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13 June 22nd, 2012 VARIETY Takes A Look at HLN’s Last Minute Save Of Emmy Telecast & If There Is A Future For The Award Show Broadcast!

In an interesting piece out on the eve of the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys broadcast from Variety, the publication and its online platform considers the question, “Are the Daytime Emmys going the way of the soaps they honor?”

In the feature entitled Show bubbly or washout?, Variety speaks to several daytime journalists including On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman, We Love Soaps, Roger Newcomb and Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens, plus Days of our Lives executive, Greg Meng to try to get the answers and the sentiments going into to tomorrow’s first-ever broadcast by cable network HLN, which at the last minute was able to save the show and bring it to its loyal fan base and hopes to expand it.

Michael Fairman commented, “I’m hoping against hope that HLN will pull it out.  With the show literally being put together in three weeks, maybe they’ll just get out the awards with less fluff, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s better that watching singing and dancing numbers in the middle of the show that have no relevance to what the show is about.”    Of course, Fairman was reflecting on last year’s Daytime Emmy telecast live from Las Vegas which left a bad taste in the industry’s mouth.  And now,  so many are looking forward to hopefully seeing the telecast honoring the talented performers and creatives in daytime sprinkled in with the glitz and glamor of Beverly Hills, and with the attention focused on giving out the awards.

Do you think tomorrow night’s Emmys will be a victory for HLN and NATAS? Or, do you think this could be the final broadcast of the Daytime Emmy ceremonies?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. barbara t says:

    I don’t really know until I see it, I know that I watch hln a lot at night and they are doing everything to get people to watch tomorrow night they have been advertizing for a few weeks now so I think their hearts are in it ,as long as they don’t come close to that 3 ring circus in las vegas we should be ok I like that they are going to do the soap awards first, Because I could care less who wins best talk show, Game shows are fine. It will be very interesting to see how they do. I know I will be watching.


  2. Jewell says:

    Well by the way HLN has been getting the fans involved on Twitter and Facebook, I think they will pull of a good show. Wish they would buy AMC & OLTL..


  3. Blake says:

    I hope it gets great ratings, especially for the AMC and OLTL memorials. If we all watch it that will help. Guess we’ll see how the ratings tomorrow night are, that will tell it all.

    Wonder if it’s available to watch online


  4. Torrey says:

    I think that they are in trouble….and it’s all because of the lack of consideration that the awards seem to put forth when selecting their nominees. I know I am not the only person that believes that OLTL was more than robbed when not chosen for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category….it makes no sense. Not only being left out of the Drama Series category, but there was a long list of actors that were ignored as well. And this has happen year after year….which I think has poisoned the waters for many of the soap watching community. I know I have felt more times than not, “Why watch the show, when I know the shows and characters that I watch every day are constantly overlooked?” If they take the shows back to the days where they used to be, they could have a chance of making a triumphant return….but being now there are only four shows to choose from, it’s kind of hard to get excited about the award ceremony….just my opinion.


    david replied

    It’s not just your opinion–others feel similarly. Selecting Days over OLTL, ignoring St John, Lozano, DePaiva, and others year after year kind of undermines the credibility and purpose of awarding awards. It became too predictable who would be nominated and who would be ignored, regardless of achievement.

    Without soaps and their stars who cares about Daytime Emmys for talk or reality? No one, except the potential nominees and winners who might add it to their résumé. The networks have ruined the Daytime Emmys like they have destroyed daytime because no one cares about talk or reality garbage.


    Annick replied

    David, I salute your assessment because this is how I feel.

    barbara t replied

    Your right david, what I would like to know is why, One life to live should be up for best drama series and best writing even tv guide called it to win, something had to happen that all my children was picked, it doesn’t make sense that this happens year after year I just don’t get it. One life to live was the best soap opera no other soap will even come close to being as good as it was.

    kay/kay replied

    I know I am going to catch heck for this but I am worn out every year Tony Geary is nominated and I know he is going to win tonight and I am sorry but I am worn out I guess I would like for them to go the sentimental vote and go withi Woods & Williams for a tie.

  5. Elhu says:

    I am certanly looking forward to watching it, and by all accounts, between HLN’s promoting of it, as well as the tidbits they have already told us about, it seems as though it will be focused on “daytime television” (meaning the soaps/shows and the people who work so hard day after day, all year long, in front of and behind the cameras), to bring these programs we love to life. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be much better than last year’s debacle, and could very well, bring more viewers to our soaps. I hope they do have a much deserved tribute to both AMC and OLTL. Much good luck to HLN with the broadcast, and good luck and good times to those attending and up for the awards.


  6. david says:

    Unfortunately, it could be both–a victory for HLN and NATAS and the final broadcast, if executives continue to ignore viewer preference for entertainment over reality. Talk is cheap and reality is ugly, and most people want neither in the afternoons.


    barbara t replied

    I know I won’t watch if the soaps are gone, who will? The daytime Emmys were for the soaps, Its to bad that no one understands that and they continue to slowly take away great television viewing. I know once the soaps are gone I will never tune into abc, cbs, or nbc. There is no reason to. Who really cares what talk show will win? Are we now going to have a emmy for the show that puts out the best recipe? How tacky is that? there’s not one of them that I watch its all boring same material over and over again. I still would like to know who watches that stuff?


  7. kalamaty says:

    HLN kicks ass!! They are amazing for being the one network with the foresight to televise this great event. I’m thinking that they could all gather around a big table full of sack lunches and a boombox and it would STILL be better than watching a return to Las Vegas!! THANK YOU, HLN!! Bar’s pretty low, folks; only place to go is up! :)


  8. Carol Painter says:

    I’m at the point, especially after last nights show, I don’t care anymore! The show was Ridiculous, horrible..and IMO a SHAM. OLTL, was CUT out of everything. BEST SHOW EVER WRITTEN, ACTED, EVER. TREVOR ST JOHN, Ericka Slezak, Bob woods, Micael Easton Roger Howarth, Kassie, TUC WATKINS THE BEST! What about Robin Strasser,?? It’s all Bulls**T. Period. it’s all a bunch of controlled , predictable, nonsense. What was done to OLTL was crimminal…what about Illene Kristen ?? “Roxy”..are they kidding?? this was some of the most funniest and best Drama Ever written for ANY TV program…and those who were not lucky enough to get to know missed out..IT WAS GREAT.
    I hope Brian Frons, Disney crumble to the ground ..I truly hate them.


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