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14 December 30th, 2010 “Venice” closes out season two with a stunning finale!

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For those who watched online yesterday the premiere of the season finale webisode of Venice, it did not disappoint! Creators, Crystal Chappell and Kim Turrisi certainly left us “cliffhanged” and wanting to see and know more from the complex and beautiful characters that make up the canvas of Venice.

From the moment when Jordan Clarke as Gina’s dad (The Colonel), takes matters into his own hands to help Gina (Chappell) profess her love to Ani by mailing the key letter she wrote in the last episode, we were hooked.   What a moment to see, that The Colonel truly cares for his daughter!  Then, the exceptional performance by Nadia Bjorlin whose unhinged Lara falls apart after seeing how her actions left Ani’s face bruise and battered.

It was also great to see Gina Tognoni as Sami, and Galen Gering as Owen, have some major obstacles to climb with their untimely split, and the cutaway to a manipulative and gloating Van! And finally, what is up with Liz Keifer’s desperate woman who keeps stalking or haunting Guya? As we see at the end, it’s all about those fingernails!  The final moments of the season finale left us in awe!

As we head into 2011, congrats to Team Venice for an incredible job at bringing this brilliant piece of storytelling to audiences worldwide.  We can’t wait for season three!  So, when is it? :)

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  1. Karen says:

    Agree with everything you said Michael. Crystal & Kimmy sure wrote a compelling season. It was on par with a lot of mainstream programmes. I soooooooo cannot wait for season3. Bravo Team V xo


  2. nnn2u says:

    You forgot to mention the restrained yet utterly devastating performance by Jessica Leccia.


  3. Kelly says:

    Loved Venice finale. Going to have serious withdraws next Wednesday! The cast is AMAZING! Venice really showcases thier talent and shows a range we don’t get to see on Daytime. I’m invested in the stories. Crystal and Kim are brilliant storytellers the writing is superb and keep us wanting more. Can’t wait till Season 3!!!


  4. Haayhowu says:

    VenicetheSeries is a terrific show. Hoping it comes back sooner rather than later with the cliffhangers dangling & the possibilities of more great stories. I think Gina Tognoni and Galen Gering gave some of their performances. Hillary B. Smith and Elizabeth Keifer play off each other like the acting pros they are. So worth the small subscriber fee and we’re even introduced to great new musical artists. Of course, Crystal Chappell, Nadja Borling, Jessica Leccia, Harrison White and the rest of the cast are awesome.


  5. Waverly says:

    Damn Crystal and Kim! How are we ever going to wait for season 3 with that cliffhanger? Congrats on this fabulous show that just gets better as it goes. I loved the new additions to the cast as well as delving deeper into the lives of characters from season one. Thank you so much to everyone involved and to Michael for your perfect wrap up.


  6. Michelle Marie says:

    Michael, agree with you re Nadia but I have to say that when you are complemented by the beautiful subtle power of Jesica’s acting that – agreeing with the earlier comment – leaves such an emotional riptide without realising it, it’s no wonder. I also have to say that Gina Tognino’s acting in the finale really took me – for the first time with her character, That’s maybe because she was front and centre in that trio today and not secondary/tertiary as she has been in every other episode.
    What creative growth adn development in such a short time for a series. AMAZING value for moeny anf can;t wait for Season 3!


  7. J says:

    Seriously, it’s time you guys started acknowledging Jessica Leccia’s subtle more powerful work here, the mirror scene worked because of her stunning performance.


  8. Anne-Marie says:

    Simply put, Venice ROCKS!!!! I cannot wait to see what comes our way when Season 3 hits cyberspace….


  9. Dani Austin says:

    Thanks for the shout out to Venice Michael. Crystal taking over creative control and the head writing duties was the best Executive Producer decision she made. What a difference a year makes. More cohesive storytelling, more interesting stories and more balanced and complex characters. Thanks for giving props to Gina T. in this episode. This was really a fantastic performance by her, subtle but very moving. Galen’s Owen looked dumbfounded after realizing what he had done and Van the schemer reveling in what he accomplished was a great scene. Hillary and Liz were great and scary at the same time. Yes The Colonel mailing the letter was the most poignant moment of the episode. The Colonel and Gina were an amazing story to watch unfold all season. What a masterclass in acting from Crystal and Jordan. In Ep11 I thought there were hits and misses with Nadia’s performance in the final scene but give her props for being so raw. But she did a really good job in the mirror scene of conveying shame for what she did and fear of losing the only thing she has left. Look forward to S3 and I agree with your picking Venice as best web soap of 2010. As a Venice fan I thank you for your support.


  10. giftofamber says:

    Liz Keifer and Hillary B Smith will definitely keep me coming back for more. They’re my newest ship. Their performance was spectacular. Crystal’s really starting to make me care about Gina. Venice has vastly improved over the first season, and I’m sure season three will be even better. My only frustration: that we saw so little of Tina Sloan.


  11. Sarah says:

    I agree with those who are praising Jessica’s beautifully subtle and poignant portrayal of Ani, not only in the season finale, but all season long. Her brand of understated acting is breathtakingly real and true, not to mention mesmerizing. I look forward to more great things from her in season 3.

    The stories between the Colonel and Gina, and Guya and Amber were most definitely my favorites. So compelling and stunningly performed. Each and every scene they had together were master-classes of acting. This is casting genius and writing brilliance, making must see viewing!


  12. phyl says:

    i might have to check out Venice for myself, if anything to see JL do some good acting. i’ve never been impressed by JL’s performances on the daytime soaps. imo, her deliveries lack flow and her lines are always too short and too mundane.

    on the other hand, CC, Hillary B. Smith and Liz Keifer have always given amazing performances in daytime so i’m assuming they’re doing great work on Venice.


  13. Imane Assi says:

    Thanks for the recognition of NB’s amazing talent.It was about time..not too soon..she did an excellent job through the entire series,season 1 and 2.But her performances were ,perfect,impeccable, the last 3 episodes of season 2.Great was about time more people see it.


  14. perla says:

    JL was tremendous in both season. Have to say she is a great actress the way she delivers everything she is a star. LK and HBS, these ladies did also an awesome job this season, NB was excellent wow what a differnce compared to Dool.
    To bad Mr. Fairman that you didn’t mention JL for her wonderful acting.
    Thank you for everything


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