They did the same with Mike Horton when Roark C. played the role making Mike a decade younger…Mike, Valerie and David should all be in their 60s now


    4ever DAYS replied

    Jaime Lyn Bauer is a decade younger than the previous Laura, Jimmy.

    Truth be told, if David and Mike had not been SORASed in the first place, they would still be younger than the most recent performers who played them.

    James R. Poissant replied

    Balls of fire—I said the same thing about Valerie when it was announced they were bringing the character back some time ago.

    Celia replied

    That’s what my grandmother said, Jimmy. She shook her head in annoyance.
    The same as making Alice Horton, while still alive, a great-great-great grandmother.

    Rebecca1 replied

    It’s not too off…this actress is in her 50s.

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    4ever…i know that too about Laura…she should be almost a decade older than Julie and now its the opposite!!!

  3. Steve says:

    Love Vanessa and she will be fantastic. She’s glamorous and talented and I can’t wait.


  4. missmeka1987 says:

    This VW is 53 not far off of 60 I don’t see what they problem is I love this actress..


  5. Sandy says:

    The second actress who played Valerie had reach out via social media saying she was interested a few months ago of reprising the role, and now I see she was not chosen.

    I don’t get why days didn’t try and do anything with the daughter of Abe as well as bring his daughter mother who was played be actress and singer Marilyn Mc Coo to return on a short term base to play the role she Created back in the 1980′s instead of going and bringing in a another blast from the past character.

    Since they at days brought on a long lost daughter character for Abe who they didn’t really use nor need they should have made a wrong a right by having his daughter mother return to Salem/days. They could have use actual footage if Marilyn Mc Coo could have return since the character and Marlena was very good and dear friend of Marlena. Days still can’t get stuff right as well as make sense as well as make a wrong a right, they keep on casting new and if not blast from the past people instead of using what they currently have and the Abe and his long lost daughter Lani storyline could have been very good had they had his ex played by original actress had she complied return, Lani disappeard with out no one even noticing unless I missed that scene if not episode of days when she left.

    I don’t believe days will be on five to ten years from now with the ten thousand time reboot.


    Patrick replied

    for what time and FEW scenes we got…. it was a big deal… to see Abe branching out… and able to relate more familial. the three of them, having dinner in Horton Square…. bonding… aawh… I loved it. Abe / Lani / Theo. where’s my Lexi

    I agree w/ JimH. Just bring back Maxine.

    I don’t have a good feeling about Vanessa Williams…. I tried to like her… way back when… on Melrose Place… I never had a chance to watch SOUL FOOD. so who knows

    I wonder if Debbie Morgan was interested ?


    jaybird369 replied

    Patrick…I look at it like this: Debbi Morgan would have been a WAY BETTER CHOICE than Vanessa Williams. Just saying……….

    Have a good one, dude.

  6. Mateo says:

    Another gimmick DAYS is using. Instead of adding characters of old back into the fold how about they develop a story worth telling??? Then you can add actors to the fold. They are so intent on bringing back old time characters that everyone has forgotten but once the gimmick wears off and there is no story worth telling the gimmick fails and the actor leaves. I remember when Joan Collins came to GL as Alexandra Spaulding. That lasted all of about four weeks. Then they brought in the last actress to portray her and basically ruined the character forever. Everyone knows that after Beverlee McKinsey portrayed a character no one could EVER compare. They should have written her off. Oh wait JFP was there, I get it now, she wanted to try and make Beverlee look bad for beating her at her own game. JFP hated strong women. HA well Beverlee was smart enough to beat JFP at her contract game and walked off the show with her head held high and still in demand. I miss Ms. McKinsey every day. There is no other actress who can compare. She was and still remains the QUEEN of daytime. If anyone mentions Susan Lucci, I will upchuck on the spot. She can’t even shine Ms. McKinsey’s shoes.



    Hey Mateo. I totally agree about making sure Story is there before bringing characters back. I mean Marlena hasn’t even had a SL since returning. But I do disagree about not remembering Valerie Grant. I’m only in my 30′s and even I know who Valerie Grant is, but I’m a diehard Days fan who took the time to learn the shows history. My biggest gripe though is that Valerie had MAJOR story with Julie’s son David Banning & I personally think he should have been home years ago or right now to beef up the Horton clan which seems to only be female centric. It seems the writers seem to make Lucas a Horton when it’s only convenient for them or its an afterthought. To be honest, the core family dynamics on this show has been lacking for years.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    The same when Beverly played Iris on AW…when AW foolishly cast her on Texas…AW lost 1 million viewers…same when she left Texas…her replacements couldnt hold a candle to her both on AW and GL…Joan was terribly miscast as Alexandria-she made the character look like a something from a Circus sideshow…and you are right BM was the greatest actress to ever grace our daytime screens!!!


  7. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I always did enjoy Vanessa A. Williams’ acting skills, so I cannot wait to see her on DAYS as Valerie Grant. Nice seeing actresses that are not Caucasian gain work in daytime and television itself.


  8. Trophy Lady says:

    Okay, Vanessa Williams is entirely TOO YOUNG to be romantically paired with James Reynolds. He’s old enough to be her father! So, if they’re bringing her back to portray Valerie, that’s fine. But they shouldn’t even entertain the thought of putting her back with Abe. That ship sailed a long time ago.

    They could put this new Valerie with Rafe, Dario, Deimos, Brady, or even Eric Brady now that Greg Vaughan is returning!


    Mary replied

    Yes, James Reynolds is 17 years older than Vanessa. However, it is called acting! Do you also have a problem with the romantic relationship between Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) who is 73 and Bill Hayes (Doug) who is 91?


    Rose replied

    Susan & Bill are married in real

  9. Rj says:

    Love to see Abe, Theo have more front and center storylines. The cast and storylines should include more African Americans in more prominent roles! Loved Maxine. Would love to see her more!


  10. Lulu says:

    I like Maxine! Where is she?


    Mo replied

    Just looked her up on IMDB. She was working on two other series 2015-2016 and a TV movie in 2016. Don’t know if that occupies all her time, but she is missed at Days.


  11. clh says:

    Abe looks old enough to be her father for crying out loud.


  12. Mo says:

    I got all excited and then I realized it is not the Vanessa Williams I was thinking of. Oh well.


    Patrick replied

    I know… right

    my heart took a leap… with

    I knew that picture couldn’t have been thee Vanessa L. Williams.

    so I can palpitate and get my pulse back to “normal”

    these token actors…. when relegated to like minded actors ( Valerie + Abe )

    REALLY ? argh!

    They should bring back Jaime Lyn Bauer
    They should bring back “Maxine”
    They should bring back Flo…. Nicole mother

    either of these ladies would be perfect


    Mo replied

    Do you Fay? That was Nicole’s mother.

    I was hoping Laura would stick around for longer. Maybe she’ll return when Abby does.

  13. Derrick says:

    Great actress but TOO young to play that character!


  14. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    Wrong role, wrong show.

    If Y&R writers decide to bring Drucilla back from that ravine, this actress would be perfect.


  15. xmascarol says:

    Days bring back Vivian and how about Linda Anderson to .I always like Elaine Princi.Wasn’t that her name?Then again what do I know lol.I do like Vanessa Williams she is good actress.


  16. xmascarol says:

    Maybe she can sing on the show too.


  17. Rose says:

    Bring back Maxine, Vivian, and Sami. I do not like this Abigail.


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