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8 April 8th, 2012 VENICE: Jessica Leccia & Nadia Bjorlin plus Christian LeBlanc Video Interviews Now Avail!

Photo Credit: MF SOAPS Inc

Fans of Crystal Chappell’s web series, Venice have been inquiring to On-Air On-Soaps when the video interviews with the cast conducted by Michael Fairman will be available! Well, good news.  The Venice V-Shop is now offering the first two with more to follow.

First, you can check out Michael’s interview with Jessica Leccia and Nadia Bjorlin as they discuss the complex and intricate dynamic between Ani and Lara, and of course, how Chappell’s Gina figures into the equation.   And what about that season three marriage proposal cliffhanger? Find out what Jessica and Nadia had to say about it that,  plus Nadia’s take on Lara’s drinking problem, and why Jessica thinks Ani seems to gravitate towards emotionally tortured women!

Then, in another interview, Michael chats with three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Christian LeBlanc from The Young and the Restless, who came aboard Venice to play Jake.  Who is Jake?  Ani’s brother!  In a very funny interview, Michael and Christian chat about Crystal Chappell, Venice director and Daytime Emmy winner, B&B’s  Susan Flannery, and why he was excited to join the cast and much more!

Photo Credit: MF SOAPS Inc

To purchase the interviews for download go to!  Once there, click on the VShop, then click on the Venice logo.  If you are not already a member of the Venice site, you should “sign in” and join.   If not, you have to register to join in order to have access to the videos and all the other Venice perks, merchandise, etc.   Once you are in, you will see the store, Then click on the “VTS Season 3 Special Features” and you will see the interviews!

Let us know what you think after you have watched the interviews!  More soon!

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  1. Danielle says:

    The Jessica Leccia/Nadia Bjorlin interview was fantastic! They are absolutely adorable together, and I love them as Lani. Hope to see more interviews with these two in the near future!


  2. Amy says:

    I would have loved to have seen the JL/NB interview but I have decided that I will not be paying for what are basically marketing materials. Asking people to pay for Venice itself or even the merchandise is one thing. Asking people to pay for an interview? If I chose to pay for these interviews, all of them together would cost more than the show itself. It feels like Venice is taking advantage of the fans. They saw a demand for these interviews, especially the JL/NB interview and decided to try to make some money off of them. After having purchased three seasons, paying extra for season three, buying merch and dvd’s, I have to draw the line. Thanks anyway.


  3. B.S. says:

    You want me to pay for an interview? The well of both money and goodwill has run dry and Venice is not getting one more cent from me.


    AdG replied

    X2 The only “marketing” strategy Team Venice seems to have is to bilk more and more money out of fans. I thought the whole point of interviews was promotion. FAIL.


  4. Kath says:

    Is there something special that needs to be done to open the download. I’ve made 4 attempts with one more allowable. The default file is movie maker and a message pops up saying the file is not supported. I figure it should be easier than this to access.


  5. RS says:

    Would never pay for an interview. This is really a cheap way for the Venice team to earn money.


  6. Mary says:

    Can you put Jessica Leccia & Nadia Bjorlin plus Christian LeBlanc Video Interviews back up? Not available. Ive been checking back for months.
    Please…would love to get them!!


  7. cal says:

    Sorry, this is pure greed. We have to pay to watch the series – which is ok with me, but interviews to promote the series – should be free. After all, if the interviews are interesting, I just might purchase a subscription for Season 4.


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