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12 August 18th, 2010 “Venice the Series” Season Two Promo! Watch the video!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Crystal Chappell and Kim Turrisi’s Open Book Productions, has released this first look sneak peek into Season Two of Venice the Series.

Many new and familiar faces of the stellar cast are featured¬† in quick clips including: Hillary. B. Smith, Jessica Leccia, Galen Gering, Gina Tognoni,¬† Jordan Clarke, Nadia Bjorlin, Tina Sloan, Harrison White, Michelle N. Carter, Michael Sabatino, and Venice newbies: Anita Crisinel, Peter Reckell, Shawn Christian Liz Keifer, Aaron Hartzler and Wes Ramsey.¬† It goes by fast but it should whet your appetite for what is to come…shortly!

Watch the Venice the Series promo/trailer after the jump!

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  1. Cubfnatic says:

    I think Venice is a visual stunner and it is my favorite web series on the net. I would follow Crystal Chappell anywhere she goes. I can not wait for Season 2 of Venice The Series.


  2. suzy says:

    Is it soonish yet? Looking forward to Season 2! :)


  3. anothercc says:

    Awesome promo ! Season 1 was fabulous and I expect no less from Season 2.

    Crystal Chappell always brings her A-game to everything she does. Hopefully, Venice the Series will have many many seasons ahead for us to enjoy.

    Can’t wait ~ is it SOONISH yet ? ; )


    Lucy replied

    Indeed very good promo and the actors are so much better looking here than on the network soaps they work on : obvious example Nadia Bjorlin, she doesn’t have all the doll make up they give her on Dool and here she is stunning, so much more natural. CC is also so much more beautiful here, also Gina Tognoni is really pretty here whereas on OLTL eww..i will say she is really not at her advantage..
    So networks soaps watch how it is done on Venice if you want viewers (hey we know people watch soaps..not only for that granted..we want great acting performances also and interesting storytelling but no lies we also watch for the pretty lol).


  4. darlingima says:

    Awesome completely…. I can’t wait….looks like it will be worth waiting for but who wants to wait…. come on Venice….and Crystal you go Girl


  5. A. Johnson says:

    And…”it’s Venice The Series, Season 2 for the win!”


  6. Paula McGowan says:

    cant wait!!!!! crystal is amazing to me!!!!! endless talent….


  7. kelltwomyn says:

    Beautiful promo! So looking forward to season 2! Thanks for posting, Michael.


  8. PJ says:

    Brilliant promo! They’ve given us just enough to keep our interest going. The camera work is excellent, and the cast, just fabulous. Can “soonish” come soon enough? Well done, Crystal and VTeam!


  9. Kenseysmom says:

    Im watching for Galen!! He looks very pretty in the promo too!! lol Love GALEN!! Cant wait to see the new season!! When EXACTLY is soonish??


  10. Karen says:

    Is it Septemberish yet? well yes it is Sept 1st lol VTeam we are dieing here so wanna see this hit our computer screens…


  11. brittany says:

    i cant wait to watch venice but i dont know what channel it comes on on dish does anybody kno????


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