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10 February 28th, 2012 Venice Season Three: Alternate Gina/Ani Make-Out Scene – Watch the Video!


Fans of Crystal Chappell’s hit web series, Venice had been clamoring for more of Gina and Ani interacting together in season three which just concluded.  Now, Chappell and Company are putting together their season three DVD which will include lots of behind-the-scenes and additional footage!

As a teaser, Venice the Series just a few days ago posted this, dare we say, very hot clip of Crystal Chappell (Gina) and Jessica Leccia (Ani) in the alternate episode one scene where the star-crossed Venice lovers have a steamy moment together!

Watch the clip after the jump and then let us know what you think of it, and if you are hoping Gina and Ani will finally get closer to each other in season four!

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  1. happykt says:

    Crystal and Jessica are so deliciously sexy and amazing together. I could watch them all day long!!!!


  2. Perla says:

    The heat is on, this’s a great video of Gina & Ani. Way to go can’t wait for season 4, by the way when are you gonna show the interview you had with Jessica, Nadia and Crystal?


  3. imane assi says:

    N passio,no chemistrty,no nothuing…But I hope Giani reunite already in order to have Lara with someone new.


    Amy replied

    No passion and no chemistry? I’m sorry but did you watch the same scene as the rest of us? Crystal and Jessica have more chemistry than a chemical reaction! That was, for lack of a better word, hot! Hot as hell! How anyone fails to see that is completely beyond me!


    Imane Assi replied

    Yes,no passion no chemistry.I never watched GL so I don’t know about their chemistry there but I sure didn’t see it on VENICE

  4. gabster1 says:

    Terrific vid. Love me some Giani. Can’t wait for the V3 dvd or V4. (or The Grove) I want Ani far away from that abuser Lara. Put Lara’s drunk ass with someone else. Anyone else. (Except Gina of course)


    imane assi replied

    Abuser?Hell no…But yes put Lara with someone else.She has issues but at least loved Ani and no one else,didn’t lie to her about her feelings,unlike Ani who’s palying her from Day one.Seriously?In episode 12 of eason one she tells Gina that she won’t give up on her and we’re supposed to belive that she actually tried to move on and cares for Lara?What a joke?Lara has been fighting a lost battle from day one instead on focusing on fighting her addicton and getting better.Get Ani away from her so that Lara finally gets her life back on track and deals with her issues.


  5. PJ says:

    Beautiful! This pairing never fails… never. So hoping that Season 4 will be focussed mostly on Giani. We’ve been waiting a long time for them. Go GIANI!


  6. Mary says:

    Amei a série!!! E busco de todas as maneiras adquirir todos os episódios. Não desejo baixar e sim comprar, como fiz com The LWord..

    Vocês estão de parabéns pelo modo como trataram o tema e tornaram delicadas, verdadeiras as situações que passamos por nossas escolhas.



  7. Shanna says:

    I would watch Jessie and CC in anything ! These two are so hot together .. Love me some GiAni ! Started from Otalia to GiAni – not forgettin The mighty Grove :) Great chemistry ….. Oh ! Have i said i love this vid right here ? if not * I Dooooooooo *


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