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0 December 16th, 2009 Venice: GO! Magazine cover & feature!

Go! Magazine has a new cover feature on Venice featuring Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia.   The Go! feature interviews Chappell and co-creator Kim Turrisi.  Here is an excerpt about how the frustrations over Guiding Light’s Otalia storyline, led the creative duo to jump into action!

Chappell:  “I too, was a little frustrated at the end of Guiding Light with the limitations of the two characters. It isn’t a judgment. I would have wanted to take things to a different place.” Independently and together, as Chappell explains it, she and Turrisi came to the realization that, ”The only place I could have the freedom to make those decisions and have it come to fruition is on the Web.” “When Guiding Light was canceled, I saw it as an opportunity to continue the idea of the Otalia storyline and have a place for those fans to go.”

Make sure to read the entire article here!

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